Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Update Schmupdate


This keeping up with a book release is HARD WORK!!! (and possibly confusing, and maybe a little mental making, not that I have the skills to evaluate whether I've gone mental)

But the GOOD NEWS (as I know it) is:

Well you SAW my rocking friends yesterday! Man, how I LOVE the support... seriously--I know the most amazing people!

But besides that:

Book Launch Party

Last week I went in to talk to Robin, Owner of our local Mystery Book Shot, Aunt Agatha's. It doesn't make the Indie bookstore list because it ALSO sells used books, but being mystery specific, in the genre of mystery, it is competitive with ANYBODY in town. And Robin seems to have been the one on the alert for the gunshy local author. The local Berkley rep TOLD THEM I was local, but she was the one who contacted ME! (and I am forever faithful in response, because let me tell you, that call scared the POO out of me!) She invited me to come talk to her and ASKED if I had a book launch (to which I said, 'erm') and she said, "Well let's schedule one!" June 23, 2pm if you are anywhere near Ann Arbor. A day that ALSO happens to be my BIRTHDAY! (I know, right?)

I'm so excited!

Large Print

Emily, my amazing editor, emailed me yesterday to say Thorndike has just bought rights to large print! That means another printing in a new format, and knowing cozy mystery, a readership that it should do well in... not saying it is for older eyes specifically, but there are ENOUGH older eyes who like the genre that this is very cool. AND, I really like hitting a group that may otherwise have more limited reading access... I love that. (like I'd love audio and would think it rocked AWESOMESAUCE to be published in something like brail)--all things more accessible are amazing.

Berkley Author Interview

I knew this was coming as I answered the questions, but FINALLY, yesterday on my daily google search of my book (I can't possibly be the only one who does this), I found the Berkley interview... And I like it. I think it is a nice smorgasbord of information. So if you aren't tired of all the ME ME ME around here, I invite you to check it out.

(I tried an author chat last night but was much less proficient in real time)

And then FINALLY, BuNoWriMo is going really well. I KNEW I would need to frontload. I have two beta readers with Chrysanthemum Campaign (actually ONE back in my inbox) so I have a few days of editing ahead. But I have passed 28K on writing, so I am POSITIVE this detour will not derail me.

Sorry for sparse content... this book promo thing is SAPPING me (and I don't mean that in a good way:  READER CHALLENGE!!! What would be a GOOD WAY to be sapped?!)



Trisha said...

You're certainly kicking butt on the BuNo front :) Well done!!

That's so great that your book is going into large print too! wooot!

Old Kitty said...

We are liking Aunt Agatha's sooooooo much!!! Totally cool and most NAKED!!!

Awwww your book in large print is fab!!! That'll be me soon - reading large print! LOL!!

So glad all is going so well for you and your wonderful book launch! Yay!!!!

Take care

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wish I could come to your book release party! And doing well with BuNo as well. Maybe a thousand words behind, but I'm not worried.

Journaling Woman said...

And I bet you wish this type of "sapping" on anyone who wants to write? :) Because it's a great thing.

Very exciting. I know everything is a whirlwind, but be sure to drink in your experience.


Em-Musing said...

A book release party in Ann Arbor? If I still lived in Toledo I'd for sure go. What fun! Contrats on BuNo.

Nissa Annakindt said...

I did not know about BuNo. I'm doing a similar writing challenge this June, Camp Nanowrimo. But I'm only at 17161 words so I bow to your greater prowess.

Nate Wilson said...

Oh, you're allowed to have sparse content when you're on full-on book promotion detail. (Hell, it's much better than my excuse, which is laziness.)

As for the sappiness, I prefer to bypass that and go straight for the syrup. (Okay, yes, to get syrup you need to start with sap so technically you can't bypass it, but shut up.) (Great. Now I want pancakes. If only I weren't so lazy...)

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Hart, the first book release party is always the best. Don't hold back anything.

Jan Morrison said...

If you didn't watch Neil Gaiman's talk at a graduation you should. If you did please remember his advice to ENJOY THESE MOMENTS! Have a wonderful time at your launch. We'll be celebrating our 10th anniversary or I for sure would fly down!

Liz said...

well done Tami, truly, you earned it. sprinkle a little magic publishing fairy dust around to us less fortunate (neighbors...with beer...)! well done! I've been sharing like mad on FB, Twitter and elsewhere about your success with this book

Helena said...

Congratulations on the large print edition! They way my eyesight is going, it should be the edition I get.

RaShelle Workman said...

Congrats to all of your happy news. You deserve it, and I'm so proud to know you. =D

Christine Murray said...

That's fantastic! Your book arrived on Monday, and I'm loving it so far. Best of luck with your launch party! :)