Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reintroduce Blogfest Monday

I don't normally blog on the weekend, but it occurred to me this morning that I knew a bunch of groovy people (my friends old and new at ABNA) who haven't quite found their blogging groove. And MONDAY, there is a perfect time to dive into the deep end with a lifeguard on duty.

Say what?

I know. I sort of enjoy straining metaphors. Sue me.

What I mean is... the Reintroduce Yourself Blogfest is Monday... there is still time to sign up. And what it offers as a 'blog shopper' (someone looking for new blogs to follow) is you get to come in on a day where you can learn about the blog owner and make a decision on actual 'get to know you' information, rather than stumbling in on the day they need to obsess about slugs, or top 40 hits, or kale. There are lots of topics that might be covered by people we might otherwise like, but if we stumble in on THAT day, we will never know they really are a great fit.

So if you have a blog but haven't been maximizing that whole NETWORKING thing with it, we'd love you to join!

The information on it is HERE... just sign up at the bottom of the list. Easy peasy. And then on MONDAY post an 'about you' post.

Gratuitous Llama picture


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm participating!!

Michael Di Gesu said...

Fantastic Fest!

We can ALWAYS use more wonderful blogger buddies!

I signed up a few weeks ago... See you Monday. Have a wonderful tomorrow, Hart.

Trisha said...

Llamas rock! This Australian band Silverchair had an official fan club for well over a decade that was called the LAS - llama appreciation society ;) I was very sad when it finally disbanded!

This blogfest will be fun too :)

Unknown said...

Shoot. Just posted for this week and I ain't got nothin' left in me!
Perhaps next time...
~Just Jill

Sean McLachlan said...

I'll be there! There are a lot of bloggers I follow who I don't know very well on a personal level, so it should be interesting.

Unknown said...

Very cool! I'll spread the word. :-)

Kas said...

Thanks for letting us know! I signed up! I am excited to add some more blogs. I started going through some the other day, but it gets overwhelming very quickly without just willy-nilly adding blogs. : ]

Adina West said...

See, this is a great idea, but I think people should have it more as a permanent side-bar, regularly updated. Or maybe that's what the profile is for.

Anyway, I want to hear more about the YA book and how it's going (the dark one, right?) so I'll email you.