Monday, June 25, 2012

RaShelle Workman

So today's special guest is my buddy RaShelle, and since she is hosting me, too, we are officially swappers!  Erm... or something. Anyway, I love RaShelle's stuff, so I'm happy to have the chance to share her with you over here. And if you have time, I'd love it if you could visit me at her place, too!

Without further ado, Welcome, RaShelle!

A special thanks to the gorgeous Watery Tart for inviting me over to her blog today.

Writing is what I do. It’s fun. Irritating. Frustrating. Overwhelming. Obnoxious. And, I love it.

Writing keeps me healthy.

It keeps me sane.

I’d rather write than almost anything else.

Let me put it this way:

Writing exists to me as an appendage. Without it, I'd feel something was missing. It'd haunt me. And while I could survive, even thrive without writing, there would always be a hollow place in me. 

What is writing to you?

As an FYI, I've recently written and published the first 2 books in a 12 volume series. 
Blood and Snow, volume 1 & Revenant in Training, volume 2. 
I call each book a novelette because their length is a little over 12,000 words. Think of them as a weekly TV show. 
Check out the Blood and Snow series. 
Blood and Snow: Amazon
Revenant in Training: Amazon

"Lips red as rubies, hair dark as night. Drink your true love's blood, become the Vampire, Snow White." 

Yup. I'd echo that... Writing is what I do--life flows through the fingers... Thank you, RaShelle!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

RaShelle rocks!
Writing is a way to enjoy the adventures I don't see in other books.

Old Kitty said...

Two beautiful NAKED gorgeous women simultaneously swapping!! I don't think I can stand such dazzle!! I need to sit down now! Take care

Hart Johnson said...

Oh, Alex, most of the adventures I write, I don't think I'd WANT to have! Not sure why I love to read that stuff...

Kitty-teehee Hugs to your fabulous self!

Nick Wilford said...

Great post. It's funny how we can love something so much that drives us so completely mad. It's almost like a... marriage?! (Lol, only joking!)

T. Powell Coltrin said...

Writing is awesome mostly.

Great post.

Unknown said...

Alex - That's a great way to look at it. :)

Old Kitty - You're dazzling! Have a fab day.

Nick - It is almost like a marriage. LOL

Teresa - Agreed!

Thanks, Hart! Swapping is fun. =D

Abby Minard said...

Thanks Rashelle! You are so right- we can live without writing, but there would always be something missing...

Heading over to see what Hart has to say!

Maurice Mitchell said...

RaShell, explore new worlds through writing.

Johanna Garth said...

Nice to meet you RaShell and off to check out your blog.

If I don't write I feel empty and restless. Hmmm, maybe it's an addiction ;)

Helena said...

Revenant in Training and Blood Snow look great, so I'll be checking them out.

And yes, I've tried to give up writing. Several times. But it's no use because I even THINK in terms of stories and storytelling. It is indeed an appendage complete with nerve endings.