Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glen Beck: Uninformed, Evil, or Both?

Whereby I use Glenn Beck's logic to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Glenn Beck is a TERRORIST. [warning, I am trying to stay to the humorous side of this, but this is undoubtedly an angry blog—that so many people listen to that ignoramus drives me NUTS]

I got home from work last night to find HWMNBMOTI cooking and listening to CNN. The man (on TV, not HWMNBMOTI) was talking about the kerfuffle related to Glenn Beck and went on to quote him. This is verbatim what Glenn said on his radio show:

“As the thing started to unfold and then there was a shooting at a political camp which sounds a little like you know the Hitler Youth or whatever... I mean who does a camp for kids that's all about politics...disturbing.”

Okay. FIRST let's dissect this for the inaccuracies in it.

Political camp like Hitler Youth:

1)  The Labor party, if we had it in the US, would be the equivalent of the blue collar democrats... Workers, fairness in the work place. These are the midwest democrats who worked for unions in manufacturing... This is a very MODERATE group. Hilter would be... well... Glenn Beck.

2)  The TERRORIST was a Neo-Nazi. Why on earth would he attack a group 'like Hitler Youth'? Answer? He wouldn't.

Who does a political camp?

I'll tell you who... we have these in the US, too—some party affiliated, some not. In fact GLENN BECK is behind some of them. But some are age-old: ever hear of Boys State or Girls State? Model UN? What are these but CAMPS for future leaders? But yes, there are also Young Democrats and Young Republicans--in high schools and colleges... the same ages as the youth in question. [And frankly, I would SO MUCH prefer political process camps over... say Sexual Reorientation camps (talk about an agenda)]

Camp for kids

Residents of this camp were 15-25. Young adults would be a more accurate term. And the FOCUS of these camps IN NORWAY is learning the democratic process. Learning the history, legislation process, leadership skills, THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS (oh yes, surely evil—Hitler was all about Democracy, right? *rolls eyes*)... I suspect, though I don't have friends who have gone... there is also a focus on learning compromise. Norway has multiple parties, so if they don't work together, nothing would ever get done. (I wish they taught THAT in the US)

So Using what we have... Lets just look at this...

Anders Behring Breivik professes but doesn't display Christian Values.
Glenn Beck professes but doesn't display Christian values.

Anders Behring Breivik attacked moderate liberals.
Glenn Beck attacks all liberals.

Anders Behring Breivik is a deep xenophobe who wants people not like him to leave.
Glenn Beck is a deep xenophobe who wants people not like him to leave.

Anders Behring Breivik is a right wing extremist.
Glenn Beck is a right wing extremist.

Anders Behring Breivik wants the democratic process to break down because he thinks only he is right.
Do I really need to say this? Can't you see it's the ultimate goal of the right wing extremists? To BREAK the US government so badly it has no power.

So there you have it. Incontrovertible proof that GLENN BECK IS A TERRORIST.

Which begs my original question... look at all those facts he got wrong? Is he STUPID? Or is he intentionally MISLEADING the stupid? Or both.

I have to conclude the answer is BOTH, and say not only that, but it was ALSO in extremely poor taste—comparing victims to Nazis. I say we douse him with honey and leave him on an ant hill.


Cruella Collett said...

Thank you! Right now you're my favourite American comedian along with Stephen Colbert.

Melissa Bradley said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I loathe Glen Beck and am absolutely incredulous that people listen to him. This is one of the most awesome posts I've read this week.

Old Kitty said...

I haven't a clue who this geezer is but I'm glad I don't! LOL!!

He's not NAKED enough or probably never will be and do we really want him to be?!?! I think not! Take care

M.J. Nicholls said...

Brilliant. Can't argue with that logic.

Hart Johnson said...

Mari-YAY! I like being a favorite!

Melissa-I know, me too. There was CNN debate because he is theoretically 'an entertainer' but too many people take him seriously. I mean there are entertainers we CAN take seriously (Jon Stewart is pretty reliable with truth even though he's entertaining) but Beck rubs too closely to real politics, and so he really should be obliged to have his facts right.

Jenny-Oh, you are SO LUCKY not to know him!

Mark-well you COULD, but that would make you wrong *nods*

Sarah McCabe said...

It's a shame what's happened to Glen Beck. My husband used to listen to him when he was on the radio back before he got that TV show. Back then he was no where near this extreme and far funnier. I wonder if he felt he needed to be crazier to get ratings? Who knows.

RosieC said...

I don't think honey on an ant hill is enough of a punishment. I can't think of anything more appropriate that wouldn't make me look like a horrible sadist, but there should be more.

Ugh! Just his picture evokes deep, gut-wrenching anger in me.

Lisa Potts said...

Amen, sister. Can't stand to listen to Beck or Limbaugh but my brother does. Needless to say we avoid talking politics at Christmas.

Not Hannah said...

Oh. My. Filing. Cabinet. I love this post so much I want to kiss it on the mouth AND maybe fondle it a little.

I WISH that more kids could participate in things like Girls and Boys State and Model UN (and the National Forensics League, for that matter.) Maybe if our children actually learned about the way our government worked, we wouldn't be in such a gob-smacking mess right now. JEEEEEZ.

GigglesandGuns said...

Four men make me say, "Oh please, someone shut him up!"-- Beck, Limbaugh, Maher and (sorry Hart) Stewart. It scares me how many people take their rants for truth without looking into things.
A little bit of truth peppered through a monologue is worse than an outright lie.

Hart Johnson said...

Sarah-I think there is something to 'being outrageous for ratings'--It is just so hard though, when someone theoretically has both a political and a comedic forum because people don't recognize it as humor (maybe because it's not funny)

Rosie--maybe if we make them fire ants...

Lisa-yeah, we have some family where we can't talk politics if they are there--not my primary relatives, but I know exactly what you're talking about.

Heather-fondle away! I agree that it would be SO GREAT to have kids not only with better information, but with better skills at critical evaluation!

Mary-yeah, I like both Maher and Stewart--probably because they lean the way I do, but I don't look at either as NEWS and I do find it so sad that so many people look at these pundits as the best place for it.

Jan Morrison said...

How bizarre! Tartlette - we are both kind of ranting on our sites today! No, you are ranting and I'm in a potterish reverie but we're both fundamentally fed the freak up with fundamentalist conservatives.
I don't know this character because I am a Canuck who doesn't watch tv. But I love you and dislike him so...
For a punishment? I think it would be better all round to send him to judge sheep at an endless country fair. He will get to decide which sheep AMONG thousands of identical ones, should win the blue ribbon. And he gets to do it for eternity. That'll lurn him.

Marjorie said...

Glenn Beck has become more and more mean spirited. I guess he thinks it's funny. I don't. I think any extremism is a bad thing. I'm tired of all the hate.

Ted Cross said...

As bad as people like Beck are, I don't see a whole lot of differences between him and our congresspeople. We would do better to choose our politicians the same way we do for jury duty, with no reelections possible.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yeah, he stepped way out of line with that comment.

Clarissa Draper said...

I haven't heard about his latest fiasco. The man makes me crazy!

Christine Murray said...

When I was in New York for my honeymoon myself and my husband tuned into his show religiously. Why? Because it was completely crazy. He always extrapolates ridiculous conclusions onto quite straight forward situations, he'd be funny if he wasn't so dangerous.

James C. Wallace II said...

Now, what I'm about to say may sound bizarre, but bear with me.

Glenn Beck is brilliant!

Now, before you blow a gasket, I'm not a fan of his. Everything he says is a load of Bulls#$t, but he's figured out a way to make a boatload of money spouting Bulls#$t.

Only a genius could do that... Just like Donald Trump!

If Glenn Beck thought he could make more money spouting the liberal agenda, he would jump over in a heartbeat. However, the conservative tea bagger morons pays him millions to parrot their line of illogical mumbo jumbo.

H@ll, if I could make millions doing what he does, I would!!! And don't kid yourselves folks, if the tea bagger morons threw that much money at you, you know you'd do it too!!!!

As far as I'm concerned, just pay no attention to that Beck behind the curtain!

Cold As Heaven said...

The stupid and ignorant statements by Glenn Beck made quite some headlines over here. He, and his friends on Fox News, were probably disappointed when it turned out that the terrorist was a white and blond guy from the ultra-right wing, and not an Islamist. I considered writing a blog post about this, but I decided that I don't want to do it.

Cold As Heaven

Cold As Heaven said...

Also, I must say that I disagree with the comment by James C. Wallace above. I don't think it right to call a man genius because he has been able to make a fortune on throwing out evil and hateful statements on a radio show. A decent human being has some limits for what he is willing to do to make money.

I appreciate that James does not support Glenn Beck's statements, though.

Cold As Heaven

L. Diane Wolfe said...

As my husband says, just another talking head on FOX throwing out controversial stuff just because he can. Either that or he's an idiot. Or both!

LTM said...

ahh... good stuff. I saved this all day to get back and read, and I'm so glad I did. Looks like the only missing element is mental illness... Unhinge Glenn Beck, and next stop, Okla. City. jeez. The mind reels~ :p

Helena said...

Sorry to be so late with a comment, Hart, but last week was crazy busy for me and I'm only now catching up on tarty nakedness. I just needed to say that I too find Beck to be a sick, twisted monster. Just when you think he couldn't get any lower, any more cruel or vicious, he lowers the bar and proves that his hatred knows no bounds.