Sunday, May 2, 2010


(Just a brief one today. It's Sunday, and somehow I still have a lot to do, so I feel entitled)

I'm not sure if I am a masochist, or if I just didn't think things through.

I am in the process of revising the Cozy Mystery audition chapters and sent them to several members of my writer's group this week... and then there was a SHORT amount of down time (before the feedback would start coming back) so I decided it was about the right amount of time to craft a PITCH. I sent the PITCH to a handful of my ABNA friends, as they have a lot of pitch experience (much more than my writer's group, actually) and so I wanted expert advice.

The PROBLEM? Well a pitch is relatively QUICK to turn around feedback on, where chapters are a little slower, so yesterday I got a fairly solid dose of   “What the hell are you thinking?!” Okay, so EVERYONE was nicer and more encouraging than that, and feedback is productive, but I seem to have scheduled myself for an unintentional overdose.

And then there is the fact that the recommended changes NEVER go together all that well, so I step back and try to see what is what, and usually decide (in my infinite madness) that if one person thinks THIS, and another thinks THAT, then maybe this THIRD thing would please both of them! I get all excited and try it and it ALWAYS pleases NEITHER—ACK! I just need to decide WHO seems to share my vision, eh?

At the moment I am feeling like I have missed it right and left and have no talent whatsoever, so I am headed out for a power walk to get the juices flowing, and then I will get to my date with my cozy chapters and hopefully address the spirit and specifics of what the editor wanted changed.

Only way past it sometimes is working THROUGH it, eh?


The Daring Novelist said...

Been there, done that, own multiple t-shirts on the subject.

Here's the thing....

Stick to your vision until your vision changes. When you get critique, sometimes the suggestions so obvious that it changes your vision right away. But if it doesn't happen right away, then stick to your guns.

Odds are, when you get the critique back for the chapters, that will clarify more what you want/need to do in the pitch. And even if not, the conflicting comments will trickle into your unconscious which will sort them out eventually.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Law of averages says dump the vote at one end and the vote at the other. Use what's left to reshape your pitch.
And I think it would be difficult to judge a pitch (I assume a synopsis?) without reading the story.
Don't doubt yourself, Tart!

Watery Tart said...

Thank you, both! I am trying to figure out what I agree with and what I don't. The people who responded are FABULOUS and much more experienced, but it's TRUE that I need to let it sink in a little... I need to incorporate what rings true that DOESN'T change what I need. The trouble is it becomes SO CLEAR where I haven't quite gotten across what I meant... THAt is what causes the doubt... they got THAT?! SCARY! It is all really helpful in the end, but my day has been a little... doubtful...

Raquel Byrnes said...

Dont feel have a lot of talent. The interest in your work proves that. Not a lot of people stick it out and keep at it. You're doing great.

By the way, I tagged you with an award at...

Happy Sunday!

R. M. Iyer said...

Tough one. When it comes to your story, go with your gut. But when it comes to a pitch, readers do know better, because it is a reader who needs to be hooked.
Why don't you pick the kind of response that gells most with you, incorporate that in your new pitch, and send that to the people who did not recommend that particular change?

Watery Tart said...

Raquel, thank you so much! I will go check out the award shortly, and I really appreciate the encouragement!

Natasha-I agree on the pitch that the reader DOES know best... I will probably revise a few directions and then bring them HERE for votes/feedback... Just was feeling sorry for myself yesterday!