Saturday, May 1, 2010

Obama in the Big House

I know Saturday is my fitness blog, and I will get there, but we are having a little local excitement, and I feel compelled to share a few stories. For the record... Obama IS in the Big House. Oh no, he hasn't been arrested. You see The Big House is what Michigan Stadium (for whatever reason) has been nicknamed. I'd like to hope it isn't an attribution of thuggishness...

I rather hope it is just because the largest college stadium IN THE WORLD is three blocks from my house. (this was taken before the renovations, which are STILL in progress)  Capacity during football season is 107,005 (or some such silly number) but that is because on the field they only allow players, coaches, and cheerleaders. For an event like this, where all the graduates will be seated on the floor (read: football field), I think capacity goes to 120,000. And you know what? When Barrack Obama speaks at a college graduation, THE BIG HOUSE IS FULL.  It's only the third time a sitting president has spoken for one here.

The drama started Thursday. I came home from work and my husband said, 'did you hear the helicopters?'

“Why no,” said his wife who works in a cave across town (you think I'm kidding. Sadly, I'm not—no window for me... door closed so I can listen to obnoxiousness and not disturb my coworker. We could be bombed and I would not know.)

Big FREAKING double rotor helicopters—like eight of them, circling MY YARD! Okay, so maybe my yard was just on the flight path around the stadium but Holy CRAP!

(This show the renovation stuff--big BOXES up the sides)  Now I don't know how much y'all know about Ann Arbor, but normally REALITY never makes an appearance... not that.. you know... the president visiting... is a very REAL experience. But we usually are all educated and civil and polite and shit. Like... academics. We are NOT snipers on roofs, FREAKING helicopters the size of tour bus prepared. Heck, it makes the paper when somebody EXPOSES THEMSELVES (though they never got my name, so I guess that's all right). The Ann Arbor Observer posts a map of all crime in the last month every month and there are like 30 crimes, mostly electronic thefts. Now and again there is something awful like a rape, but it's RARE.


So my neighbor... I'll call him Joe... works at a building near Michigan Stadium. His supervisor said, “if anyone needs to work this weekend, you'll need to get FBI clearance.” I'm DEAD FREAKING SERIOUS.

Then there was the morning thunderstorm that passed ON TOP OF our house... Thunder and lightning at EXACTLY the same time, but it has seemed to mellow a lot—the news says scattered showers the rest of the morning—I don't think I'd want to sit for 3 hours in it, but there you have it...

So if I am a little scatterbrained, you'll have to excuse me. I go back and forth between being giddy ObamaFanGirl and AnnoyedThisIsMyTown, YouPeopleGoHome. Because the town is PACKED. Granted, it is always busy graduation weekend, but BARRACK FREAKING OBAMA... HERE. AT MY HOUSE! Okay, not QUITE my house. But if he were a bomb I'd explode. He's pretty darned close!

And now... back to your regularly scheduled blog...

Here is the speech, if anyone is interested:


There are few things quite as sweet in the course of a PLAN... The pounds going down on the scale is nice. The tape measure having more length at the end (like ANY experience of more length on the end) is pretty sweet... but when I put on a pair of pants expecting one fit (snuggish) and even though the scale hasn't done much—for a whole month it's moved VERY little-- but the pants sort of... HANG... THAT feels GREAT. (WHOEVER thought pants would make me happy?)

That is where I was this week. I am actually up a pound, but my dark grey slacks that I was WEARING, but weren't quite FLATTERING, HUNG Thursday. And yesterday I braved the capris I've mentioned—they aren't as 'hangy' across the butt as I'd like, but they cling NOWHERE, which means they FIT. I am back in my size 14s—officially! (not just the fat 14s) WAHOO!

I don't know what the mechanism is, that you shrink at a different time than you lose the pounds... I am STILL sticking with a tissue memory theory (“oh, I might need this space again soon, so I'm not yielding just yet”), but this has not been that unusual an experience in my life of dieting, and I think it is one of my favorite things because it is just so unexpected. It is also FINALLY that reinforcement you need when you stick with it in spite of no reward for several more weeks.


Anonymous said...

The weight vs "hang" (giggle) is usually attributed to a loss of fat AND a gain of muscle. Since muscle is more dense than fat the weight doesn't necessarily drop - bit tone is almost always apparent in how our clothes fit. And - CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome! What are you doing for exercise? [I need to get motivated - my cardio is not so hot. :P]

Watery Tart said...

I am not sure how much I've toned, as my routine is one I've been doing for years, though I HAVE added a 'hill day' to my power walk schedule (and solidly given up 'a day off now and again)--I suppose that might help. I walk to and from work daily (moderate pace, about 2.5 miles each way) and then 4 days a week I 'power walk'--sweating pace--I do 50 minutes Tu, Th, and then do a 60 and a 90 on the weekend--the 90 is the hill day, as I have to go that far to find really good hills.

Ellie said...

If you are building muscles, the inches will drop but not the lbs, so much. YOU have to build a certain amount, the the lbs let go. I love to walk, I need to add some more sprints. Walking
sprints, I mean. I walk really fast to a mail box then walk normal and mix it up! Congrats on your success!

How fun to have your city, represented with Obama. I agree the security is crazy! We were at the Navy Exchange(NEX) when Michelle was going to show up...i have never seen a crowd like that, since they opened a Wal-mart in Anchorage. I was there, for that, it was insane!!! I think it was 1992! I'll never forget it~

Watery Tart said...

Ellie, I'm giggling helplessly that a Walmart opening in Anchorage could be so exciting. *snort*

I am pretty darned muscular already, but I do think there can be some smoothing of it... I really would love my butt to become shapely and attractive, rather than drooping to my knees... doesn't seem so much to ask for how active I am...

The Daring Novelist said...

You're a Michigander? Me too! (Rival school further to the north.)

We had Clinton visit the community college where I work once. We all had to be vetted by the secret service and stuff. And all of our art students went down to the sidewalk to watch the limos fly by... and one of the models (you know the _nude_ models) opened her robe as they went by.

Nobody got in trouble. We figure he probably appreciated it.

Watery Tart said...

Yay for flashing Clinton!!!! Oh, that makes me happy! I have a novel that has the first line, "I slept with Bill Clinton." It is a smart alec answer to a question she doesn't care to address, but I just love it.

Farther north? Like... .3 degrees... or significantly farther north? Anyway, love to find other Michiganders! Actually, in the Blogosphere Pantsless Paul is my only other known Michigander until now! (Foodaddy is his other name, and he hates pants as much as I do.)

The Daring Novelist said...

I'm up near MSU.

We do drive down to A2 to get Zingerman's on a regular basis, but otherwise it's, you know, enemy territory.

F. Lex said...

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Watery Tart said...

Ha! Daring Novelist-those of us who have to pay the cost of living in A2 can't AFFORD Zingerman's *cough* Actually we went to the Roadhouse for my daughter's birthday and it's GREAT food... just spendy.

F.Lex-erm... thanks? Is this where you meant to post that? I try to do a little lifting but all I have is 5 pound and 6.5 pound hand weights.