Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bonus post: Tagged!

I want to thank Ellie of Ella's Edge for including me in this blog game that is going around... there are Five questions and for each, we are to give FIVE answers... here are MINE, followed by my taggees!

Question 1 - Where were you five years ago?
1)   Becoming addicted to my first-ever online community (HPANA)
2)   Making my first PUBLIC foray into writing (fan fiction)
3)   Starting to gain back the weight I’d lost last time I was super successful L
4)   Working a relatively new job studying health disparities
5)   Accepting the madness of a two-year stint as a Girl Scout co-leader.

Question 2 - Where would you like to be five years from now?
1)   On my FABULOUS book tour!  (seriously though, I’d like to have at least a book per year out by then)
2)   Out of debt (it’s a LONG road)
3)   Back to the size I’m supposed to be
4)   Mother of a successful college student daughter and a son receiving scholarships left and right.
5)   Reaching the point where hubby is finishing nursing school so I can quit the day job and write full time.

Question 3 - What is (was) on your to do list today?
1)   Send my revisions to my agent for my Cozy Audition
2)   Attend my daughter’s water polo game
3)   Pack for conference in Baltimore
4)   Tie up WORK for being gone for a few days
5)   Tie up LAUNDRY so family can survive without me for a few days

Question 4 - What 5 snacks do you enjoy?
1)   Salt & Vinegar potato chips
2)   Really good microbrews (something bitter with some body)
3)   Chocolate from other countries
4)   Brie and water crackers
5)   Summer sausage and a really sharp cheddar

Question 5 - What would you do if you were a billionaire?
1)   *cough*  Can you say Naked World Domination seed money?  I could even buy that island for our capital!
2)   Expand the lingerie training academy and spanking room (the need is SO VAST!)
3)  Give a HUGE raise to my minions.  They work so hard, and currently, it's almost as if they're giving it away... if you know what I mean.

but seriously...
4)   Start a publishing house committed to serious quality without having to WORRY about profit.  Author reviewers determining what HAS to be out there--whether the mainstream market will get it or not.
5)   Set up a foundation to help poor kids learn and commit to helping OTHER poor kids (the start of a cycle to break poverty)... likewise with health... this world has MANY capable people, if only there were means to teach them... but for learning, the exchange is then helping and teaching.  There are PLENTY of us to meet the needs if we just had the infrastructure in place.

Thank you Ellie!  This was fun!

Oh right... the tagging people thing...

B. Miller
Jan Morris
Jenny Milchman
Alex Cavanaugh
Kierah Jane Reilly

The process was off the cuff... browsing the sidebar for who would be interesting that I hadn't seen tagged... impulsive... you know how Tarts are...


Amy said...

Family, survive without their mother, HAH. Good try, though!

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Now I know why we are twins- both of us want to use our billions to educate poor kids so they can get out of poverty!!!!

May your family survive without you. And Things One and Two are both going to make you proud one day soon.

Kierah Jane Reilly said...

Thanks for the tag Hart! My post goes live tomorrow :) And who exactly are your minions???

Niki said...

oh no no no *mouth squirting* my favourite 'salt n vinegar' chips. I made a vow today to stop eating chips as I am addicted to them and need to lose this weight, and now I read this. Other than that, what great answers. :o)))

Ellie said...

Hart, so glad you joined in! You are so funny!
I love salt n' vinegar chips...try to stay away from them!

Great answers; I love how you would help the world! It isn't fair, that the people that really could help change it don't have the $$$~

Yes, the spanking room is so needed, crack me up~