Monday, May 23, 2016

Whereby Life Has Gotten Away From Me Again

You may or may not have noticed I didn't manage to blog last week. I will just say day job and leave it at that. We get crazy in summer and I was given a last minute project finishing somebody else's thing, then my own thing, and erm... yeah.

And then there is life...

LAST weekend was AWESOME. I went to Chicago and got to meet a few writer friends in person...

Back: Leigh T Moore, Dawn Ius, Jessica Belle, Bryan Wilson, Susan K Quinn; Front: Me, Rebecca and Samantha

So much fun to meet people in person that I've known for years. Jessica and Leigh, in particular, are some of my original writer friends. Also met with my long time friend Andie who I hadn't seen in probably 20 years.

And then...

My son was at Leadership Camp to prepare for college this weekend. It is just the first of a string of prep things for graduating high school and leaving for college. I am sad and excited for him and a little nervous about how life will change.

In the mean time my daughter, an adult, but still navigating life on the long road, got her wisdom teeth out Friday, so instead of near maintenance activities for my baby who doesn't want to be a baby, I got to pamper and baby the grown up. It was so nice to have time with her—the swollen face the only thing that could keep her from being off acting the social being that she is. Instead we binge watched this season's Orphan Black, caught her up on Game of Thrones and rented three movies via On Demand. I made mashed potatoes for the first time (hubs is normally our cook but he was off golfing) and sold her on my favorite soup (a tomato-red pepper soup from Pacific).


So while I had been baby stepping my final edit of Medium Wrong, I got stopped up in a new scene that needed writing. I'd gone through the full hard copy edit and was just entering, but “Write this” really stops up momentum. There were two of those, but yesterday I finally hammered them out. It is done... query and synopsis next... 9 days to get 10 query letters sent.

In addition, I really need to find all my plotting notes and organize them... 8 days to BuNoWriMo...

Home? What spring cleaning? That is what I have to say about that. And what gardening? I already gardened this year—two days in a row—total of a half hour. Nobody can say I didn't. And I am trying to learn some new cooking stuff...

So those are my excuses and my “well I'm neglecting everything else, too”s...

But the entertainment has been excellent! Season Finales, shows I really love... that doesn't help my blogging time, but it keeps me from being homicidal at work, so I will take it.

Anybody else feeling overwhelmed?  Got a time turner you can spare? How's everything going?

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May Mish Mash

Mother's Day, Prom, Progress, College Looming, and 3 weeks to BuNoWrimo

So there. Tired yet? Maybe I will give you a bit more so you can then decide.

First, I hope all of you who ARE Moms or HAVE Moms had a great Mother's Day! (that was easy)

Senior Prom

(and now for the bragging portion of this blog post)

My son had his prom Saturday. He and his group of friends all got together with their dates for dinner at a country club first, then the dance, and the after party was at one of the girls's houses (a house that seems to always host many of them—I asked my son what was so welcoming and the house is large and they always have good food. So there you go. The trick to being the host house...

Mine's the tall one. A few are missing, but this is most of them.

My son and his date. I hear she was excited to go with him as it allowed her to wear her 6" heels.

The full group

And a windswept pose.

And no arrests or suspensions!!! Erm...

College Prep

So this month son needs to get his dorm sorted, attend leadership camp and June 2 we go to orientation... It's coming too fast!!!

Writing Progress

About two thirds done the LAST fix I am going to do before querying Medium Wrong. It's going slow, but going at all is an improvement over the last few (many) months. I want to get queries sent THIS month (10 is my goal) then July 1, after BuNoWriMo, I can add 10 more.

*muttering about synopses goes here*

And Finally... BuNoWriMo

Who wants to write a book in June!? We manage it HERE and on Facebook and we'd love it if anyone wants to join. My Writing Group began this in 2016 and yes, I know there is Camp NaNoWriMo now, but we had June first... plus, there is no rule that says you can't do both. The nice thing about BuNoWriMo is it is a bit more personal... smaller, so people interact and get to know each other. (we also run during NaNo for that personal touch)

Here is the Facebook link if anyone wants to join there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Getting my CHEESE On!!!

Hey friends, I am visiting Crystal Collier over at her Blog of Cheese today! Erm... I mean her author feature.... Come see us! Play two truths and a lie with me and see my thoughts on CHEESE!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Parallels Release Day!!!

So I'm late today, but still have some excitement to share. I've shared blurbs from all ten stories if you want to check out these posts:

LG Keltner and Yolanda Renee
Cherie Reich and Crystal Collier
Michael Abayomi and Sandra Cox
Melanie Schulz and Sylvia Ney
Tamara Narayan and Me

I also interviewed Dancing Lemur's Founder, L. Diane Wolfe

So today is the day!!!

You can find everything you need to FIND AND PURCHASE Parallels: Felix was here, HERE.