Friday, June 29, 2012

Visiting Lady Gwen and Funnies

So it is my last blog of the month and it somehow seems like in this month where I launched my first book, I ought to be able to be all profound, but you know what? I am EXHAUSTED!

I guest blogged three days a week (a week ahead initially, but fell down on that somewhere along the line—poor Gwen just got it last night), I had a launch party, and I tried to keep track of where I stood in rankings...

I EDITED a book that is due to my editor tomorrow (though thankfully have gotten another week from my editor... my FABULOUS editor is sadly leaving, and has handed me off to a colleague who happens to be on VACATION next week, so was perfectly happy to give me another week... which is needed because I only gave my agent a week with it... bad me. I need a spanking. It just seems like I always underestimate the time it will take to edit, so it always comes down to the wire. Anyway, Ellen is THRILLED to not have to speed read it before we turn it in.

And I wrote the first half of a book... Or close enough to say I suspect I will win BuNoWriMo (though this will be my first WriMo to come down to the last day or two to win—usually I have 3 or 4 days leeway... not so this time. And the BOOK isn't done... I didn't think it would be. Thrillers run 80-100K and this is on track to be no exception.

So Whew! *wipes brow *

So TODAY, I would love you to come over and see me at Lady Gwen's blog. I got my first negative review this week and am pondering how it fits into my world view...

In the meantime... some things that made me laugh or Squee...

Cutest little things EVER: Platypi

Do you KNOW how bad I wish I could afford this?
I call this one "Aberforth goes to the beach"

So there we have it... have a great weekend, friends! With the holiday next week, I may be slightly scarcish, though I have guest spots Monday and Friday, and THEN I will make a better effort to get back to normal. I've been BAD getting around to friends' blogs this month, as the promo seems to be all I can do... But I will be back to it! I promise!


Jan Morrison said...

My sister lives in Perth, Ontario and they had their annual 'Kilt Race' last week. Yes. Everyone who enters gets a proper kilt and they run in them! Man oh man I wish I'd been there. Jude said it was swell. To watch. With a beer sitting under an umbrella at a bar. Yesss.
Just going to do my last leg of the BuNo...see you at the finish line - I'm not wearing a kilt.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

LOL! I love the llama one. Ever since The Emperor's New Groove, anything with a llama makes me laugh.

You were cutting it close on your editing.

Laura Eno said...

Awesome funnies. :)
IMHO, a 3 star isn't a bad review...1 and 2 stars are. You have nothing to even think about with that one. She CERTAINLY wouldn't like the content of mine!
Release parties are exhausting. I end up with migraines and fibro flares from them. Rest up next week!

Teresa Coltrin@Journaling Woman said...

We have a Celtic festival here in countryville every year. One year as I walked to my car to get in and leave, I might have seen a man lifting the kilt for bathroom purposes. That was just one of a few of the um shows I've witnessed. Let's face it, it's easy to lift a kilt,right?


Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hart, I can't believe how much you have accomplished this month! Yay, and good for you. Are you still working on top of everything else? Sorry about the "bad" review, but as you say, it is just a matter of taste and concentrate on all of the good ones. I'm feeling guilty because I haven't read you book yet, I keep waiting to go to a bookstore in Bend and haven't gotten there for shopping in a long time ... I think that I should just order it online. Hugs, and have a wonderful weekend!

Kathy M.

Sarah Ahiers said...

I LOVE the pie chart!!
And i definitely won't be winning BuNo this year, but i did put in another 3K this week, so that's good. It's really no skin off my back, especially since i'm midly distracted by querying (querying a novel I started for last year's BuNo, BTW)

Nate Wilson said...

Wow. After such an action-packed month, it's okay to be profoundly exhausted. Well done.

(I'm exhausted, too, but all I did was refinish my dining room floor and post a bunch of puns. You were far more productive. And thanks for warning us all about the upcoming alpacalypse and our eventual furry demise.)

Old Kitty said...

We should all have that pie chart! Take care

Hart Johnson said...

Jan-A kilt race!? That close to home? (Where, Toronto?--I guess Ontario is actually pretty huge)

Diane-I have loved llamas FOREVER--beginning I think with the llamas in the opening of Holy Grail. It is well-known enough that friends send me llama stuff all the time.

Laura-it's a 2-star on Goodreads... I guess maybe that makes it a 2.5, since it is a 3 at Amazon... but it's okay... battle wound! (sorry about the migraines and fibro--that would definitely complicate matters)

Teresa-I learned yesterday that the lack of undergarments under a kilt is called 'regimental' so now you're edjucated!

Kathy-thank you! It makes me so sad bookstores are all getting so sprawled!

Sarah-any writing is good writing!

Nate-thank you! And if we GOTTA GO, isn't furry the way?

Kitty-YAY for pie!

Johanna Garth said...

You've had a crazy busy month! Hat's off to you for fitting it all in.

Claire Goverts said...

Congrats on your book, I just found your blog VIA Karen.

Love the funny pics with your commentary. Particularly Barney and the goat one.

Missed Periods said...

That pie chart is awesome. Heading over to Lady Gwen's.