Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can We Panic NOW?

Strangely... not a Halloween blog... exactly... But sort of it is because you know what has to be done by Halloween? ALL THE NANOWRIMO PREP!!!!

Holy COW, am I behind!?

I'm behind because I'm trying to get ahead of course... lemme e'splain...

Chrysanthemum Campaign (CC)

I'm writing... But I am NOT writing at the pace I hoped... I'm writing maybe 5000 words a week, which is about half what I intended... You see... I think I need to draw some pictures. *shifty *

Oh, don't look at me that way. Mystery plotting has a bunch of pieces that are needed, and it's NICE if all the clues connect to EACH OTHER in a few coherent strands, too... two dozen disconnected clues found one at a time is sort of dull... But if there are three clues... only you don't know they all go together until you find the LAST of them... you see what I mean? Well for ME, drawing the picture helps me envision how it will all come out.

So I got that to do this weekend.

Personal Business

Because HWMNBMOTI is insanely private, I won't tell you what this is, but I have a bunch of paperwork to pull together... Not needed until Friday, but I definitely don't want to be stuck with it in my to-do pile when I'm allowed to be WRITING.


I have a little of this done, but because I've been writing CC, I have lost my train of thought... it all needs to be reread so I can remember where I was going with all of it. I ALSO want to do a layered timeline... Stay with me here... it will work something like this:

Layer one: Broadest plotlines in order
Layer two: break each of those into crucial events (this is the timeline I normally work from)
Layer three: Plug in the couple details I already have noted.

I also need to finish my 'stops' notes. My heroine and her brother have a road trip with several stops, each a part of the main plot... so I wanted a sentence or two about each stop...


Do you remember what a geek I am about graphs and charts? I LUUUUURVE THEM!!!!

Three days. *sigh *

In other news:

Couch to keg going well. On Wednesday we hit 18 minutes of running for our interval stuff. Weight Watchers is progressing... I've lost 15 pound in 6 weeks. I'm pretty happy with that rate. Would love love love to hit 20 pounds by the 2 month mark.

I'm feeling some anxiety about this WriMo for the first time ever... Cooking dinner 4 nights a week sucks rocks. I hate cooking, but I ALSO hate not having that time to write—it was formerly my blogging time, so I had typing time later... now stuff isn't getting typed.

And the BIGGEST 'in other news' which I am terrified to put up high or bolder, because I don't want to jinx it... Amy said she will start subbing Kahlotus by Wednesday. Officially. To publishers. I am actually very glad I will spend November immersed in a WriMo, because I think my nerves couldn't otherwise handle this... but busy, I will be okay.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!!!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

Don't know how you keep up with all of that.

Then again, if anyone really know all I did, they'd wonder how I do it too.

Guess we are superwomen.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Don't panic - it all sounds good!
And Kiara is awaiting your snarky remark on my post from yesterday...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Crap, must have Keira eon the brain or something...

Laura Eno said...

I think you forgot to breathe in there somewhere... :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Pace yourself. Getting published will do you no good if you ruin your health in the process. Prioritize. Your pace is your own task master. Be kind to yourself! I will be praying for your success!

Writing on my sequel is my own NaNo or WriMo or NoMor or whatever it is called, Roland

Old Kitty said...

Such wonderful news for your Kahlotus!! Yay!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Awww enjoy your nanowrimo month too! You are NAKED Tart and you will prevail!! Yay! Take care

Hart Johnson said...

Diane-You DO do a lot! And I manage... I work hard then play hard. It is just how I roll.

Alex-teehee--See, i went to comment, and while I'm glad HP is coming out and thunked you for not knowing about it (which I know you do) I got caught up in FAMOUS CROSS DRESSER MOVIE. J Edgar Hoover fascinates me. How could a man so in touch with his feminine side be such an ass?

Laura-Oh, I try! I am pretty careful about the breathing when we are exercising!

Roland-balance has never been my strong suit. I am actually being BETTER about my health though, so that's good.

Thank you, Jenny! I'm pretty excited, though nervous...

Nancy said...

you have a lot going on but it sounds like you have a plan. I know I can handle almost anything if I have a plan.

erica and christy said...

If there's nothing else I can say, there's this: You're exemplifying your stress with a picture of two eleven-year-old boys. You can do this. You can!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Your Royal Tartness... it has been ages. First I want to congratulate you on two very important things.

Your weight loss is amazing. Keep up the good work. I know you can do it.

Second, on Kahlotus. I knew you had a winner when I read your pitch and excerpt before you entered it into ABNA.

I am so excited and thrilled for you. Try to take thing one step at a time and it will all get done. DON'T look at everything you have to do because you will really feel overwhelmed.

WE are all in your corner cheering you on. Take care and have so NAKED time this weekend.

vic caswell said...

oh sweetie! deep breath! you can do it!!!!
i'm glad you'll have nano to distract you, though!
now to look for you over there...

Tonja said...

There's nothing wrong with cereal night, right? No need to cook. Congrats on the weight loss!

Talli Roland said...

Sounds like you're doing well on all fronts - albeit, it does sound busy. :) Congrats on all your weight loss. That's fantastic!

Jan Morrison said...

good god - if only I were there I would so happily take over the food thing. Don't you have any friends who could come and fill your freezer? How about going insane every Sunday with meals that you double up on - Like chili times two, three meatloaves, spaghetti sauce, and lots of daycare type food (tuna casserole, grilled cheeses,) and don't your kids cook? Give them each a night to cook no matter what. Oh I'm having a bossy attack. I'm so freaked out at what you're taking on that I'm bossing your kitchen. YES! I'll give everyone their orders every day - you send me names, ages and absolute dislikes or aversions and I will be the boss of your kitchen for November. I'll charge nothing. I'll call it a new job I'm doing a free-run on - I'm positive I could get others to pay for it. Hire a Boss - my picture could be really of Glen Close! I'm working on this. Get back to me if you have time. I'm crazy. bye now.

Hart Johnson said...

Uh oh,.. Nancy said PLAN! BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (I always have to give a maniacal laugh at the word plan, but yeah, mostly there is one...

erica-12 year old boys being descended upon by hundreds of acromantulas! do not underestimate their panic!

Michael, thank you so much! Yup... one thing at a time... sort of... but trying. I AM doing the writing one at a time.

Vic-thanks for the reminder! I do need to... *sigh* It will happen...

Tonja-cereal is good! I should have bought some! I can put it on hubby's list, though...

Talli--keeping at it, anyway. Thank you!

Jan-I would LOVE you to come organize the food! I am managing. It is just the time factor... *giggles*