Monday, March 7, 2016

Delinquent Blurbs and Interviewed Elsewhere

Hallo fine peoples!!!!

So I was meant to post the last two story teases from Parallels: Felix Was Here on Friday and I lost my mind. So today I will share THOSE, but I ALSO am being interviewed today on Yolanda Renee's blog. So if you want a bit of the “behind the story” for The Seventeen, you can go over THERE and see it.

By the way... I read ALL these stories this weekend, and I was fabulously impressed. It is a really fun set.

Meanwhile HERE, the last two stories introduced are from Tamara Narayan and my own.

Scrying the Plane: A teen experiences thrills and chills in a virtual reality internet.

Are you 21 or older? Care to experience the internet through a virtual reality interface? See Twitter birds flock, hop in a Minecraft trolley, or don the “skin” of your favorite celebrity. Come, sit. Drink your Sleep-Ease and lie back. Don’t worry about the scalpel.  Just a few small cuts to access your temple chip and in go the leads. Hardly any bleeding at all! So hook in, hook up, and go wild. What could go wrong?  

From doling out popcorn to moviegoers to flinging smelt to penguins, Tamara Narayan's taken the “road less traveled”. Her career path veered off into a land of integrals and other strange things while she taught college level math, but these days she’s cruising the fiction highway. 

And LAST....

The Seventeen: In a world of unregulated drug trials, sometimes the side-effects are viral.

Cecily Daiker is keeper of the Seventeen--the survivors Pharmagna houses after a decade of drug trials which were unregulated, subjects unprotected and un-cared-for.

Until Cecily.

But now a drug is being proposed to undo the wrongs of past drugs, Within limits, of course. And Cecily is assigned to oversee the trial. What nobody says is that the newly tested drug may have unanticipated consequences. Not just for the Seventeen, but for everybody. And it is Cecily's job to contain the danger.

Hart Johnson is a social scientist by day, and plots murder and the apocalypse when the sun goes down. She has published a flu conspiracy trilogy (A Shot in the Light) and a cozy mystery series under the name Alyse Carlson. She has hopes to eventually support herself writing or take over the world, whichever works out first. In the meantime, you can find her at the links below:

For the rest of this week I am going to be largely offline. I am traveling for work, but I will see you all next week!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Great teasers from the stories!

And good luck traveling this week for work! Hope it goes well.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Already visited Yolanda's.
The stories were all really great.

Yolanda Renee said...

I finally had a chance to sit down and read them too. Flu does that, only good thing - makes you stop for awhile.
But WOW! I can't believe I'm in this book. Such wonderful, diverse tales - I loved it! Highly impressed with all of them - and of course, I did not want the story to end! LOL
I wonder how many of us have another act?

Thanks for visiting today! Great story!

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Great teasers. I'm heading over to Yolanda's blog now. :-)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That wraps up all of the great talent in the book.

Helena said...

Great teasers/blurbs from both you and Tamara, Hart. SO of course now I'm hopping over to Yolanda's place to read more words of your wisdom.

L.G. Keltner said...

I think people are really going to enjoy this book. I can't believe I get to be a part of this!