Thursday, June 14, 2012

Jay Mims Channels his Inner Tart

Halo Fine Friends!

Couple things first.  FIRST:  A huge THANK YOU to all of you who have been so amazing in the last 10 days!  Thank you for the support, the shares, the retweets, the reposts, and for making this generally an AMAZING experience!!! I've been moved to tears several times just thinking about how lucky I am to have you!!!

Second, I am over at Burrowers, Books and Balderdash today being delusional. It's how I roll.

And FINALLY, A while back I was talking to my friend Heather Savage. She writes, but also does publicity for several writers and when I told her I wrote Cozy Mystery, she said, "Oh, I have a Cozy Mystery author. He..."  And I had to stop her... HE?  I mean I know a COUPLE who writes them... but really it is pretty female dominated. So I asked the kind of question only I seem to ask... Probably I should let Jay tell you about it...

Without further ado, WELCOME JAY!

Hello Gentle Readers,

You can never find a Tiara when you want one. True story: When I got the note about what yours and my favorite Tart (I love the Gypsy Tart if you’re curious) wanted me to write about, she suggested what it was like being a man writing in a genre that was famous for being mostly women writing for women. Does he have a tiara to write?

AND THERE ARE NO TIARAS TO BE FOUND! I swear to you I’ve been trying to find the most pretty, pretty Princess Tiara, but apparently no one carries them. Well, that’s not true. They don’t make tiara’s big enough to fit on my head. My ginormous noggin snapped two of those cheap tiara’s you can pick up at the dollar store. But, I’ll keep looking, and I promise to send Hart a photo of me wearing my writing Tiara. I’m aiming for something like this:

But what is it like being a man who writes Cozy mysteries? Well, as someone who grew up on Magnum, P.I., Murder She Wrote, and Columbo I’ve always loved a good mystery. I love a good Whodunit, not to be confused with an episode of Doctor Who (Tennant is and always will be MY Doctor). But, somehow my sense of humor, which is a careful mix of warped, perverted and ADD has always been a good fit for Cozies. I just can’t see a hard-boiled detective like Sam Spade making a Highlander joke. Or really any joke at all that isn’t gallows humor.

Yes murders happen in my books, but even with the bodies, it’s still a reasonably nice place to visit, even if you wouldn’t want to live there. Dan has an extended group of friends and family, a steady job, and a mortgage. And it just so happens that he also stumbles across the body of a dead Santa (THE FIVE SANTAS) and the body of his closest friend (CULT OF KOO-KWAY). But, he still keeps on keeping on with a wink and a smile. And be honest would you rather have a hero smiling in the face of danger or as a sobbing wreck?

So, Gentle Readers, I hope that you’ll take a chance on my books. And in the meantime I’ll continue searching for a suitable Tiara.

And my thanks to Hart and the wonderful audience of Watery Tart for giving me this opportunity.

About Jay:
Jay Mims is a writer, though he always wanted to be an Astronaut as a kid. Except, being terrible at math and fear of heights cut that career short. He currently has THE FIVE SANTAS available, and its sequel CULT OF KOO-KWAY is scheduled for September. Both books center on the misadventures of Dan Landis, private investigator and trouble magnet. Jay is currently working on book three, part of the Oncoming Storm Quartet. And by quartet he means book series, not musical group. Though, admittedly the idea of a Meteorological themed barbershop quartet would be awesome. Jay currently lives in South Carolina.

Book Blurb:
THE FIVE SANTAS is a cozy mystery wherein Dan Landis is slumming the Christmas season at a Department Store. While chasing a shoplifter he discovers the body of Santa. A street corner Santa specifically. As the bodies keep piling up Dan races to protect the department store Santa, save the day, and discover the true meaning of Christmas. He also needs to find a present for his partner Abbey, steer clear of a gun-toting cowboy named Tex, and not get fired by snooty store manager Mr. Peters. But, that whole meaning of Christmas thing is important too.

The exciting sequel CULT OF KOO-KWAY will tell how Dan met Abbey, what happens when you hurt one of Dan’s friends, and batten the hatches folks because there’s a storm coming.

Barnes and Noble:

You can also find Jay online:
Twitter: @JayMimsey

Thanks so much, Jay!  Warped, perverted and ADD eh?  I wouldn't have any idea what you're talking about there *shifty*
You REALLY have to send me a picture when you get that tiara!


Jan Morrison said...

Yay Jay! You sound like my kind of cozy writer - actually I wrote wirter first but I don't know what a cozy wirter is - sounds like something you put on your hot water tank to keep it warm. Your books sound great. I'm reading a mystery set in Venice right now - it is fab but not nearly funny enough! Yes, I like humour in my books, and blogs which is why I like the Tartlette.
OK, back to my own writing now. How do you make a whipping noise in writing?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Jay, you have a great sense of humor! Wouldn't worry about fining the tiara.

Em-Musing said...

I like your cozy twist to .& mystery. Nope, don't need the tiara

Tamara Heiner said...

You won a free ebook! shoot me an email and let me know which one you want!

E.J. Wesley said...

Murder She Wrote FTW! Kudos to Jay for repping male authors in such a great way.

Tina said...

Now I have to read your books. Anyone who can make me chortle diet mountain dew out my nose while I'm scratching my hives (gotta find a new sunscreen) and in general feeling sorry for myself because the air advisory today means I'm once again stuck inside, (Wildfire smoke, CO huge fire north of here) is a man whose books I must try. Huge cozy fan, huge Tart fan, and now your fan. Great guest post.
P.S Your description of your sense of humor is award-worthy and definitely quotable.
Tina @ Life is Good

Old Kitty said...

Hope you find a most NAKED Princess Tiara, Jay!!!!

Take care

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Cozy mysteries are an excellent way to pass the time. Are you by any chance excited about the new "Clue" television network? It's gonna be all mystery.

Hart Johnson said...

Jan-when Jay said Keep on Keepin on, he reminded me of you! He definitely looked like you'd like him! (and I agree about the humor)

Alex-he DOES doesn't he?

Em-oh come on. Just one little tiara... though I guess little has been the problem...

Tamara-YAY!!! emailed!

EJ-It was a great show, wasn't it?

Tina- yeah laughs are totally needed when itchy! (and I've had sunscreens that do that... HATE IT!) Thank you!

Kitty-the more naked people the better, eh?

Michael-excellent! Mysteries on TV are my favorite--doesn't matter whether it is cops, detectives, amateurs, PIs... I really love them. Monk is another favorite. (though Castle is my most fav at the mo, mostly because I adore Nathan Fillion (and the actress that plays his mother))

JMims said...

Who has two thumbs and forgot this blog went live today? This guy!

@Jan I will gladly call myself a wirter. And KRACK! BACK TO WORK!

@Alex: Thank you so much!

@Em: Me so glad you like the wirter-work that I do!

@Tamara: Would you believe other than second place in the fourth grade spelling bee, this is the first thing I've ever won?

@E.J.: It's how I roll!

@Tina: You are truly rocking it and I hope you like my craziness.

@O'Kitty: I'm not sure if you're rooting for me to find a tiara with naked written across it or not, but I'm digging it.

@Michael: I spend WAY too much time on the satellite channel Sleuth so yes I am definitely excited about a Clue network. Also the movie by the same name. It rocks my socks.

@Hart: You are awesome and I can't say thank you enough for the opportunity!

Gwen Gardner said...

Jay, you sound like an interesting guy. I'd love to read your books:)

Hart, thanks for sharing Jay with us!

Hart Johnson said...

Jay-I've totally done that! And my commenters on FB also thought you were fabulous! You're a hit!

cleemckenzie said...

I love reading about the meaning of Christmas in June. It's such a safe distance from the frenzy of November. Super enjoyed my trip through this blog post. Here's to your books and the meaning behind all things special. Are you going to write anything about the Easter Bunny?

Heather Savage said...

As a huge supporter of Jay and a fan of his from our first phone conversation, I have to say check out his books. His personality comes through in his writing and yes, he made me shoot tea out of my nose when I test read Santas at the very beginning. That's when I knew I had to have him. And Cult (book 2) was test read by our local bookstore's resident cozy expert and leader of the mystery book club and she came in the very next day to buy Santas. She said he reminds her of Kinky Friedman. Jay- yes, you need a tiara and I want it on your next Christmas card!! Thanks Hart for letting Jay share some space, he's a good egg and so are you. You know eggs go into a proper tart. ;)

JMims said...

@Gwen: Five Santas is available right now, and I can almost guarantee you will want to read Cult of Koo Kway in September. Reasonably sure.

@Hart: You and the wonderful Tartizens of this blog have just absolutely made my whole year! Thank you again!

@Clee: I will confess, I am even now cranking up some 'White Christmas' popping in Scrooged, and sipping on Eggnog. Ok, that last part isn't true, but I still have some fruitcake that needs eating up sometime this century!

@HK: You took a chance on me when absolutely no one else would and I can't say thank you enough! Also everyone she totally looks like Aunt Becky from Full House. It's uncanny!

elizabeth seckman said...

See how much I love ya? The link on your blog didn't work, so I cut and pasted in order to read those inspiring words of wisdom. :)