Friday, June 22, 2012

Visiting Talli and Girls Just Want to Have Fun Blogfest

So I am ALSO over visiting Talli Roland today, talking about wine and coffee and my characters... (These two characters, actually)

part of a blogfest today called Girls Just Want to Have Fun, whereby one of my girl characters is supposed to interview another of my girl characters (same book, different book, doesn't matter) about what they like in that special guy.

I've done a little twist on this, as the characters I want to use are a little old to be quite this giddy, so I've taken them back about 15 years to a journalism class in high school where they were required to interview each other.

ANNIE: Can you believe this? Like anyone in this class has ever done anything interesting.

CAM: You have. You're a senator's daughter.

ANNIE: Believe me, every person in this ROOM was born. It is not exciting. And who I was born to is my curse, not my exciting experience.

CAM: So what do you suggest?

The actress closest to my Annie image: Sarah McLeod
ANNIE: Tell me about your dream hunka hunka man.

CAM: *snort * Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?

ANNIE: No, seriously. Inquiring minds want to know what would drag Cam out of her extreme focus on her future?

CAM: Fine. I suppose he'd be a little ambitious, but in an ethical way.

ANNIE: You are so delusional.

CAM: What?

ANNIE: The two things are mutually exclusive.

CAM: They are not! I'm ambitious and ethical.

ANNIE: Yes, but you have two X-chromosomes, so there is the ability for one to balance the other. It's like a calico cat. A boy can only be black and white OR orange. A girl can be both.

CAM: Do you want me to answer the question?

ANNIE: Yes, yes. Tell me about this dream boy.

CAM: Athletic—not like a super jock, but fit.

ANNIE: Well sure. What's not to like about fit?

CAM: *rolls eyes *

ANNIE: I'm just sayin'.

CAM: And he'd like to think and have deep conversations.

ANNIE: So what you really want is a girlfriend.

CAM: Shut up. I do not.

A debate that will repeat for these two many times...
ANNIE: Fine. Boxers or briefs?

CAM: Well briefs are so much tidier.

ANNIE: Big mistake there. If things are too tight down there, then things get too tight in his head. There's not an open-minded man alive who ever wore briefs.

CAM: Oh, there is, too.

ANNIE: Prove it.

CAM: I don't know.

ANNIE: See, you can't.

CAM: I just haven't seen very many boys in their underwear.

ANNIE: Trust me. I'm right on this one.

CAM: Who's interviewing who, here?

ANNIE: Right. Okay, what is your biggest date horror story?

CAM: You already know this one.

ANNIE: Yeah, but I want it on official record.

CAM: Please don't make me tell this story.

ANNIE: Chicken.

CAM: Fine. Ninth grade. Tommy DeLuca. He invited me to that party and I thought it was... you know... a party. But it was totally just a pair off and make-out party and I didn't like him like that. I spent three hours hiding from him in his own house to avoid kissing him without hurting his feelings.

ANNIE: See, you had two other options that never even crossed your mind. Kiss him anyway, just for fun. Or tell him how you felt.

CAM: Which would you have done?

ANNIE: Both.


twentysomethingfictionwriter said...

This was great and your picture with the boxer/briefs was awesome. I love that you took your ladies back to the past for their interview. Very cool :D

Krista McLaughlin said...

Too tight down there, nice! I love your interview! :)

Christine Murray said...

Great interview, and that picture is exactly how I pictured Cam when I read the book! :)

Carol Kilgore said...

LOL - I love this! "Both" is perfect for Annie :)

Hart Johnson said...

Twenty-something-thank you! I had a ton of fun with this.

Krista- Erm... it's possible it's obvious Annie's opinions mostly reflect mine?

Christine--too funny, as this is my Annie image... Cam is more polished and I have a REAL person in my head who comes to mind, rather than an actress.

Carol-it is, yes?

Ink in the Book said...

Great insights! I loved this interview. And enjoyed your characters:)

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

heeheehee! love this! and love the difference between your characters and how they think!

Carrie-Anne said...

That was a really unique idea to take your characters back in time for their interview. I enjoyed the repartee between them.

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Loved how you took them back! This was fun and very insightful. Great job!

Thanks for participating!

Tara Tyler said...

nice banter! funny =) good job!

Aldrea Alien said...

Wonderful. And I love Annie's opinion on the boxers or briefs question.