Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And Twelve Things I Did in Oh-Ten

Okay, yeah yeah... a day later than even the day late version was supposed to be... I know... I slept until 11:00 yesterday, if you can imagine... but the night BEFORE I finished my cozy smoothing... should hear from Cruella very soon and then I am calling it DONE... actually I am calling it done now, as I am keeping the faith Cruella won't find anything hugely wrong...

And way... back to the LAST DAY of Twelvsies! First, a recap of the song so far, so you are thoroughly reassured that this silliness is almost over...

On the Twelve Days of Twelvsies, her Tartness gave to you....

12 Twelving Twelvsies
12 Things Amusing
12 Lovely Man Butts
12 Lame Excuses
Doce Animales
12 TBR Books
12 True Confessions
…... 12 Fab Car-toons!
12 Christmas Treats
12 Great Gifts
12 Christmas Plans

And Twelve Thing I Did in Oh-Ten!

1)  I lost 40 pounds!!! Never mind that I gained most of it back eventually (how much, yet to be determined). I followed a GREAT program for 3 months, then kept it off completely another three... so that is something...

2)  Survived a teen child taking driver's ed... in fact I survived 8 months of said child having a DRIVER'S PERMIT!

3)  Published 4 professional manuscripts (this is a personal best... we had a very good year)

4)  Blogged more than 350 days... not bad considering I've not actually had a hard fast rule about blogging daily. Looks like when we wind up the year, I will have only had a dozen days I didn't blog.

5)  Actually LEARNED how to edit a darned book. I began the year with some vague idea of 'read and fix as I go' that was doomed to not spot big picture stuff. The words got better, but the story really didn't have any hope of improving overly much.

6)  Led my Burrower buddies and a hundred of our closest friends into an off November WriMo. (sort of nuts that we managed to get it that big... keep your eyes peeled for June)

7)Learned that the best way to improve WRITING is to critique for others.

8)Made MANY MANY new Bloggie Friends!!!

9)Finished Conspiracy

10)WROTE Kahlotus Disposal Site, Player Down and my Garden Cozy.

11)EDITED Confluence, Legacy (twice) and my Garden Cozy (3 times)


So there! That is what I did his year...

I hope you all feel like you had productive years, and if not, you still have a few days to gear up for NEXT YEAR!

And as a note:  I've been terrible about getting to all your blogs... tomorrow... I am going to try to get back to getting around and reading (never thought I'd apologize for not getting around enough *shifty*


Old Kitty said...

Yay!!!! Awww these are such brilliant and positive and amazing things for you!!! Congratulations!!! I can only read in AWE at your prolific prolific-ness!!!! Wow!! Well done you!! You should give yourself an almighty pat on the back and a great big hug!!

And for no. 13 - You got people to embrace their inner NAKEDNESS!!!

Yay! Take care

The Words Crafter said...

I'm impressed! And congratulations! Beginning in Jan., I will be learning to edit, too. Sigh.....not looking forward too much to that.

I agree with Kitty. Give yourself a giant pat on the back and a huge squeeze for accomplishing so much!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those are some awesome accomplishments, Hart!

Will Burke said...

I thought I had a productive year, until I read this. Way to raise the bar! I'm not really bitter, but I am really inspired. All that, and you're a top-notch Blog supporter; I bow.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

These are great accomplishments! I'm proud of you.

Sarah Ahiers said...

I have a few questions - first, 40 lbs is awesome! And i'm curious to know what program you used.
Also, along the same vein, how did you learn how to edit? Because this is something i'm always a little worried about

Jan Morrison said...

oh wondrous all-achieving nakedness, I bow to you. I'm so deeply impressed - especially, I must say, at the writerly accomplishments. Wow!
When you say published 4 professional manuscripts - what is that? I'm curious. The one I'm most envious of is the last one - that is my single goal for 2011. Love ya - I'm off to Gomish - see you in the new year....

Hart Johnson said...

Awwww! Thank you so much everyone!

Will, never be hard on yourself when the competing this is a little one--they get big so fast, so it is worth doing the other stuff a little slower to spend some time enjoying the littleness of them.

Sarah-I followed some iteration of weight watchers--I haven't formally joined for many years, but as a plan, it has a fair amount of sanity to it. As for editing--I tried to emulate JAN and some of it stuck, eh, Jan? The BIGGIES are to set it aside for a while and then read it without marking it for the BIG CHANGES that need to happen. I write with a notebook next to me for the things that would improve it and do THOSE first.

Jan-professional manuscripts are journal articles for peer reviewed, scientific journals--I think two were in Pain Medicine, one in Cancer and the last in... Pain? Maybe... can't remember on that last... They are typically between 8 and 25 pages--depends on the journal.

Terry Odell said...

Looks like you saved your 'best' for last??? Sounds like a great year. Wishing you even more success in 2011.

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

Dawn Ius said...

Holy crap, your list of accomplishments is staggering. I can't imagine how you would ever top that!

Carolyn Abiad said...

Congrats! You've had a busy year! I look forward to more of your fun posts in 2011 :)

Raquel Byrnes said...

Wow, you were a WHIRLWIND this year! So excited for all of your success. Hope 2011 is even more fulfilling. =)
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed. What an amazing year you've had. Wish you even more success in 2011. Oh, and I hope to join you. LOL

dolorah said...

Totally awesome accomplishment. Can't wait for 2011.


Golden Eagle said...

It looks like some amazing things happened to you in 2010! Congratulations! :D

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Way to go, Hart! You are amazing. It's going to be hard to top that in 2011. Congratulations!

Sue said...

Whew! Exhausting. Humungous congratulations on a impressive achievements. You've inspired me to toddle off and review my year. (and dig out/dust off the Weight Watchers booklets)

The twelvsies have been a lot of fun - thanks.

Alan Orloff said...

Take a day (or two) off. You deserve it!

Colene Murphy said...

AMAZING!! Lucky ducky.

Ella said...

Hart, be proud, your list is impressive! I am thrilled for you~

Congrats on all you accomplished and to 2011; Cheers, it is going to be a thrilling ride~