Friday, May 21, 2010

Schrödinger's Cat

I told you I'd been thinking about Schrödinger's Cat. I wasn't lying—I wouldn't lie to you! It's actually a sort of apt application, too, though FIRST: SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

I've drawn the winner from the giveaway last week and I'd like to congratualate Alica (Fire & Ice)! The light and journal are on their way!

And back to the story of the day...  erm... in a minute...

I think another explanation for my stress lately is the uncertainty of what the next few months will hold. It is this or that, and I won't know until I know... Let me e'splain...

To start off... feeling much better now... Why?

I have Powered Through

The Tart is in STREAM ROLLER form! Obstacles BAHAHA! You're NOTHING! Waiting? POO! I have all the time in the world! Editing? PISH! You don't scare me! I am WRITING!

I think I have all of you to thank for returning my attitude, and this Cracker song, my favorite of theirs, says it fairly perfectly:

I See The Light by Cracker

I'd really like to see you now
In your father's combat boots
I'd really like to be with you
'Cause we could be so dark

It was only for the grace of you
That I got this attitude
I'll show you my gratitude
When I make it through

I see the light at the end of the tunnel now
(I see the light)
Someone please tell me it's not a train
(Train, I see the light)
I see the light at the end of the tunnel now
(I see the light)
No time to speak, no time to explain

Sometimes I imagine you lying in your bed
Sometimes do you imagine too?
Do you sometimes lust
For the grace that others have inside?

The simple peace they make with life
They feel love like some summer's night
Well, I want it too

chorus chorus, blah blah blah (it doesn't really say chorus chorus blah blah blah, you know... it has more words, but they are mostly words already there... *deadpans*)

I love the idea of lusting for the grace that others have inside, the simple peace they make of life. Isn't that a lovely idea? It's like a big sexy Buddha or something.

And in case you're wondering what kind of twist I've gone around, I am practicing SELF TALK. So there... getting all philosophical and stuff... But the way I figure it, you guys REALLY helped pull me up day before yesterday.

Side Assistance

I've also been First Reading my way through some stuff for friends of mine and LOVE the process. When I do that, I become more objective in MY stuff. I notice things that aren't quite right—things about pacing or tension that I have a hard time spotting in my oh-so-familiar manuscripts, but coming back after the more objective read gives me distance.

I also also (yes, two alsos) took Jan's advice... hmmm... how to distinguish the Jans.... both Canadian, both tarts in their way... though I suppose only the one is OFFICIALLY a tart... Maybe I should go with province... Nova Scotia Jan wrote herself a letter of edits to make in the future... THAT allows you to stop worrying about it NOW because you won't forget (or stress about forgetting)... I adopted it and wrote... okay, so my version was more like a list... but it DID help to write it down... release the tension of this 'at some future date' editing project.

So where is the damn cat?

It's coming. You see, I have a PLAN! (a plan you say? I see some of you running away screaming. I know there are some pantsers out there, but I can't abide by pants. I need a PLAN) [never mind that I rarely follow said plan; it still makes me feel better to make one]


1)  I have two ideas looming, but you KNOW my theory about stewing, yes? The ideas need to stew before they are properly fermented (because who wants to tell a sober tale, ne?) BUT writing SCENES before they are fully fermented actually HELPS this process. I am okay with the fact that these scenes are never recognizable in the final project. They still help me get to know my characters. So until I hear about the cozy (the answer of which is my Cat), I am writing SCENES.

2)  When I HEAR about the Cozy Gig, I reach the point where I know whether the cat is ALIVE (I get the gig) or dead (I don't get the gig). (see how it fits? I won't know whether it's alive or dead until... I find out. Until then, both the alive and the dead exist and I have to plan for them! *snort *)
*   If I GET the gig, I then write the cozy
*   If I DON'T get the gig, I then EDIT LEGACY until June 1

3)  (We're still on Schrodinger's cat—two versions, equally real (or unreal). Because until you know, you never know, eh?) But on BOTH FORKS, as of JUNE 1, the Burrow is doing a NoWriMo (BuNoWriMo)--and you are WELCOME to join us. Our reasoning is that November is a baddish month for anyone educationally affiliated (which is about half of my group if you count students, teachers and other academics)
*   So if I GET the gig, I am going to madly write the book I am SUPPOSED to be writing
*   If I DON'T get the gig, I am going to write the ghost story that is currently stewing.

4)  In JULY I edit. No matter what. The Cozy or Legacy. Then, whichever one goes to FIRST readers, and we get back to being cats.
*   In presence of Cozy, Legacy will be 2nd editing project.
*   In absence of Cozy, Deniability will be 2nd editing project.

5)August I get reader feedback and finalize whichever one is the next polished work for a September send out.

Probably that is as far as I oughta plan...


Tundiel said...

*wipes brow* How the hell you juggle so many novels all at once is beyond me, I struggle to keep up with only the ONE ball (er, novel).

BuNoWriMo - yay! I'm looking forward to that! Can't wait to write about my own cat again! (Cats all around, eh?)

*strokes pussy*


Watery Tart said...

teehee--we've been discussing BuNoWriMo over at the Burrow if you want to chime in, Tara. And I'm not juggling them all at once... just realigning... there are 4 that need something, but I am just queuing them, really...

Megan said...

Man, November is a bad month for anyone. Right before the holidays, it kills me, nothing gets done around here.

Can't do June though. Too much going on. Have revisions to do, but good luck to the Burrow, hope you guys see some success. :)

TreeX said...

This just in: man creates life.

Have a nice day :)

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

*giggles* @ big sexy buddah.
I really don't know how you handle them all either. I write from two POVS and find myself splitting into to more personalities throughout the days. What is BuNoWrimo?
I am one of those people who works better under pressure but I don't know too much about Nano or this one you just mentioned. November would be a good time to fail at that considering my husband will be returning from Afghan around that time. But whats the BuNoWrimo? I have outlines and storyboards and notes and the whole gamet but no pressure button deadlines. When I write with said pressure I write better and faster. I need an agent is what I'm essentially saying haha, but until then what's a good deadline type thingy...
Glad to hear about your tunnel clearing!

Lisa K. said...

Sounds like you've got an excellent plan for whatever the cat's outcome is. And your BuNoWriMo sounds even better. I've been toying with the idea of a new novel, never mind the several that still need extensive revisions--I'm getting to them--so I might jump in and join you all with the WriMo. Hmmm..

And I agree with what you said about the reading of others' work. I find the same thing myself. I'll be in the midst of critiquing a piece for someone else and have that aha! moment. Sometimes issues are so much easier to pick out in another's writing and then it's easier to go back and apply the fix to one's own work.

Leanne said...

Awww, that's my favourite LOLcat, and so few people get it... ;-) Meanwhile, I have a 10-chapter outline. Considering I don't outline, that's either a really good or a really bad sign... :-P

BuNoWriMo FTW! :-)

Watery Tart said...

Megan- you have bigger things on your horizon, so ON WITH THEM!

Joris: *ruffles hair* You wouldn't wanna design a BuNoWriMo avie would you? Square or almost square? For June 2010? *bats lashes*

Erica and Lisa--PLEASE JOIN US! NaNoWriMo is 50K words in ONE 30-day month... June has 30 days, just like November does... BuNoWriMo is my WRITER'S group applying the same exact thing to June--that's all. And we definitely want other's to join us, because accountability improves all our chances, as does wider support. I'm thinking we will do it all at the Burrow's Facebook Group page, but I will make sure and communicate all links here--and if anybody knows where any wordcount widgets are, that definitely will help!

Excellent! PARTICIPANTS!!!!

See that Leanne--we can have an EVENT! (I knew we could...)--and yeah, I love that kitty, too...

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

Cool! June would be the perfect month, and I had thought about Nano but November was just not going to work out. So how do I join this fun little adventure with you guys? Umm..I know Nano has a wordcount widget but I'm not sure how it works exactly. I've seen it used on other blogs where they weren't apart of Nano. I need a kick in the pants, under the gun pressure and some major accountability right now. I saw Write or Die but then shrieked at the thought of my work being deleted if I didn't reach the word count goal. Yikes! So yeah, any info would be wonderful. I need a good productive month after dumping 40k words I haven't felt like trying to get them back, count me in, just let me know how to be :)

Watery Tart said...

Excellent--The Burrow (my writer's group) is hammering out the WHERE and all right now (it will either be facebook or a separate site where we can all hold our discussions and encourage each other). It won't be the same widget as at NaNo, but we'll find one everyone can download... I see blogs that have them all the time. Just need to find one that I can backtrack to the code for it. Glad you're joining us!

Erica Mitchell-Spickard said...

Yay, I'm already excited to have something other than my self-imposed failing deadlines. I will just keep checking your blog, not like I dont already, for the links, if I miss something though (cause I do that a lot) email me. Do I need to join The Burrow group?

Jan Morrison said...

yep you got a plan, and a plan without pants is a good plan, neh?
thanks for the nod to my letter. I'm quite pleased with it too and it is a list of a letter believe me.
good luck and remember - however it turns out is just the way it is supposed to.

Watery Tart said...

Erica-I'll be sure and shout in a couple places! You're welcome to find our facebook group, as it may very well happen there (and find me on facebook, too).

Jan-you nailed it! No pants is good pants! And I thought of you with that big sexy Buddha thing... always nice to be BOTH in touch with the calm, and with the tart...

TreeX said...

Tami, I would be delighted :)

But it'll have to wait till I get back from Paris tomorrow evening, 'kay? ;)