Thursday, May 31, 2012

On Your MARK! Get SET! (BuNoWriMo TOOLS)

Which is NOT to say people doing BuNoWriMo are tools, but rather to GIVE tools to people doing BuNoWriMo...

 Countee Countee Bo Bountee
 (the two here are from last year)

What Ales Me
is 30% complete

15000 / 50000 words written

The first year we did this, Jason, the only man in the Burrow, did some fancy schmancy programming and turned the lovely GRAPHIC, designed by Joris (an official FRIEND of the Burrow) and turned it into a word count meter.

What Ales Me
is 80% complete

40000 / 50000 words written

I love how it builds up... I am showing you a few from my last year's entry, just to give you a feel...

You can share directly to Facebook or copy the code for htlm to add to your blog. It can be FOUND, HERE:

Heavenly #Hashtags

Now most of this activity is done on Facebook—it just was infinitely easier to 'start a group' than design, upkeep and pay for a website. But we've done a little Twittering in the past.

Well this year, we've had a special request. Our buddy Alex DOESN'T Facebook, but he wants to join. So I thought maybe we could pull Twitter in more officially. Discussions there are A-Okay, but I thought ESPECIALLY, at the end of our writing day, check in to Twitter with your #BuNoWriMo Word count—both a day total and a cumulative would be FABULOUS!

Writing Sprints

The first time I engaged in these was last NaNoWriMo and they are AMAZING. Word sprints are just setting a timer, shouting GO and dropping everything for the hour (or half hour). I find what this allows me to do is ignore the world without guilt... I will get BACK to it when my SPRINT is over. I know people who do these on Twitter—not sure what the hashtag is, but if you wanted to do it under the #BuNoWriMo, have atter. We ALSO have a Facebook Group: Writing Sprints R Us

BuNoWriMo Graphics

If you search my label BuNoWriMo, you will see a huge variety of our image in various color. You are free to use them, though we would appreciate it, if featured in a blog or someplace outside of the Facebook setting that you attribute Joris Ammerlaan for the design.

And finally... If you've been slow to commit but want to join: BuNoWriMo on Facebook


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks, Hart! Will use the hashtag and graphics.

MTS said...

Thanks, Hart. Got the word count metre and will do the Twitter count as well. And I've joined the writing sprints. I loved doing those in November.

Em-Musing said...

I'm going to check this out. Don't know about committing, but I feel the competitive urge calling.

Old Kitty said...

Yay for most NAKED tools! Take care

Jan Morrison said...

I'm hyped! And I have no clients tomorrow - which is bad and good. I'm going to say good. My aim is a thousand words a day and ten pages of revision on RW. yay and yay!

Carol Kilgore said...

I'll cheer for all of you. Too much craziness in my own hectic schedule to participate, although 50K is about what I need to finish drafting. And I have a plan. Sigh.

Gwen Gardner said...

What Ales me sounds so cute! What is BuNoWriMo? It's one of those marathon writing challenges, isn't it?

Gwen Gardner said...

Hey, I'm back - I saw your shout-out for blog tour hosts. I'd be glad to host you. I'm open except for July 10th:) Let me know, and what you'd like to do/discuss on my site.

jaybird said...

Love the tool comment Hart, you made me LOL

And good luck with BuNoWriMo!

Sarah Ahiers said...

Well, i'm officially in, but i'm going to be slow to start, just a heads up. I have to finish reading the MS i'm adding to and i have a 5k tomorrow that will take up all day. But hopefully by Monday I'll be more ready to take this on seriously.

~Sia McKye~ said...

Hart, you made me smile this morning. Thanks for that.

I'm writing everyday but I don't know that I'd want to officially sign up for this. I need about 50K to finish this one. But I think I'm juggling about all I can right now.


Laura said...

Great tools- hope you had a good first day!

RaShelle Workman said...

I'm all signed up! Whoot!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great graphics. I would sign up, but I'm editing one WIP and revising another.

Have a great weekend.

Cold As Heaven said...

Might be that staying indoor writing is the best thing to do right now. Yesterday it was snowing here; not much of a summer, is it >:)

Cold As Heaven

Talli Roland said...

Good luck to everyone participating! Have a great weekend, Hart.