Monday, May 28, 2012

The Beauty of a BFF

Azalea Assault's Main Character is PERFECTLY suited to solving mysteries. She has been professionally trained at damage control is just a little bit nosy (okay, maybe a lot). But for the most part, Cam is a rules gal. She is professional and a little conservative in her ways. She is balanced though, by what some of you may recognize as... well.  Me.  I mean it's more complicated than that, but Annie has a guest blog today over at Killer Characters. I'd love you to take a look.

And if you are curious what Annie LOOKS LIKE in my head, Rosie's mix if happiness and mischief is about what she looks like. Only significantly more contemporary... well okay... sort of hippie contemporary... And she has a pierced nose. But short and curvy and always trying to pull everybody into trouble.

Back to real posting tomorrow!


Roland D. Yeomans said...

I'm heading there now if the blood center doesn't draft me!~

Tracy said...

cool...I'll go and do that~ Have a lovely Memorial Day!

Adina West said...

Just been to visit Annie. Definitely channeling a bit of you!

Love your covers and titles for this series too. Have I ever mentioned I'm a not-so-closet dahlia fan?

So, after Chrysanthemum Campaign, might it be time for Dahlia Deception? Dahlia Debacle? ;-)


Anna W. said...

heading over there now :)

Hart Johnson said...

Ha! Adina-I LOVE Dahlia Deception! That is a fantastic title! The contract is currently only for three, but I will keep that one in mind in case they offer to let me do a 4th!

Thank you friends!!!