Thursday, October 20, 2011

You! From Brazil! Show Yourself!

I'm just going to be a little silly today, because REALLY, I am over at Brewing Passions having a beer (or 3) with the Beer Wench. I'd LOVE it if you would pop over THERE—she is interviewing me, and you KNOW how I love to talk about ME!!!

*cough *

But Back to Brazil

You may have noticed my flag counter? About 4th down on the left... if you click, it shows all the countries people have visited me from and I LUUUUUURVE it! This blog has been visited by people in 177 countries. How many countries are there, do you figure? I am sure I am well past half. My most RECENT new country is Monaco. That's a place I'd like to go—did you know they have the lowest infant death rate and... erm... some other really positive health topper...

So what about Brazil, you ask? It is my highest ranked country that I don't know of any followers who go with it... this isn't to say I don't know YOU, but if you are a regular and you are from Brazil, I am unaware where you live—TELL ME! (895 flags means 895 computers in Brazil have been HERE—and not ONE of those has shouted I'M BRAZILIAN!!!)

Sadly, my Azerbaijan traffic has dropped significantly since Ted left *sigh* but only 7 of the top 100 countries haven't been here in October, so I like THAT, too.


I ALSO an a HAIR'S BREATH from 600 followers... SQUEEEEEEEEE! I love all you guys...

And in other news...

I learned this week that Marmite is not Marmot.

For people who want beer on their toast.

You probably DON'T want a marmot on your toast.

Seriously. That's all I got here. Go read the interview!


Old Kitty said...

Marmite is the most NAKED food of the gods and goddesses. Amen!

Marmots are just there to look super adorable. And most NAKED too.


Take care

Unknown said...

Great news on all the followers! Now I'm a headin' over to catch your interview. Beer Wench is awesome title for a site. :)

Jan Morrison said...

yep, I'm not from Brazil. But I'm from Nova Scotia which makes me a bluenoser. Weird enough I say.

CA Heaven said...

Congrats on your Monaco visitor. Maybe it was Prince Albert himself >:)

I've been to Monaco once. It's just a one-hour bus/train ride from Nice on the French Riviera (I couldn't afford to stay in a Monaco hotel). Monaco is a crazy place, with the worlds biggest collection of spoiled luxury people. Very interesting to see though.

I'm nor surprised they have good health care, because rich people can usually afford the best of everything; cars, yacts, swimming pools, tennis courts ... and medical treatment.

Cold As Heaven

Michael Offutt, Phantom Reader said...

I can't get traffic from Brazil like you Hart because unlike you...I am not a super model.

Bragging like this on your blog only makes your friends like Tyra Banks proud. May your tan line forever be uneven.

Johanna Garth said...

Maybe your Brazilian visitors mistook the naked talk for a prelude to a brazilian (you know, the kind that really, really hurts and leaves you looking like a prepubescent girl)?? I don't know? Just a thought.

Hart Johnson said...

Jenny-see, I know VEGEmite, but I'd never heard of marmite until this week...

Melissa-thank you for visiting the interview!

Jan-bluenoser because you're cold? I don't get it.

CaH-that was sort of what I figured on Monaco--it's more a kingdom than a country, eh? I'd love to see it.

Michael *snort* Yeah, that's me... supermodel. BUWAHAHAHAHAHA

Johanna-yeah, not me... I could go with a Tanga Panty, which is I think Brazilian... you know... if I wore pants... but that racing line doesn't do it for me, either.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations on six hundred followers!

Helena said...

Love the picture of the marmot -- he looks like he's just sittin' and ponderin'. And Brazil is appropriate for you because I hear they're practically butt-naked on the beaches (LOL).

Trisha said...

Marmite isn't as cool as Vegemite :D

I got my flag counter because of you - my newest country is Costa Rica, home of Jurassic Park (not really, just fictionally). Wheee!

Ketutar said...

I'm not from Brazil either... I'm from Sweden. A little "exotic" in a cold kind of way, I suppose :-D And perhaps it has some associations with the healthy, natural living too. ;-)

Maybe you need to learn Portuguese... or invite someone to write a guest post in Portuguese, so your Brazilian guests feel comfortable to comment. :-)