Monday, June 4, 2012

More Than I Can Chew

I'm thinking it might be impossible to write a book, edit a book and promote a book all at the same time. I'm giving it a go, really I am. But one of these tasks has to go. I'm trying DESPERATELY to have it be wiping the editing off my plate. I only have 100 pages to go, and since the book that needs PROMOTING comes out tomorrow, I'd like this one GONE.

So that is my primary priority on THIS, day #1 of my vacation.

Fun News Related to Promotion (Sort of)

HWMNBMOTI threw me a little pre-release party Saturday at Wolverine Brewing. It was neighbors, friends, co-workers, and it was really fun. The cake was amazing, but alas, I can't share it with you until my daughter sends me the pictures she took (she was designated photographer).

I WILL share them though; it just might take a few days.

And Aunt Agatha contacted me yesterday... Well, Robin, really, but she is one of the (owners? Manager? I think owners) of Aunt Agatha's book store, one of our local independents that specializes in mysteries. So I am going in to talk to her Thursday about either a signing or a book club talk.

Let me tell you, it was SO NICE of her to contact me. She is (apparently) one of my Facebook friends—I am terrible about remembering who they are if they don't post all the time so I'm reminded... in fact I suspect I TALK to people all the time that I don't exactly know their roll. It's sort of the way of my memory. But I've been really nervous about real live, direct contact. The online stuff, I'm good—all of YOU I am happy to ask for stuff. But I have a phone phobia, and it's really even worse in person—not once there is a purpose, but to make that first contact.

I feel like now that I'm GOING on it, maybe it won't be quite so scary. Maybe.


My story is making progress. I killed two people right off the bat (well within the first 20 pages). I need to confess there are a lot more dead than that. And my heroine has noticed a pattern that doesn't look like the natural spread of a disease... She's gone to Atlanta to track down her brother (who is under quarantine lockdown at the CDC). It's promising to be good.

A Shot in the Light
is 14% complete

7436 / 50000 words written


Tomorrow is our Crazy Cozy Blogfest!!! A chance to win both my book, and Elizabeth's!!! We'd love your help promoting and think this is a fun way to go about it! If you are willing, all the info is here, and posts go up tomorrow for a good time!!!

If you CAN'T participate, we'd also love any spreading the word you can do. Tomorrow is a HUGE book release date, so breaking out of the pack will be challenging. (though hopefully, it will just be a whomping huge book sale day)


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Didn't forget your blogfest and book release tomorrow, Hart!
I've been updating my BuNo widget. Not as far as you but still on track.
One more day - get excited!! The first book only happens once.

Old Kitty said...

Awwwww yay for Aunt Agatha!! I love all the stuff happening here in your post but Aunt Agatha wins the day for me! She is most NAKED!! Yay!!!

Awww lovely Tart!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! All the best!! Enjoy this most amazing time!! The world is truly your oyster now! Take care

SA Larsenッ said...

Many congrats, Hart! I'm thrilled for you. ;D Nice job with BU, too.

Jan Morrison said...

This is all such good stuff Tartlette! I want you to know that I have my blogfest post done and dusted (did it last week she says with smugness). Usually on Tuesdays I write about my own sweet progress but I'm going to give it all to you and Elizabeth. Maybe I'll do a little heads-up today. I've finished my word count and don't feel like revising - well, what a surprise! I'm sick of revising. I'm sick of the old stuff - I want new new new! There that's off my flat chest.

Hart Johnson said...

Alex-you're doing great! Saw your wordcount over on Twitter and you're right on track!

Kitty-it's a great mystery bookstore name, eh? They sell both new and used mysteries.


Jan-YAY! Glad you've got it! (I still need to think of mine *shifty*)

Cassie Mae said...

So excited for you!!!! Enjoy this and try not to get too overwhelmed, yeah? :)

Ted Cross said...

Stop reading these comments and get back to work!

Journaling Woman said...

I'm spreading the word and participating. But, I'm pretty sure my own cozy blurb will be horrible. Yikes.

Yay!! Tomorrow!!!


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hart, this is all so very exciting! I know that you will get things done; you certainly are on a roll. That is really neat about being featured in your local bookstore too. Maybe the local paper can be invited (have her ask if you are chicken) and do a story about you and your book?

Keep on truckin'!

Kathy M.

Sarah Ahiers said...

oh man, i haven't even started writing for BuNo yet. I'm just so swamped at work. I'm not giving up, but i'm fairly certain it will be a miracle if i can add that 50K to my MS. Sigh. Stupid co-workers going on vacay for 3 weeks

Hart Johnson said...

Cassie-thank you! I'm trying!

Ted *snort* On that!

Teresa-I bet it's great!

Kathy-Ha! Hadn't even thought of the paper! I know who to ask who the book editor is, though--neighbor of mine used to work for them.

Sarah-you can do it! We're only on day 4--I figure if you start this week it is manageable.

LTM said...

You are ALWAYS up to your ears busy. I have faith in you that you can do all three. And EEP!!! I'm SO excited about AA hitting the stands tomorrow. You RULE!

That was so super sweet of hubs to throw you that little party. Wish I could've been there. ((squeezes)) Here we geaux~ <3

Johanna Garth said...

You are a bundle of amazingness and inspiringness :) Everytime I want to whine I come to your blog and feel like I need to get my Hart on and get busy. (okay that sounded really bad but you know what I mean, right!)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I will send out a Tweet for both you and Elizabeth.

vbtremper said...

I'll do my best to help promote your new book. Squee!

I'm terrible about the phone. My family used to tease me about that one time I paid my little brother to call the salon and make a hair appt for me so I didn't have to talk to a stranger (AKA the receptionist). Sigh.

Good luck with those Azaleas!

Helena said...

Aack! I almost forgot the blogfest and I'm signed up for it. Maybe I could write about someone with a terrible phone phobia...

Colene Murphy said...

Ha! Busy busy! I think you can get those last edits no problemo and get to promoting fun!

Also, A Shot in the Light sounds AWESOME good!!

Good luck with your full plate!

Theresa Milstein said...

You are trying to do a lot. Do the best you can.

Good luck tomorrow! : )

Trisha said...

It sure is a crazy month for you :) But in a good way! Doing things you love!

I know how you feel about a public appearance type thing. That would freak me out.