Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Guest Author Trish Silver

Hello fine readers! When you're a Watery Tart, and have a reputation for getting naughty, people will get ideas, and so I have a little optional blog for you today... Guest author Trish Silver has sent a very steamy sex scene, which I have decided to post, in addition to her alternate blog, but in a WHITE FONT, so to SEE IT you will need to highlight it. As she was willing to share, I thought it was very fun for those of you you that are so minded, but as not everyone wants to run across words like THRUST accidentally *cough* I figured this was a reasonable compromise... I feel honored she wants to share it with y'all, and I KNOW there are at least a few of you who really love this stuff, so thank you, and welcome Trish!


Why I Hate To Blog

Blogging seems too time consuming and nonproductive. In my limited experience, no one seems to ever leave a comment and that to a writer is devastating. Why blog if no one reads it?
I’m an unknown author who has just written her first great American novel. Everyone thinks that their novel is the best and is going to be the next big Blockbuster. I actually think that my new romance novel, “When I Remember Love,” could very easily be adapted into film, it’s the new modern day “Love Story.” By the way, I even have a songwriting team…more about that later. My book is about a talented pop-star who tries out for a reality talent show and meets the love of his life before the finale. They marry quickly and begin their journey through the music industry together. You will find out what’s like to live with a major celebrity and have access to a backstage pass into the exciting world of a Superstar. I even dare to write about a married couple that has a HOT sex life.  With a lousy economy, studios closing at a rapid rate and me being an unknown HOT author (that’s the comments that I get from my fans…yes I do have fans), I’m a bit reluctant to blog often. However, I hired a virtual assistant, and she has ordered me…I mean requested that I blog. So even though I hate it, I will try to make it interesting and maybe, just maybe, you will comment and I will not be so pessimistic.

Trish Silver

 I decided as my blog to give you one of my sexual scenes from my book, “When I Remember Love.” My novel is a beautiful love story between a married coupled who are in love. Aidan tries out for a reality show much like American Idol and Jenna is his musical agent’s, Vanessa, niece. They fall in love at first sight at a mystery lunch and marry quickly. Aidan becomes one of the biggest musical performers in the world, and you will learn how fame comes at a huge price! I write outside of the box and my main hero and heroine go from love into life. You will laugh and cry, but mostly you will fall in love with these two amazing, altruistic, characters that came to me in a dream. Please visit me at my Website: http://trishsilver.com and listen to my songwriting teams beautiful music that has been written for this book. By the way, this scene has a Parental Rating…No Children Under 18 Are Allowed To Read This Blog. Enjoy! 

And Now for a Hot and Spicy Sex Scene! HIGHLIGHT if you want to see this content! *waggles finger*  (and no reading if you are on heart medication)

      Aidan was anticipating the private time that he would be spending in his dressing room with Jenna at the end of the concert. After a performance, his adrenaline was pumping vigorously, and he needed his wife to release his pent up desires.
      When they walked into the room, Jenna kept telling Aidan how wonderful he was and how his fans loved him.
      “The only one I was honestly trying to make an impression on was you. Did you really think that I was that good?’
      “Yes, baby, I actually thought you were awesome.”
      “I should take a shower, I’m all sweaty and …”
      “Don’t take a shower. I love your scent.”
      She held his face and kissed him intensely. Aidan’s body pushed her back against the wooden door. He pinned her to the door with his hands.
      He stared into her eyes and said, “Say you’re mine and only mine forever.”
      “I’m yours forever and for the rest of our lives.”
      “That’s all that I want to hear you say.”
      His mouth traveled to her lengthy swan-like neck and planted tiny kisses there. Next his mouth moved down to her shoulder making minute circles with his long pointed tongue. He entangled his hand in her flaxen hair, as he raised his head to meet her eyes once again and forced his mouth fervently against hers. He thrusts his tongue deep inside her mouth, and she accepts it eagerly with the exhilaration growing deep inside her body. She wants him to make love to her and tells him so.
      Silently, he kneels down to slip off her black lacy thong. Her hands are weaving through his thick wavy dark hair and her nails are digging into his scalp. He feels no pain, because the passion has erupted within him. He stands and stares at her, his fervent desire burns in his eyes, as he removes his clothes slowly. She follows his lead and takes off her outfit too.  Then he grabs her around her slender waist. 
      “Do you want me to pull out before I come?” He whispers.
      “No,” she labors to breathe.
      He smiles and lifts her up, using the door as leverage.
      Jenna’s legs wrap around him instinctively and forcefully. He guides her onto his rigid erection and thrusts into her deeply. She grabs his firm buttocks and says, “Give it to me big boy. God I love your large cock deep inside me.”
      His full lips are on hers again, her hands cupping his backside.
      He whispered. “Come for me Darlin’.”
      As she arched her back on the crest of her orgasm, a sudden vibrating knock on the door startled them. “We’re locking up and leaving in ten minutes, Mr. Price.”
      Under his breath he hissed, “Get the fuck out now.”
      “Stay with me, Baby,” Jenna said breathlessly and continued grinding against him.
      He clutched her tighter as he sensed her legs beginning to buckle, and they slid down the door to the floor, a mass of intertwined limbs. He thrust into the depths of her heat, losing himself in the fire that had ignited within him. Somewhere on the edge of his consciousness, he heard her utter tiny sounds of satisfaction, which sent him tumbling over the edge to ecstasy.
      They lay on the floor, gazing into each other’s eyes. “I love you Darlin’.”
      “I love you more.”  

*fans self*


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Congratulations on your first great American novel! It may have been a bit early in the morning for me to read such a steamy scene (I’m a bit worried where my thoughts might wander when I’m in the corpse position in my upcoming Yoga class), but I enjoyed it.

Old Kitty said...

Oh my goodness - that was fun - having to highlight a steamy scene that was great reading btw - thank you, Trish Silver!!

And thank you Watery Tart for this guest blog - good luck to Trish Silver and this raunchy romance book!

And isn't it a special someone's birthday today...??!! :-)

Take care

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Thank you Trish for sharing this scene- could have been a lot raunchier if you ask me - and thank you Tami for hosting her.

LTM said...

Hidden text! Love. It! Like being a secret agent. shew, almost had to go find hubby after reading. Drat summer break, drat he's all ready for work... hmmm. ;p j/k

Watery Tart said...

Ha! I'm making spies out of all of you! It's part of my nefarious plan! Seems to me everyone has read and enjoyed... *marks in book of interesting tidbits*

OK--the B-day for ME is tomorrow, but it IS a Burrow birthday... And Natasha, Leigh, Leigh, Natasha--erm... Rayna... you two SHARE a birthday...

Dawn said...

That hidden text is SO cool - and a scene worth sharing! Thanks for the guest post and the excerpt.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Such a unique idea for posting a steamy scene, Hart!

Watery Tart said...

Ah--can't take full credit for thinking of that! B. Miller sent me a CD recently and used the technique in case I wanted to be surprised--so I had the OPTION. I'm all for giving everybody options, and it seemed like this was a good place to use it.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

What a novel approach to a steamy scene, Hart. Though being an old-school gentleman, like my character, Samuel McCord, I declined to be a Peeping Tom.

Ah, actually I started to highlight, but I heard him growl behind me. Jeez. Some characters just take over, don't you know?

Thanks for a delightful post. And Trish, hang in there. From the words of the other comments, you have talent and skill. They will see you through. Roland

Watery Tart said...

Roland, that was exactly my goal--to give the option, as I know not everyone wants all the details. Thank you for stopping by!

B. Miller said...

Super Secret Spy Tart! I think we have another tool to add to our World Domination Tour press kit. >:D

That being said - thanks, as always, for sharing the words of other published writers on your blog, Hart. Always a joy. :)

Watery Tart said...

B. You may not have seen, but in the COMMENTS I credited YOU for this little spy tool. I've seen it before but YEARS ago (we used it for spoilers when a group of us was reading the 7th Harry Potter)

It never would have crossed my mind though, without your recent email!

Deb and Barbara said...

Phew, yowsa!

Love the secret highlighting too. Made it all so much more illicit...

BK said...

Great idea with the freedom of choice :). Excellent post and loved the excerpt Trish!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Great idea with the highlighting. I felt positively furtive and naughty. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the excerpt from my novel "When I Remember Love." I'm fortunate to be given the creative gift of writing and indebted to be chosen by Jenna and Aidan to write their beautiful love story. I'm also a part of a talented song writing team. Please visit my website at http://trishsilver.com and listen to our music. Many blessings, Trish

Sugar said...

Thanks Tart for sharing the interview with us. and you know me... all about the sex scene stuffs! Thanks Trish :)