Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Legend of Victor Standish

Roland Yeomans is a thoughtful, amazing member of this fabulous blogosphere. Not too long ago, I was a little down and just because he's a wonderful guy, he sent me a copy of his book to cheer me. I haven't managed to get to it yet—darned edits and a couple books in front in line—but I am REALLY looking forward to it, so I thought I'd share a little about it today.

You know... even among the dead, there are good guys and bad guys... and what better place to set a story about these dead than New Orleans?

The thing that really sucked me into wanting to read this story was the book trailer, which you can see here (I definitely recommend watching)

From Goodreads, here is the description:


Beware French Quarter nights, for the dead come back to drink from the living.
And when the hour tolls, never let Midnight find you at the crypt of Marie Laveau.

It is never quiet here. The thud of a blow into flesh. The whimper that follows.

The screech of marble against stone as a heavy lid grudgingly slides open.
What is that? Only a shadow you say, more in hope than in belief. You are not that lucky.

It is Her.

She who hungers for love … and for the flesh of Man.

The black tears streaking down her face. They are mute testimony that there can be no love for the thing she has become.

But there is flesh. Your flesh. See her reach out for you.
The night soon has new sounds. Your screams.

Reality is more than we know. It is more than we are able to know. And sometimes we fall through the rabbit-hole.

Have you ever looked at your image in the mirror and thought does the world I know exist for this copy of me? Or beyond that reflected corner is there a more magical, lyrical, dangerous world?

Nearly fourteen year old Victor Standish lives in such a world.

There are strange tales told by the vagrants of the French Quarter when midnight descends. The hours fade as the shadows creep closer. The tales are not to amuse, but to keep weary eyes from closing.

For the creeping shadows are hungry.


All his life Victor Standish is repeatedly abandoned and picked up by his unpredictable mother. He learns “free running” and other skills a boy needs to survive the mean streets.

Victor finds New Orleans brings "mean" to a new level : the supernatural level.

A mysterious Jazz club owner takes him in. Victor learns the Jazz club is actually the Crossroads of Worlds ... and the owner has the blood of Death in his veins. They both find love and adventure as Hurricane Katrina approaches.

The undead Abigail Adams marshals her forces to repel the Shadowland invasion led by her European counterpart, Empress Theodora.

Empires care much about power and little about people. The jazz club owner is the exact opposite. While he tries to keep the little people of the French Quarter safe from the Big Picture, Victor falls in love with the British ghoul, Alice.

His “ghoul friend” he calls her. She is the ghoul who haunts Marie Laveau crypt. And she hungers for his heart only slightly more than his flesh. But when did young love ever run smoothly?
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It sounds fabulous, eh? I'm really looking forward to it!

As for MY world... I had two extra boys at my house last night, made chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast and am trying to recover from 2 harder runs (hard by my standard) on Friday and Saturday, plus over an hour of gardening yesterday, so hopefully the rest of today I can just do a little catch up on my computer... I owe interview questions to Jessica and am way behind where I wanted to be on Kahlotus edits... it just is always rougher than I think it will be...


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Life is always more complicated than you think it would be. Like an onion, there are so many layers. And with each layer, you cry a little.

Two extra boys? Ouch. I'm all the boy I can handle. LOL.

You are super-nice to do this post post about me. Ouch! Alice just nipped an earlobe. About her love, Victor Standish! Satisfied, Alice?

I wish you great success in your edits and other publication dreams. And in Victor's contest, in which you are now entered! :-)

Old Kitty said...

Victor Standish is my favourite Roland Yeomans character - cos he's so cheeky but a sassy survivor of the many fiendish things and creatures thrown at him!

Yay for a most NAKED shout out!! Good luck Mr Yeomans! Take care

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Now my descriptions seem so short...

Al said...

That sounds like a plot and a half!

Hart Johnson said...

Ah! Yay! I'm glad you saw, Roland! And yay for contest entries!

Jenny--cheeky is fabulous, isn't it?

Alex-you and Roland do have different styles there, eh?


Roland D. Yeomans said...

Kitty :
I have naked admiration for Hart's great post! Victor is one of my favorite characters as well.

Alex :
Sometimes less is more. I just try to hook a reader with hints of what's to come, plus a sense of the atmosphere of the novel. Thanks for commenting.

Al :
Basically, poor Victor finds himself thrust onto the frontlines of an approaching Supernatural World War III. Thanks for visiting and chatting, Roland

Unknown said...

I love Victor, too, and I must say that blur/info is classic Roland style. It's just so you, Roland! Definately gives the right sort of idea for your style, which is great.

The book's great, too, Hart, btw ; )

And did you save some of those pancakes by any chance? I'm hungry....

Tessa.xx ; P

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Tessa :
Like Mal said in SERENITY, "I have a style?" LOL.

You need to give poor Victor a review -- it will give you 5, yes, that's right, 5 entries!! Hit the LIKE button, too. Victor has Alice to make sure he won't get a big head!

Oh, and Hart, thanks for giving the link to Victor's trailer. Wendy Tyler Ryan did a magnificent job on it, didn't she? Roland

Trisha said...

Sounds amazing! And indeed there's always something magical (in an eerie, dark way) about New Orleans!