Monday, May 21, 2012

BuNoWriMo, Blogfest and Beelzebub

Time is FLYING and I am feeling a bit frantic, but I think it will help if I throw out some reminders...

First, BuNoWriMo

...starts in 11 days!!! Is your stuff adequately wound up?

My May projects seem ENDLESS, and I am still not done. I've made very good progress on Kahlotus Disposal Site. I am on the LAST read through before I send it back to Amy to send out for submissions. I think the improvements are good. My task was to add some SPARK to my MC, Helen. Helen is a ghost, and the narrative spent a lot of time in her head, as only a few people can see her, so I added a second ghost—a crotchety old man who never leaves the room where he died—who sends her away every times she tries to engage him. But what it allowed me to do was have SOME of her narrative be told to HIM, and SHOW a little more of her personality because there is a chance to interact.

I also tried to address my other weak point—too little dimension on the 'villain'. I show a little more behind the WHY of his awfulness. Hopefully it is the boost the book needs to sell.

My LAST editing round (well, before June, anyway) is another revision of Chrysanthemum Campaign. I've gotten feedback from Colene, and have it coming very soon from Tara on 'big-picture stuff (confusion, consistency, too much, too little)... I will respond to what they notice, then send it to readers for a slightly more fine-toothed read.

Can I do all that in 11 days? I REALLY hope so... fewer, even, as I'd like readers to have it a couple days before they start BuNoWriMo, if in fact they are... (I think one is, one isn't).

So if YOU want to write a Novel in June, HERE is more information on what it entails and how to join us.

Blogfest: Crazy Cozy Blogfest, I mean

It is only FIFTEEN days until MY FIRST BOOK RELEASE!!!!! I'm so excited! (and nervous as heck, and not adequately organized), but ONE of the big plans is The Crazy Cozy Blogfest! It should be super fun, both to participate and to read. I could REALLY USE some widespread participation so the entries have some variation. We are giving away book prizes and I'm very excited to see what people come up with.

So what I'm asking is twofold: Please JOIN US (here is how and the signup is below), and will you also please help spread the word?

Not attractive, but Satan is a little harsh.
And finally, Beelzebub

You know... Beelzebub was a minor deity, minding his own business until Christianity coopted his name as a synonym for Satan. The was Lord of the Flies. Seriously. I wonder if Golding knew. It seems so fitting, doesn't it—to name a book for a minor god that then has Satan imposed upon him... I like that the book about that island that brought out the very worst in those boys is named for something that in a certain context is just pesky, but in certain circumstances can become the very worst of humanity—that we all have it in us, if we don't fight it back.

I should probably disclose that I don't actually believe in Satan. I DO, however, believe in that darkness. And I do think almost everyone is capable of it. And in this Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies interpretation, I suppose that is fitting.

So are you BuNoWriMoing? Are you Crazy Cozy Blogfesting? Do you look up arbitrary things and try to see if you can turn them into wisdom?

Have a great week, everyone!


Christine Murray said...

Wow, that timeline is pretty crazy. You can do it though :)

Siv Maria said...

BuNoWriMoing? Do you know how difficult that name is to remember? Signed up for the blogfest, should be fun. 200 words--lol, you do know there is not much one can do with that? Guess I am going for a teaser for an idea:)

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

You can do it! Sounds like some great ideas you have for editing Kahlotus. And I'm looking forward to our blogfest!

Old Kitty said...

Beelzebub gets a mention in my favourite karoake Queen song so all is well with the world! LOL!

Yay for your most NAKED bloghopping festing for your amazing book launch!

and YES YOU CAN (do it in 11 days!! ) Take care

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If I'm allowed a head start I'll probably do BuNo.

Journaling Woman said...

YOU can do it, I know you can. I'm cheering for you!


Hart Johnson said...

Christine, thank you!

Siv-a teaser is exactly what we were thinking!

Elizabeth-thank you! And me, too!

Kityy-that's my favorite Queen song, too! I'm pretty sure it's naked.

Alex-You have my permission for a head start! You know me and rules...

Teresa-thank you!

Jan Morrison said...

Okey dokey smokey!
I've signed up all proper-like for the BuNo (if I started one here in nova scotia it would be a BluNo (for Blue Noser- an affectionate appelate for a Nova Scotian). I got the meter on my site. I will steal a Rebel badge soon as I can figure out how.
As for your blogfest - I'm signed up and will write my entry today - think I post it on the fifth but am unsure. I'll boost you broads to the stars. I have a HUGE quilting connection for Elizabeth - gardening too. What else? Oh Beezlebub - I had a horrid scary fly dream the other night and then a BAD thing happened that day so I am not going to think about that.
How's your dear guy????
ps - I know. I know. I haven't posted or even thought about it -I'll go on our site and talk to you all. mucho love.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Hart, congrats! It sounds so exciting.
- Maurice Mitchell
The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
@thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

You are a busy, busy lady! I'm so excited for you. May the wind be beneath your wings and that you accomplish everything you want and need to, Hart.

Kathy M.

RaShelle Workman said...

Hey Hart - BuMo?? I so want to participate. We'll see. I'm supposed to be releasing BEGUILED in June. =D

Hart Johnson said...

Jan-YAY! You superstart--thank you so much and glad you are participating on both fronts!!!

Maurice, thank you!

Kathy-crazy busy, but time keeps going, so we will get there!

RaShelle-I really hope you CAN join!!! I hear you on the challenge of book release at the same time...

Stephen Tremp said...

Good luck with the Blogfest and I'll do a shout out for you tomorrow!

LTM said...

I don't, but WHOOT!!! I am SO excited about your book release! It is going to be awesome!!! Ahh, LOTF is in my last book... remember? So yes, I'm right there with you on all those musings. Good stuff! Also good stuff on adding the old ghost. Good luck w/those next subs! ((hugs)) xoxo

Cherie Reich said...

Good luck getting everything done before BuNoWriMo!

D..J. Kirkby said...

Holey Moley, I thought I was busy but you are crazy busy! I came over to find out more about your book launch, where is the info? Huh? Huh? WHERE?! Off to go find out about BuNoWriMo now as I have never heard of this though I do NaNoWriMo every year...

D..J. Kirkby said...

Oooh I found your book launch info! I got so excited by the idea of BuNoWriMo that I skipped over it by accident. Off to follow you book launch link.

Helena said...

Hart darlin', you have maintained a crazy busy schedule for so long I don't know how you do it. But somehow, sooner or later, all your stuff gets done.
Meanwhile, I signed up for your blog hop, but dumbass that I am, I'm signed in as #14 under Crazy Cozy Blogfest instead of Becoming Layla. Any way I can change this? At least the link works and will take folks to my blog where they can read about your book. Whatever works, right?

Southpaw said...

Oh my but that is a tight schedule! But yeah! I'm behind and didn't know your first is about to debut! How totally exciting.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I can mention the blogfest for you and Elizabeth tomorrow.

Hart Johnson said...

Stephen-thank you so much for the shout out!!!

Leigh-you totally rocked the LotF angle in that book! And thank you!!!

Cherie-I will definitely need it!

DJ-Yeah, I'm sort of a nut that way... teehee--very excited you are going to join us for BuNoWriMo! And glad you found the book stuff!

Helena-I saw that! I've totally done that before *snicker* And yes. I'm quite insane. I'm aware.

Holly-I can't blame you there--I totally miss stuff unless I stumble upon it accidentally!

Diane-that's so nice, thank you!!!

Tracy said...

goodness dear, a lot going on...makes me tired just thinking about it all!

Sarah Ahiers said...

I have Wiscon this weekend, so i'm not worrying abou BuNo until i get back on Monday. Then i'll use the next few days to figure out where i'm going with my stuff.
I'm excited. I'm querying my last BuNo MS and it's doing pretty well, so i'm hoping this years BuNo grants me the same success