Saturday, October 22, 2011

Once Upon a Geeked

I don't watch much television. In fact I don't watch ANY on TV—you know... while it's on. I write in the evenings and so am naked in my bathtub through prime time.

That said, this season is the first one I've been excited about some new TV in AGES.

So far the winners have been:

Ringer (CW): I confess to tuning in because I've been a Sarah Michelle Gellar fan since she originated the role of Kendall on All My Children (for which she won a Daytime Emmy at 16)--but I also loved her as Buffy, so I wanted to see... She plays estranged TWINS, one of whom (an addict who has been prostituting herself) witnesses a murder. She is set to testify (it will clear up her legal trouble) but she gets wind the guy she's testifying against is trying to kill her. She goes to her sister for help, the two go out in a boat, and when 'Bridget' (the addict) wakes up, her sister is GONE (assumed drowned)...
She can emote like nobody else
Bridget decides it's a chance to hide in the open... assume her sister's life... her sister is rich, married... and, it turns out A FREAKING MESS... having an affair with her best friend's husband, pregnant... a whole host of trouble... she is ALSO not really dead... she faked her own death for some, as yet, unrevealed reason.

Revenge (ABC): This is a reworking of the Count of Monte Cristo story—a father framed for a terrorist plan crash, then murdered, the daughter locked up in a mental institution... but there was a young man loyal to the father... a young computer geek the father believed in and invested in... who has been watching the inheritance and the girl, when she gets out of juvy has been SLOWLY plotting her revenge... establishing herself with a new name as a socialite, building a life... for THIS summer. Each episode she quietly takes revenge on a different person.

But the one I'm most excited about? Starts Sunday

Once Upon a Time: has some previews--(I recommend watching the 10 minute one) and MAN this looks good. The premise? In the middle of Snow White's wedding to Prince Charming the evil queen comes in and curses them... so no one will ever be happy again... they wake up in modern day Story Brook Maine with no memory of who they are. But, as with all evil curses, there is an out... Snow White has a daughter, who, on her 28th birthday, will be able to rescue them and send them back. The DAUGHTER doesn't know EITHER... her OWN son, who she seems not to know about, arrives on her birthday with the key—a BOOK of the stories. It looks to me like each week will be a fairy tale, running in parallel, modern and fairy tale time. And... catch this... it is the writers from LOST. Heck, I think I will even watch THIS one while it's ON.

You geeked about any TV this season?


LTM said...

OH! I've been watching RINGER. It was a little wobbly starting out, and that boat scene was too cheesy. But it's getting better. Last ep. was very good...

O N C E looks good--even better now that I know it's from the guys who did L O S T... :D <3

mshatch said...

The Walking Dead. It's the only thing I'll actually watch while it's on - except for Fringe if I can catch up with the last year's last few episodes I missed as well as the beginning of this season. If something else proves interesting I'll netflix it (no tevo, dvr; I'm very behind the times here...).

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

New season of Psych and Walking Dead! Also American Horror Story, Grimm, Burn Notice, Leverage...
I think I watch too much TV.

Anonymous said...

The Once Upon A Time has huge potential. I like the previews and will be watching the first episode.

Unknown said...

Hart - I watch RINGER and REVENGE. RINGER is okay. I'm totally watching because I love SMG, too. REVENGE is awesome IMO. Loving it and can't wait to watch ONCE.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I'm looking forward to Once Upon a Time, but the only new show I'm hooked on is The X Factor. The talent they've turned up is amazing.

Hart Johnson said...

Oh! I will have to look into a few of these. I have had a couple recommended before, but forget when i am looking for a show to run.

I agree some of Ringer's stuff has been just a little shaky to start, but there is a ton of potential. I love secrets that might explode.

Alex-Grimm is Brothers Grimm related, yes? I will have to track that down, as I LOVE the idea.

Will Burke said...

I'm just enjoying my old faves -- NCIS, NCIS-LA, and I got roped back into House. When Bones comes back, that'll be another one. But I'm curious about The Ringer, mostly as a SMG fan.

Unknown said...

ooo, Once Upon a Time looks good good good. I do not watch a lot of all, but am looking forward to checking that one out. (and now Grimm, what's this? will have to look into that too...oh no)

Old Kitty said...

Erm... there's the world rugby final tomorrow...!

And erm.. strictly come dancing...!

LOL! and lots of monty python celebrating over at BBC4! Yay!!

Have a most NAKED weekend! Take care

Unknown said...

I love The Office, Alphas, Eureka, Sanctuary, and pretty much all the Sci-fi shows. :D

Hart Johnson said...

Will-I sort of like a lot of that forensic stuff, but somehow don't end up fitting any in, except Body of Proof.

Sylvia-got the scoop on Grimm--looks GREAT! first one is next Friday!

Jenny-teehee--I like Rugby PLAYERS, but I'm not much of a sports on TV person.

Chary-The rest of my family likes The Office. I'm not a huge fan. Sci Fi, though, I can get behind.

vic caswell said...

i kinda only watch tv through netflix instant view.
i <3 sarah michelle geller SO MUCH!
it's great to hear ringer's pretty good!
never heard of the revenge one, but it looks good!
and once upon a time!!too exciting!!
i just have to wait a year for them to come to netflix... :)