Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not the Cook

So one week on Weight Watchers (the old version—the new was too high-maintenance for me--needed constant computer access and a lot of recipe entry) and things seem pretty good. I am not counting alcohol on Friday and Saturday. I just know myself well enough that I think this will ward off any stupid decisions (limiting food to 2 points so I can have a couple cocktails... yeah... erm...). Other than that, though, I have stuck to my points, stuck to my exercise, and think I have the mind set going.

Last night, though, I ran up against one of my biggest challenges. You see, at my house, I'm not the cook.

Completely gratuitous pic of the moose at my parents' house (except I'm trying to avoid looking like a moose)

HWMNBMOTI and I have had an arrangement for more than twenty years now.

He likes to cook.
I hate it.

I will eat pretty much anything.
He is so picky that he won't eat his favorite FOODS if he's not 'in the mood' for them.

It has been a no-brainer, that he would be our cook.

I have maybe half a dozen days a year that it falls to me because he is busy while I'm not. But MOST of the time, I am also busier, so it works well. It really only works the other way on Football Saturdays when he is parking cars and I'm NOT.

But when a girl goes on a DIET...

It can be challenging to not be in control.

We've done this enough times that he knows when I am doing Weight Watchers that he needs to WARN ME if, for instance, we are having pizza for dinner. Oh, I know. Some of you can eat one piece. Not me. I can be content with two if I have salad, too, but I really am more a three piece gal or I get hungry later.

MOST dinners run between 9 and 12 points (remember... old point rules) and if I plan on that, most days, I am okay. I usually have a 5 point breakfast (oatmeal with fruit and brown sugar) and a 5-7 point lunch. And so that 9-12 points puts me about right. If it is the lower, then I can have a little snack and all is good.

What I do NOT plan for (and apparently have not made clear I need a warning for) is fried chicken... and then mashed potatoes to go with it...

Once upon a time I tried to eat the NEXT day—breakfast and lunch that complemented the night before's dinner. And calorie/point/weight loss wise, that oughta work. Unfortunately, on any given day it can leave me STARVING, which backfires.

Did I mention I get hungry?

I will talk to him... when it isn't so immediate, I will remind him please TELL ME if we are having high calorie/high fat dinner.

So that has been my biggest challenge so far.

As of yesterday, I was down 3 pounds. Not much, but the right direction.

Gratuitous penis cartoon.

You conquer any obstacles this week? Just hide from one and let it pass? Shake its hand and hope for the best?


Old Kitty said...

Oh dear!! You need a most NAKED diet!

Is it possible to substitute foodstuffs for lower-calorie ones? So say hubby likes to cook from scratch, i.e. does he bake pizza dough from scratch? Instead of one tablespoon of oil, use a teaspoon (in the dough mixture), use low fat cheese etc?

Oh Tart! The worst thing I found when I tried to diet are the people around me insisting I eat this that and the other. It used to annoy me. I'm like - "I NEED your support here guys and you shoving this stuff at me is NOT HELPING!!" LOL!

Now they know better than to force feed me. I give them The Look and they go away! LOL!

Good luck overcoming your obstacles lovely Tart. You really need your hubby on board with this with you and not working against you. I know he means well, bless his soul, but compromise, you know? You need support when dieting - I really feel strongly about that. I think that's why Weightwatchers and suchlike are successful - it's like they're saying "you ain't getting support at home, so this is a surrogate family who would buck you up all the way with your diet.".

p.s. please don't take this wrongly - I think your hubby is wonderful and amazing and utterly adorable!! It;s just I know how it's like to try and lose weight and feel really alone cos the people who should be there to help you (the ones you;ve given your heart and soul too) aren't on board! Ok, am off running away most nakedly now! Yikes!

Take care

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

I went back to WW this week after a three week (and three and a half pound eating frenzy) hiatus. Am very happy to be there... off to the exercise bike!
And good luck with the pizza!
(I am a three piece girl too)

vic caswell (aspiring-x) said...

3 lbs is excellent for such a short time!
you should just keep something around that you can fix up real fast if he forgets... like salad, or lloyd's bbq- which with a low carb wheat bun is surprisingly low on pts. i really need to get back to watching my pts...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

My wife cooks during the week and I cook on weekends - and yes, I like to know in advance if we're having a big dinner so I can work extra hard at the gym.
As for the moose picture - a moose once bit my sister.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

Congratulations on working out a system and for being able to drop three pounds.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yeah, i hear that. Weekends kill me because there's usually parental time and they're just not as caring about eating healthy and junk.
Are you still doing the couch to 5k?

erica and christy said...

There is NO WAY someone could serve fried chicken in my house and I wouldn't eat it. It could only happen if I wasn't home and there were no leftovers and the entire house was aired out. (then again, my husband can grill and make tacos, that's about it)

Johanna Garth said...

three pounds is a big deal!

No obstacles conquered, unless you count getting my daughter to commit to working on her two upcoming homework project.

Hart Johnson said...

Jenny-he's not much for alternating, though most of what he makes is relatively healthy. Just these random misses...

Cathy- I really hope it works well for you! I admire you for getting back on track pretty quickly.

Vic-the trouble is we all eat together and if someone doesn't eat what's made, it opens a giant can of worms for the childings...

Alex- *snort* Moosebites can be pretti nasti. That workout thing DOES apply, too.

Michael, thank you!

Sarah-yeah, the more people to coordinate with the harder.

Erica- I could probably resist, but... it was what's for dinner. I can't survive on just salad.

Johanna-hey, that counts! Daughters and homework can be huge!

Cold As Heaven said...

Our problem is that everybody in our family hate to cook. So what the Hell are we going to eat. That's the daily question.

I enjoy math, but haven't seen THAT equation before >:)

Cold As Heaven

Laura said...

Ha -that's exactly why I hated weight watchers - good for the waistline and bad for the relationship - Himself does all of our cooking too... and then I discovered activity points and an exercise bike... that balanced out those fattymcfatty meals.

3 pounds is a brilliant start

Helena said...

Three pounds is a great start. And I wish I could help but all I can think is that maybe you could have some high protein snacks around -- ya know, like hard-boiled eggs, a few bites of salmon, even a bowl of buckwheat (that stuff cooks faster than oatmeal, but you've got to add raisins or something to it or it's way too blah tasting). I usually find that when I have more protein I don't get hungry so much. But then I also have to cook my own meals and though I like cooking sometimes I'm too lazy or tired. Hence I eat way too many bowls of cereal. The high fiber ones can be very filling, at least.

Ella said...

Congrats on the weight loss! My biggest challenge now is computer time. I have to wrestle people for it. CPU died and life is a major pain. All I want is chocolate...not a great dietary food! What about eating some salad first before pizza or noshing on veggies before? All those foods with lots of water, do fill us up~

Tonja said...

Congrats on 3 pounds! My sister told me to try It turned out to be really good (and its free). It has a bar chart for your calories. If you go over, it turns red. Very motivating. I fear the red bar.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Every pound counts. My husband and I used to alternate cooking, until my last pregnancy where he took over a bunch of tasks and I've been slow to take them back. But he's been traveling a lot for work, so I've had no choice. It sounds like you know what you need to do, but communication is so much easier with a level and cool head. Good luck!