Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Editing Vortex

Do not adjust the picture. Do not adjust the sound. And for heaven's sake, don't try to write an original word. You have just entered... *spooky music* The Editing Vortex.

I suppose it started with my thoughts that I wanted CONFLUENCE to be ready to query FOR REAL at the new year... in fact I want it ready to send in for the Amazon Contest should those early January Queries turn up nothing. I was in progress on a 'polish'--about half way through, and had plans to really look at my first three chapters so that it dived in a lot faster.

And then I printed up my NaNo novel, knowing it needed a fair amount of adding—hole filling, and suddenly the writing mojo has seemed to dry up... I mean I'm TRYING but it is a page or two a day, not half a chapter as it had been for a while... I find I've changed modes and NEED to explore what this is.

I think it's a lot like my perception lady.


It depends on what side of the brain I'm using. Some people may be perfectly adept at jumping back and forth. Not so with me. Can't do it to save my life. In fact... I was feeling that way and so have done a little experiment. Sunday... edit edit edit. Monday... take kids to a movie, fold laundry. You know what? Sunday night... wrote ONE page. Seriously. And I was TRYING. Monday night, wrote seven.

Oh, now don't go and get all technical about N of one (wait, that's me who does that), but it just really seems that the brain activities don't play well together.

So I have a plan.

Sit back down; it's not a scary plan.

The editing just needs to be done because I'd like to be done with CONFLUENCE once and for all, so THAT I will do before New Years. Then I plan on preparing my twenty query letters and where appropriate, pages, to mail the middle of next week. Then I will be DONE with CONFLUENCE until the end of January... if there is no news or bad news, at that point, I will enter the Amazon contest.

While I edit, my night writing will be the hole spotting (and ideally filling) on my NaNoWriMo, plus my silly new project I'll tell you about in a minute and some fanfiction which I am woefully behind on. I will still try to get a page or two filled on CONSPIRACY, but I am not expecting miracles until this other is out of the way. BUT, when CONFLUENCE and the NaNo are done, then I AM FREE! No more editing until the whole trilogy is finished—so a month or so of edit-free days! WAHOO!

Now... in case you'd worried I was no longer insane...


On New Year's Day I plan to begin the publication of a Blog Opera—another page, but right here at blogspot. I find that I miss the regular readership, interaction thing of fanfiction (never mind that I have a couple going there, albeit, now at a snail's pace) but I also like genre flopping and playing. I think Serial Publication keeps a writer honest in some way, so I thought to fill my need for dramedy and twisty wonkiness, I would begin a little tale. I am approaching it stylistically like a soap opera—few core families, few local businesses, which give a broad cast ways to interact.

The PLOT idea originated in the idea of a 'Dangerous Liaisons' plot planted in small town America. I know these small towns... they are everywhere and nowhere, because they are just ondway somewhere... but I grew up in a part of the country SURROUNDED by several. Anyway, I will let you know as it gets up and running. It is my intention to keep it a little more 'campy' that traditional soaps—that is just how my humor runs, but the twists and turns should be fun.

So starting New Year's Day... twice a week, Thursday (of course) and Sunday. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.


Liz said...

Good Luck!
as I said--I will gladly form a geographically local support group with you.

Jan Morrison said...

yep, that perception thing! Keep a plodding, just think Dory in Finding Nemo - keep swimming, keep swimming, keep swimming.
lots of love going your way in editing hell.