Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quarterly Report Card

Before the new year I set some goals and I think this is a good time to review how I've done...

Writing (goals in red, progress in black, reassessment in blue)

BEFORE 2011 Hits:
*  Press 'send' for Garden Cozy  Done but I still have some editor requested changes to address by the end of April
*  Finish this round of LEGACY and send to a couple readers  Done
Read enough of my 3 WriMos to CHOOSE January's project (this is fuzzier than it was a couple days ago as I think my most recent might actually be the cleanest, in spite of my love for the Kahlotus story—I just really need to evaluate what I can accomplish in a month)  Done. Kahlotus chosen... more

Edit and Polish one of my WriMos. Done
Write and test pitch for ABNA: revise test repeat until ready. Done
Enter Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest Done


Polish Legacy Done will need one more round
Present option to agent: if she passes, send a dozen queries Delayed this for next round
Begin writing next Garden Cozy Done

Finish Garden Cozy Erm... not so much. I have had a lot of trouble getting really going. I am about 30K in of 75K. At this pace, it will take all of April, too.
More queries if appropriate  No, because of delay
Read Confluence and take notes No, because of slower Garden

Overall assessment on writing:  B+.  The writing pace seems beyond my control. I have had some trouble with schedule, as my daughter has a class that is screwing up 2 nights a week, but that ALSO is not my fault.  I am making a serious effort and made all goals PRIOR to this.


Back to my exercise (power walking regularly)  No, yeah, no (in other words, I keep trying... has not yet stuck (see class of my daughter)
Back to eating on a Weight Watchers plan  Yeah, no, yeah... I tried, the blew it, now I am trying again--more confidence this time, as daughter has asked to do it, so I am supporting HER. 
Alternate days with core/hand weights (15 minutes of one or the other daily) Um... no.
Stretch before bed every night (I already stretch in the shower in the a.m.) This neither.

A moratorium on alcohol and Diet Coke until all this settles in, and then, only on points.*eyes Diet coke*  Fail...

Fitness D-.  In fact I've gained a pound since new year... serious suckage. But hopefully joining my daughter in her quest will help the eating, and spring and this class ending will help the exercise...


We have serious financial problems. I have found a short term fix, but the long-term plan requires a couple things... NONE of them SEEM to be in my control, but the one that most closely is is my writing stuff... This is behind the FRANTIC polishing... I want to have 3 books READY by mid year (two earlier: one for ABNA, one to query) and I plan to GO GO GO until I sell one. I ALSO am concentrating on WRITING stuff I am pretty sure is salable—I want to get my name established so this stuff all gets easier.

Two should still be good to go by mid year. The delay on 3 is necessary, but I have made round 2 of ABNA, so that is something--I bet each of the two needs a month, but I think I can manage...
B+  (only thing not done is because the PAYING gig budged 3rd work back)


I finally made peace with my mom (mostly) at Christmas... but newly fixed things are fragile, and I am neglectful in the best of times. I need to keep working at it... I also need to work at the one with the hubby and the childings...
Doing okay here... I am trying, anyway... more cognizant... an intention to call weekly means every other week, but for me this is better...

And I should be more cognizant of my other friendships, too... I LOVE my friends, but I can be downright SCATTERED about attention...
This is at least no worse... I don't think... in my defense, my old friends aren't any better (and are possibly worse) about this than I am.

And so we move onto Blogging A to Z... I will make my best attempt to get to my regular blogs regularly, but if you are NOT A to Zing... I may be a little scarce through April...  See you on the other side, my friends!


Cruella Collett said...

Overall, I'd say you're doing great. Especially considering the fact that you're willing to admit even the parts you're doing less great it. That's a small victory right there :)

Abhishek said...

Whoa Whoa!!

You sound very much like me!! Ha !!

All the best dear, be assured that I would pray for you!! Happy about the way you are writing!! I am not so successful sticking to my regime and achieving my goals@!!!

with warm regards

Alison DeLuca said...

I agree with Cruella - sounds like you are doing great!

Trying to balance writing / relationships / exercising and healthy thingies / not to mention cleaning and laundry = REALLY HARD.

May I add your Blog grade - A+

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think you're doing good, Hart.

Hannah said...

Hey you've had progress across the board. Sounds good to me! Good luck to us all through April.

Old Kitty said...


Well done you - you are doing so great!! enjoy your a-z-ing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See you all NAKED on the other side!! Take care

Hart Johnson said...

Cruella-that admitting thing is something I actually weigh, I think... if it is more good than bad, I admit it all. If it is more bad, I don't do the assessment *shifty*

Prince-you'll get it all sorted! Your goals are fairly new, yes? Give yourself a little time to fall into it.

Alison-thank you so much on the blog grade! And GADS, I wish cleaning were not part of the equation... I HATE it!

Alex-thank you!

Hannah-well, other than that fitness thing... *shifty* I'm on day 3 though...

Jenny-YAY for nudity to look forward to on the other side!

Sarah Ahiers said...

i think your writing grade should be closer to an A-. I mean, you've been kickin ass there

Jan Morrison said...

You know, I don't think you actually GET to grade yourself. Nope. So, I'm going to do it for you:

Writing - A - you have done wonders on so many projects. If you aim for the sun, as you have done, and don't quite make it, you land on the moon - still pretty good. So, an A

Fitness - C - your effort was good, perhaps you gave yourself some unreasonable goals AND seriously - you gained a MEASLEY pound. Come on over to my house, sistah! So - C - not great but better than a D.

Money - I can't grade you on this as I'm in the same leaky boat and I just want to cry and hold your hand... so I'm going to give you a Withdrew from Course - will be back when there is a little more light.

Relationships - Oh, for sure an A. Relationships aren't always just about attention and watering and feeding and other gardening metaphors - they are also about mentoring by taking care of yourself. So I'm giving you an A- on this...
See you tomorrow - it will be my 500th post!!
Jan Morrison

Carol Kilgore said...

Overall you've done really well. I'm not A-Zing because I'm going to be away for two weeks in the middle. It will be my first blogcation ever, so I'm kind of looking forward to it. Don't forget me - LOL.

Deb and Barbara said...

Wow. Truly impressive. Even your list is impressive. I think you deserve a full-on A+ for your efforts. And PS, I think this quarter year review is a brilliant idea. Gonna do it to :)

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

I am impressed with what you are doing and accomplishing. Just keep at it and do what you can.


Hart Johnson said...

Sarah-teehee--thank you!

Jan-you're a generous grader! Thank you! And I will take the handholding on the sinking moneyship.. MAN, I wish I'd thought to have wealthy parents.

Carole-definitely a good reason to skip it. I know people who've scheduled ahead, but it makes the 'getting around' part impossible, and that is part of it. You won't be forgotten!

Barbara-it makes me tired to look at, too... though until this stalling on the book, it didn't seem so bad... Glad you like the review idea! I hope you're sharing!

Thank you, Mary! I will keep plugging away... I just wish this book would flow!

Colene Murphy said...

SOOO much to have done and did soooo much! You should be proud!!

Talli Roland said...

I think you're doing fantastic, Hart! You had A LOT of goals there and it looks like you've made major progress on most of them. Go girl!

Southpaw said...

Oh dear, if I did a assessment of my goals I set at the beginning of the year I think they’d all have Ds. Let’s kept that just between us, okay?

YOU are doing great!

CA Heaven said...

That's not bad. It's a lot more than what I've achieved in Q1 (which is basically nothing)

Cold As Heaven

Misha Gerrick said...

Well, I think you're doing great.

I think I'd test in the E's right now.

Maybe I should take a look to get my ass into gear.

Good luck with A-Z.


Hart Johnson said...

Thank you so much guys! And to those of you thinking you haven't done much, I seriously doubt that's the case... I just happen to be following a specific list...

Joyful Minimalism said...

I think this is a fantastic result! At least you DID things! That rates as positive. And also, that half pound could easily be due to muscle growth! (always stay positive!)

Helena said...

Every time I read about all you're accomplishing, I feel like a lazy-ass slacker. May your writing bring you buckets of money very soon. (Me, I'm digging deep into my savings this month. Not good.)

Christine Murray said...

Wow, you've achieved a hell of a lot. You should be proud. And I feel your pain on the money thing, nothing more stressful than financial worries.

Oh, and I'm robbing your quarterly report card idea! Tomorrow is the 1st of April, so a good time to make some second quarter resolutions :)

Julie Musil said...

I think you should be pretty darn proud of what you've accomplished so far. You have clear goals, and I'm impressed with your progress.

RosieC said...

Sounds like you're doing okay. My fitness goals have gone down the tubes, gym partner or no gym partner... o maybe because of gym partner. Hmm. Well, that's beside the point. Your writing goals seem well achieved in light of having a job and a family, so it sounds like you're doing quite well. :)

Myne said...

All the best with your goals, and especially the ones to do with your fitness/weight, and also the one on finishing up your books for query and AbNA.

LTM said...

wow. you are SO rockin along! And I can see the writing on the wall... Maybe while you guys are all A to Zing, I'll take a hiatus~ ;p

you're doing amazing!

Charmaine Clancy said...

Best of luck in the A-Zing, it will be a bit full on (surely blogging frantically burns calories? I hopes so :/)

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