Monday, August 25, 2014

To Lose a Friend: Tina Downey You Will Be Missed

A bit of an unconventional return from a fairly lengthy break, but I saw this news yesterday and nothing else seemed appropriate to post about. Tina is one of my long time blogger friends—very early in my list of blogger friends—and we have been friends on Facebook, including my personal profile, which indicates a personal, rather than only professional friendship. This is what her family member posted yesterday:

On behalf of the Downey family, we want to let Tina's friends and followers know that she went to be with the Lord Saturday night, August 23rd. As many of you know, Tina struggled each day with pulmonary hypertension and had been in and out of the hospital all year. She was admitted Tuesday and appeared to be getting better. Saturday evening she took a turn for the worse and doctors discovered she had sepsis. She fought valiantly but when they attempted dialysis, her body gave out. 

We know how much you all meant to her and filled her life with joy every day. We truly appreciate the special way each one of you brought significance and meaning to her life. No arrangements have been made at this time. We will provide updates as details are made known. 
Friends and Family of the Downeys

I knew Tina had some health problems. She didn't make a secret of them. But I know I didn't really understand how serious they were. She was always so positive. (I loved her ability to put a humorous spin on things) She lived with pain and had run across a number of life obstacles, but she had such great details about her that made getting to know her so fun. Born in Sweden, she moved to the US in grade school, so she had a unique outlook that didn't quite fall into typical US patterns.

She was my age (far too young to be gone) and I always find those shared cohort things create a little extra bond (plus the math love, gymnastics history, bad habit of stacking...). It was just so shocking to learn she had passed—made me so sad.

Tina, you will be sorely missed—you always brightened my day and my heart goes out the The Engineer and your boys.

If any of you would like to celebrate Tina, I'd recommend exploring her blog--there is a ton there to get to know her better, especially about her big heart and her amazing ability to laugh at herself... Or you could watch Super 8—her favorite monster. Or if you'd like to do something more tangible, donate to the American Lung Association, a cause dear to her heart.