Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Naked Award Ceremony

So I'm way lame.  I've gotten a bunch of awards, and sometimes I've passed them on, but far more often I put them on a mental list to pass on later... to add to my blog layout later... but y'all KNOW how reliable my mental lists are (pfffftttt)... so I am TRYING to do some catching up today... acknowledging and passing on some awards...

I have FINALLY put my awards in a handy little photo album (at the bottom of the page) and I am passing them on! To make it Tart-like, not just another awards ceremony, I've brought in naked singers (above) to create a little ambiance and have a Naked MC, because... you know how I am...

Awesomesauce was awarded by Mel at Writings, Musings and Other Such Nonsense though in my head is the idea that maybe B. Miller also passed on such a thing... (remember... nothin' in my noggin)

I would like to award it in turn to:  Jan at Tartitude  Fellow Tart, Jan never fails to entertain, and oddly enough, usually informs, or at least makes me think.

The Most Excellent Blogger Award is from Jessica at The Alliterative Allomorph

To Roland at Writing in the Crosshairs Roland has a great mix of writing, networking and informative, and I always get sucked in over there.

And Elizabeth at Mystery Writing is Murder because she is doing ALL this stuff right...

TheSunshine Award was given by my Thursday twin Natasha/Rayna at Coffee Rings Everywhere

I'd like to pass it on to:

I'm Not Hannah  not because she is always perky, but because she always sheds some light--lays it out there to look at honestly, sometimes on hard topics, and I always come out of it feeling like there is hope.

And to Kierah Jane Reilly because she always makes me smile.

Cherry on Top Awarded by Raquel Byrnes at Edge of Your Seat Romance

I'd like to pass it on to:Natasha at Coffee Rings Everywhere.  My Thursday Twin she may be, but she offers insight into a part of the world few of us know, and there is always a lot of heart in what she presents.

And then the next several, I've been given more than once, so I am just going to pass them forward...

I'd like to pass the Kreativ Blogger Award to:

Helena at Becoming Layla
I'd like to pass Circle of Friends to:

Now this one, I'd like to pass on to ALL of you--it is hard to narrow a list... but I decided I must, so I limited it to people I've MET through blogging, that then the friendship has gone another step.

Elizabeth at Mystery Writing is Murder
B. at B. Miller Fiction
Jessica at The Alliterative Allomorph
and Jan at Crazy Jane

And then from Mel, I was tagged in one of these blog games...

If I were a: MONTH
I would be June.  Yes, my birthday is then, but it is more about thunderstorms and the weather being a comfortable temperature, but behaving so dramatically.  That's me... drama in a comfort zone...

If I were a: DAY
I would be Thursday. A little of this (okay, maybe more than a little) is delusional Thursday, but most of it is because I LOVE anticipation.  I actually prefer anticipation to the actual event much of the time… the JOURNEY, not the BEING there… Oh, yeah.  I’m all over Thursday.

If I were a: TIME OF DAY
Dusk.  The time of day when I can put away my obligations and write alone or relax with friends.

If I were a: SEASON
Totally SUMMER.  Hot and a little too much, if you know what I mean *snort*.  Seriously though, this is when you can be immersed in the water, or lounge lazily in the sun.  Bright daytimes and sultry nights.  That’s me.

If I were a: PLANET
Jupiter.  Jupiter rules LUCK which I like, but it is the biggest, and on the extravagant side, and I like that Io is covered in mice.

If I were a: DIRECTION
I would be West.   This is an identity thing that I can’t quite explain, possibly related to rebellion.

If I were a: TREE
I would be a weeping willow, long armed and flashy, in that lazy sort of way they have, but with cozy crooks to keep people safe when they need to get away and enough strength for plenty of play.

If I were an: ANIMAL
I would be a dolphin—smart and playful, with near human intelligence *cough*.

I would be bagpipes… a little loud and off key for some… people love ‘em or find them obnoxious, but at least they won’t forget the experience.

If I were a: FRUIT
Huckleberries… playful and tart! (excellent covered in icecream *wink*)

If I were a: FOOD
Lime chicken enchiladas… spicy, cheesy, but full of sustenance.

If I were a: COLOR
Silver.  Cheaper than that other flashy stuff, but definitely more versatile.

If I were a: BOOK
I would be Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins—a quirky heroine bent on achieving her dreams despite detractors and obstacles, a mad journey full of horny satyrs and nymphs and a lot of time bendy strangeness, all tied up with a lovely odor…

If I were a: SONG
I would be Bohemian Rhapsody:  A really GREAT tale, told melodramatically enough to be both funny and classically beautiful at the same time.

If I were a: MOVIE
I'd be the Life of Brian:  Cross-dressing, naked silliness, chock full of Innuendo, but some classical references and philosophy in there just to keep you thinking.  And it's true that I'm not the Messiah, just a naughty girl...

If I were a: FLOWER
I would be a California Poppy. A bright, cheery surprise that, before you know it, has taken over everything.

I would be the raised eyebrow reminding you what you said can be taken as innuendo, whether you meant it that way or not.

And finally I just want to tell you how FABULOUS you all are.  I love this big old Blogofamily--such a friendly, inclusive group.  Makes this painful slog toward publication MUCH less painful than it might otherwise be.


Unknown said...

gee, I'm speechless. and I thought I was hot. . .

Unknown said...

feel free to bestow some awardiness on me tart--Beer Bloggers are not nearly so cool as to think of such stuff and the poor Bed Wench is so neglected lately she's about to fade!

Unknown said...

oh and fyi, those naked boys singing? That's a Vegas show and you know This Wench was first line between making fun of geek-dom at CES and hunting down male porn stars at AVN in January!

TreeX said...

I'm just a poor boy / nobody loves me...

I'm back from Paris and left you a little present on your Facebook. I would also like to remind you that summer SUCKS and I can't wait till the temperature finally drops below twenty again. The lack of pools only exacerbates this. And lack of airco. And lack of windows that can open. And excess of thermal insulation. I HATE SUMMER!!!!!

Jan Morrison said...

Hey Tartlett - thanks for the award! I'm like you and keep forgetting to pass them on or shine them up or dust them but hey! I am loving the nude choir. What a great idea. I wish they were here now, cheering me on. Oh, hey, they just came in the front door. My neighbor is peering into my garden - mind your own biz neighbor! I'll have to go now because they said they were singing some songs for me to get to work by - 'Working 9 to 5' 'It's a Working Man I Am' and 'Hauling up the Data on the Xerox Line'. How nice is that...

Hart Johnson said...

ET--I need to find an award spicy enough for you! I will track one down (or make it up)...

Joris, you're a SUPERSTAR!

Jan-I think we ALL need a nude choir! *snickers*

Natasha said...

How did you know I always coveted the Cherry on Top award? I know you channel a certain lady living in Scotland, are you doing the same with me?

Thank you so much, Tami. Much honoured, and I will pass it on, eventually.

And will read your meme after I do mine- would not want you influencing my answers.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Thanks so much! Wow. I didn't even wear a nice dress to accept my awards! Congratulations on getting yours...very much deserved. :)

Sugar said...

Yay, thx for the nekey dougie howser!! mmmmmm..
congrats on all the awards tartiness!
oh and covered in ice cream? mmmmmmm

Jessica Bell said...

Thanks so much, TART! You're a 'darl'. ;) I ogt tagged with this too. I shall do tomorrow ;) hahaha 'Life of Brian' bhahaha

Helena Soister said...

I'm so honored! Thanks big time for the award, which I shall always treasure. Maybe I can print out this page and frame it. Cool.
And you're right about summer being the best season. Fewer clothes, more running around in the sun having fun. Hell, after the winter I've been through, buck naked in the sun sounds damn fine. To hell with the cellulite.
And since your blog is so spectacular I now bestow my own award on you: Most generous-spirited blogger. Take a bow.

B. Miller said...

Thanks for the award, Hart! I love your list of "if I were a...". I missed you guys while I was gone... glad to be back in blogland!

Jan O'Hara (Tartitude) said...

A naked award ceremony... LMAO. I shoulda known.

Hart, thank you so much for my award! Truly. It's been a hard month and to know that you find me entertaining and oddly informing, LOL, makes my day.

Other than that, I find it scary that we seem to share so much in the way of musical/literary/gastronomic taste.

Kierah Jane Reilly said...

MY FIRST AWARD! You like me! You really really like me! I will display it proudly on my blog. And I totally agree with you - the blogging writers I've "met" are so supportive and inclusive. It's very humbling.

Hart Johnson said...

Natasha--good idea, because then you'd have to change your answers and nobody would realize what twins we are!

Elizabeth, you KNOW there is no need for dresses around HERE! *snort*

Thanks, Sugar! I love Neil Patrick Harris (ever watch Dr. Horrible on Hulu? *snort*)

Jessica--oh yes... Monty Python and me go WAY back!

Helena-you're very welcome, and here is my theory: tan fat looks better than white fat, so it is best to just bite the bullet and get a little sunshine all over, ifyouknowwhatImean...

B. Thanks! We missed you, but I'm glad you got a break!

Jan, scary to have a lot in common, eh? *snort* Well we ARE Tarts!

Kierah-OF COURSE we like you! (it is a fabulous group, eh?)

Not Hannah said...

Omafilingcabinet, lady, did I ever need this today. Despite my mushy post yesterday. Hi, I'm a walking bundle of hot mess. But this? This made me smile.

Thank you.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You've been hoarding awards, Hart!


Hart Johnson said...

NH: I know you've had a helluva week *hugs* glad I could give a moment of lightness to it.

Alex, not by design... my disorganization plots against me sometimes!

Helen Ginger said...

So many awards and all deserved. Loved the answers at the end. What fun to learn a bit more about you!

Straight From Hel

Natasha said...

OMG Tami, we really are Thursday twins. And you know what is more freaky- for direction, I started typing West, because all my life it has been the Westward movements that have been happy ones, then I caught myself on time, because West is my favourite direction, but it may not "be" me.
Didn't even know they were fruits - I only knew them as Tom Swayer's friend.