Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Insecure Writers and Potential Adoption

I’ve been terrible, but in my defense, parts of my life have been terrible too. Someone I love very much is deep in crisis and I can actually feel it aging me. Almost like being president, except I am powerless, so really it’s very little like being president. Never mind. But it has made writing nearly impossible. I thought I’d attempt NaNoWriMo, knowing I wouldn’t win, but in fact I only wrote one day. I’m buried under it.

But enough of that. You are not here to get a sob story. You are here for SUPPORT! And I support you! I have a few writer friends in the midst of great things and I am thrilled for them. Shout out to Allison Dickson, who not only has a fabulous looking book in August, but has sold film rights. She was a moderately successful Indy author, but this is her first BIG DEAL. Also a shout to Gae Polisner who has done well with her first three YA books, but is now juggling 4 and 5 together to get them out. I’m happy for these successes.

Now for the Insecure Writer's Support Group Content!

And now to this month’s question: What are five objects we'd find in your writing space?
Hmmm… laptop, obviously. Beverage, most often my big water bottle, but sometimes coffee or wine. Stack of notebooks (some for new ideas or story notes, others with previous work storylines—I usually work out plot longhand) and pens. The books that inspire me—there are about 15 on the shelf above my head. And a cat.

Speaking of cats… we found this fellow squatting on our porch Sunday. He ran into the garage and hid and cried, so I brought out a little food and water to coax him out. I left him to be tempted. When I came out to see him eating, he hid again. I gave him a bit of time again. And the next time I came out he approached. He let me scratch him and rubbed around my ankle—he is young—not full grown. Then when I went in he cried and cried. I moved the food and water to our three season porch and made up a little bed. I kept going to check and he was still there. Hubs got home and we talked about what to do. We decided if he was still there in the morning, we’d take him to see if he was chipped, and maybe if he wasn’t, we’d consider adopting. Flash forward, no chip. The vet agreed with my 8 month guess. The vet agreed with my 8 month guess. I posted on our neighborhood site and reported to the Humane Society. We will give it a week. If someone doesn’t call the Humane Society within a week to seek their lost cat, they don’t deserve a cat. At that point we will get his shots and neuter him, but we have moved him into our laundry room for now. He has a bed, a litter box, food, water and cuddling several times a day. He is safe and warm. And importantly, separate from our animals until we get him vaccinated. We are already in love, and he seems to be, too.

I'm taking name suggestions. Right now Bagheera is in the lead, but it doesn't roll off the tongue very well.

Okay, so NOW it’s time to go visit other insecure writers!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I'm so very sorry about the loved one in crisis.

What is it about black cats adopting us? That's how we ended up with Rocko and Spunky. He's a cutie. If you do name him Bagheera, he'll be Baggy for short.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Hoping things start looking up soon, Hart! Hugs to you.

He sounds like he's definitely adopted you, ha! What a cutie. I bet he's so content now to be taken care of and in a warm, safe place.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if, instead of drinking wine after I write, I drink it during the writing.... :o

Hope things improve soon for your friend (and you!)

Diane Burton said...

It's so hard when a friend is in crisis. You can only be there for her/him. As you say, no power to do anything. My dad, who never wanted pets, fed a feral kitten. We all had a good laugh about that. That kitten became his. After Dad died, the kitten sat on his chair in the kitchen as if missing him yet keeping close. Good luck with that little one. Have a great month.

Nick Wilford said...

Well, we're here to support you too, so sob away! I hope things get better for your friend. And how nice to have a new little friend in your life. I think however we come across our pets, they were meant to be with us.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm sorry. I can tell it's really tearing at you.
Hope you get to keep your new furry friend.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Buried under crisis is not my favorite thing. So sorry about that.

Pets creep into our lives for reasons. You new one is so cute.


J.H. Moncrieff said...

Congrats on the new addition! It's so nice that you took in that poor kitty. He's so thin. :( I don't understand how people can abandon animals.

I'm sorry to hear things haven't been going so well, and that you're struggling to write. Please try not to be hard on yourself, though I know it's tough. Some of us struggle to write when life is difficult--I'm one of them.

Hopefully things get better soon for you and those you love. And congrats to your writing friends--film rights! That's amazing.

Andrew Leon said...

Looks like a Bagheera.

Jan Morrison said...

Oh Hart - you are such a good friend so this must be so hard. Don't fret about your writing. You'll find it again when you are supposed to. Your writing self is like Bagheera, scared right now and in need of patient love. I too bombed out on Nano but I really don't give a flying fugh.

I was describing you to my writing pal Gwen today because I was missing my favorite hat ever - the one you got me the first year in Labrador ...maybe a bear found it - and I told Gwen that though I'd never met your physical self, I knew and loved you. So hang on, these hard times are subject to impermanence too.

emaginette said...

I vote for: Clouseau. Not quite the Pink Panther but close.

Anna from elements of emaginette

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sending wishes for good things to come your way. It sounds like one already did in the form of a little needy soul.

Botanist said...

Sounds like you are doing all the right things regarding your potential adoptee! But be careful what you name a cat, they seem to find ways to live up to their names. We called one of our last additions "Loki", and boy was that appropriate!

Bea said...

What a gorgeous feline. He has a bit of a Siamese look about the head, shape-wise. Maybe an Egyptian name of some sort...? (If you haven't already named him by now!)

Helena said...

I am so sorry that it has taken me this long to check in on you, Hart, and even more sorry that you're going through such a tough time with a loved one. Your writing will always be there, and when you do start you have a loverly new kitten to warm your lap when you handwrite and type your stories.

Take care, and lotsa support your way!

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Thats sad.