Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2nd Quarter Report Card

So we are into July, and while I'm wondering where the heck the year has gone, it is ALSO time to hold myself accountable. But first... a piece of current events news:

No Finals For Me

They announced finalists in the Amazon contest yesterday. I wasn't one of them. I knew, or at least was pretty sure, last week when no call came, but I kept mum, all in the spirit of the contest. The Mystery/Thriller finalist is called The Dead Key and is fabulous (the excerpt available for the contest, anyway, and I assume the whole thing, since it won the category and all.) The others are I'm sure excellent, as well. I encourage you to go read them all and vote: Amazon Finalists

And Now for the Stuff More in my Control

Only not.

I mean it is to the degree life doesn't throw me a wrench...

What I was MEANT to do 2nd Quarter (and whether I did it):

Finish Writing 10, 11, and 12 for A Shot int the Light, but keep in mind this REALLY was meant to happen 1st quarter.  DONE

Polish same, plus 9. DONE (though 12 needs a tiny bit more)

Publish all of the above. Mostly  (11 published 7/2 and 12 is coming)

Revise What Ales Me:  Yeahno...

Revise one of my YA books: Um. No.

Write something in June: HA! Yes!

My analysis is A Shot in the Light took a lot LONGER and MORE WORK than I expected. I will probably always be a person who overestimates what I can get done, but life really can get in the way with these huge projects, and it seems much more noticeable than with 'just a book'.

As for my PLANS for A Shot in the Light... When I am done, I am going to query Amazon's serial arm... I think they may be willing to take it. I have proved quality in their own arena and I think with their promotion, it might do well. We'll see.

I published 11 last week, by the way. Did I tell you that?  12 is with 2nd readers.

So what are my 3rd Quarter Plans?

1) Revise What Ales Me

2) Finish first Undoing Book

3) POLISH Kaholotus and Medium Wrong

4) QUERY Kahlotus OR Medium Wrong

5) Amazon Query Shot (publish in other venues if rejected)

6) Finish publishing Shot and format 3rd paperback portion


Ellie Garratt said...

I'm so gutted you didn't make the finals, but what an achievement to nearly make it! You should definitely query Shot.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'm sorry you didn't make the cut, Hart.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Bummer you didn't make it! Go ahead and query with them, Hart.

Mason Canyon said...

So sorry to hear you didn't make the finals.

Helena said...

Hey, YOUR mystery is excellent too! And it floated almost to the very top above what must've been thousands of contestants! And that is spectacular. But now you definitely have credentials with Amazon, so please query them about your serial.

May all your writing plans come true, Hart dear.

H.R. Sinclair said...

Aw, sorry Hart. You know I love your writing. Next year?

G-o-o-o-lly but you did get a lot done even if is wasn't all that you had planned. Color me impressed. (That's color is green by the way.)

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Your talented little butt went really far. I'm so proud of you and a shot in the light!!

Terra said...

You went very far, and did so well you can try again next year.

Sarah Ahiers said...

You did so awesome this year, even if you didn't make the finals. I mean, when i was looking at the semi-finalists it just struck me with how far you had made it. It was an awesome run.

Also, i love how you break down goals for quarters. I should really try doing that (i think i probably say this every time you have a quarter post. One day i may follow through)

Jan Morrison said...

I think you are so fabulous! You went so far with the Amazon tango and you just keep dancing! Not meeting every goal just means you set a lot of goals. And you keep on revising them and making them work for you. My list for today says "Get Up!" I'm successful - yay me!

Unknown said...

Making the semi-finals is such a big achievement and I'm sure this will get your serial the exposure it deserves. Plus, congrats are in order for being so resilient. You didn't waste any time moping (which is what I would've done), just right back up and on with the goals. Serial Amazon Arm (sounds like a B movie) would be crazy not to take you on!

Johanna Garth said...

I think it was so awesome you made it as far as you did. And you, my dear, are uber productive and always inspiring. I'm halfway through agent edits on last years books and hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed, this one will sell!!!!