Friday, April 30, 2010

Zany Zodiac

So I have this new best friend Jason—you wanna hear how I met him? I'll give you a hint... the title gives a hint! *cough*

So anyway... coupla days ago on Facebook I get this message from a stranger.

“So I was reading your blog. What do you know about Gemini Earth Sheep?”

Well clearly NOT ENOUGH!

I was confused and scratched my head, then looked again. You know what threw me off? The darned Sheep! Let me e'splain...

Eastern versus Western Zodiac

This distinction is only difficult if you actively avoid learning about such things. WESTERN Astrology is the stuff you see in the daily paper...


Aries begins with the Vernal Equinox (March 21, give or take) and each proceeds to last about a month and theoretically goes with a personality influence. What it MEANS is this is the sign at the BACK of the SUN on the day you were born—your sun sign. You also have a Western sign for every SINGLE other planet, and each planet (and the moon and pluto) have domains which define HOW that sign shows its influence. It's a lot of combos, and if you sit down with the list, almost everyone can spot WHY they might deviate from the standard description of their sign.

For example... I am a Cancer, which isn't terribly ME at all. Cancers are a clingy lot... emotionally insecure, home oriented... I DO identify with the crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside thing, and I definitely hang onto people, even if I lose a limb--once you're mine, I will NEVER let go *mad cackle*, but the limb grows back—resilience... but mostly... not so much..

Easily understood by my Virgo moon (so I am analytical about emotional stuff--an odd tick for an emotional sign), and my Gemini cusp (among my writer friends, there is a large flurry on this Gemini/Cancer cusp—a need to communicate (Gemini) in order to move or be moved (emotional Cancer). I think it's a perfect storm of the seeing and feeling, then being able to put it into words.

Aries is the starter............................ who never finishes anything.
Taurus is the lover............................ who tends to over indulge.
Gemini is the genius.......................... who is two-faced.
Cancer is the mother........................ who is needy.
Leo is the perfect host...................... who must be the center of attention.
Virgo is analytical and systematic...... and absolutely anal retentive.
Libra is balanced and fair.................. but can't make up his mind.
Scorpio charming and far sighted...... and secretive.
Sagittarius is happy and lucky........... and fickle.
Capricorn is hard-working............... and rigid.
Aquarius is FUN—a free-spirit........ who you probably shouldn't make plans around.
Pisces is perceptive.......................... and neurotic.

What else could there BE?

Well then we have the Eastern Astrology! The one I have learned is Chinese.

Confucius held a party and twelve animals came—he gave them each a year in the Chinese 'decade', he presented them with years in the order they showed up.

Rat was first.-- gregarious and LUCKY (Confucius' gift for being first to arrive)

Ox is hard working.
Tiger is seductive.
Cat is refined.
Dragon is charismatic.
Snake is amiable.
Horse is independent.
Goat is creative.
Monkey is clever.
Rooster is confident.
Dog is loyal.
Pig is giving.

So what was the sheep like, again? Say WHAT?

See, this is where I got confused by my best friend, Jason. OTHER countries have a few trades here... and it confuses the HECK out of me. My brother-in-law once asked me about Rabbits. (Bunny, what?)

Cat → Rabbit
Goat → Sheep
Pig → Boar

Therein was the initial confusion... Trickey Rabbit, Cats are for... well you get the idea...

Elemental Madness

To top it off, the Eastern Astrology has 5 elements (water, earth wood, fire, metal), each lasting two years, so in combination with the animals, they make up a 60 year 'Century'.

Overlay this with Western Astrology and we have 720 combinations. NOW maybe you understand why I was a little confused by my best friend, Jason's question... I mean, had he said a Cancer Fire Horse, there would have been no confusion whatsoever (or a Virgo Water Tiger—hubby, a Taurus Wooden-Pig---daughter...) but those animals that change with country—in fact a wooden boar, even though I HAVE one would have confused me.

So now YOU have heard a little something on the complexity, TOO—I know some stuff—pretty quick access to the traits that go with people I love, but some of it is harder to access, because... you know—there is A LOT OF STUFF!


And there is a celebration on Sunday, if you are in the New York area that I feel obliged to share, even if I AM jealous of anyone who might be able to participate. This is the email I got:

This is all part of a movement we are creating, called The Levity Project.

In honor of World Laughter Day, on this coming Sunday (May 2nd), we are taking to the streets of New York City to create some of this playfulness and fun, with the idea that through joy, we can all experience a bit more peace in our world.

Do you live near New York City?  Do you have friends, relatives, acquaintances that live there?  You are all invited to this celebration of fun! (please share this with those you know who live close to NYC!)

I can't think of much better (except maybe if they were doing this naked)—Peace through laughter is just ultimately appealing to me, so I hope there are some of you who CAN.



Most informative post, I was most interested to see about Taurus, Thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your week-end.

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

hahaha. So you are a cancerous sheep then hey? Have you got lots of kiwis following your behind? LOL. I'm a pisces - and yes - I'm definitely neurotic, so ... dun dun dun ... watch what you say you TART! ;)

siderealview said...

not only did you do it, but you did it analytically, (Virgo communicative moon!) I love it - what a finale~~
enjoy Sunday naked - I'll try to too

Watery Tart said...

Yvonne-some of my favorite people are Taureans! They are very compatible with Cancer--plus my earth moon is sympatico there. Thanks!

Jessica, actually I'm a cancer FIRE HORSE (a bunch that was euthanized in China until 1906 because that independent streak meant we inevitably dishonored our families)--and yes... had to get the bad with the good!

Marian--I was pretty sure I just explained why I don't know anything, but there you have it! *hugs* Yes... DEFINITELY Naked Sunday.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds confusing.
And I'm not fickle.

M.J. Nicholls said...

Excellent A-Z run-through. Now do the numbers 1 to 100,000,000.

::applauds wildly::


That Jason guy sounds awesome.

Watery Tart said...

Alex-it CAN be confusing, but I really DIG it... and if you aren't fickle, it must mean you have a moon placement more inclined to attachment *wink*

Mark-I'll get on that. teehee

Hey, BFF! Jason IS awesome! I was floundering for a Z topic, blogging A to Z, and then there it was!

steelxmagnolia said...

Hart ... what's that about Aquarius? You can make plans around me anyday ... and I just might go along for the adventure.

Even though my birth year by the chart says I am a Rabbit. My reading through a translator when I was in Xi-An, China put me in another year. The year preceeding my birth. The psychic was as old as the ancient Zodiac itself proclaimed I am on the cusp with the Tiger. Had to banter back and forth to make sure she was intuiting correctly!

So, to my delight I am a kind, fun loving, gifted water bearing seductive free spirit.


Leanne said...

Triple Pisces Water Goat... I think. Ugh. *bleats*

Watery Tart said...

SM-it's true--the Chinese Zodiac stubbornly sticks tot he Chinese New year so Usually January, and sometimes February falls with the year prior--My grandma was born in a Pig Year, but was a Dog at February 8... (Dogs and Tigers are most compatible with horses, so this was good)--very nice combo you've got there!

Watery Tart said...

Leanne--don't you see--you get to be a SHEEP!!!! Explains all the wooly obsession a little, I think...

Raquel Byrnes said...

Wow, my head is spinning with all the new information in there! I had no idea these areas of interest were so complex.

Great ending post. =)

Helen Ginger said...

Good grief. I'm lost. I only know that I am NOT fickle. Love the idea of The Levity Project.

Straight From Hel

Watery Tart said...

Uh oh! I didn't mean to confuse everyone! I'm thinking I offered up too large a serving at once!

Marjorie said...

I'm an Aquarius metal monkey. I'm darned proud to be quite typically Auquarius too. I think I had 4 heavenly bodies in Aquarius when I was born. This post was fun. I love astrology. I'm pretty sure you can make plans around me. I might not always like them, but I'll usually go along. :)

Ellie said...

Hart, I almost did Zodiac, I am glad I didn't! You really went the extra mile it was great.
If you ever want to read a really off beat one, fun though go to

I'm a Taurus, married to an Aries, yes we do lock horns, sometimes. I am not the bull in a china closet, but I think he might be...
In Chinese horoscope I'm an Ox; He is a Horse.
It isn't dull, lol!

I liked your post; Well done~

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Can you enlighten me and tell me what I am? I can't see the year numbers on the diagram properly. I was born 26th Feb, 1981. :)

Watery Tart said...

Marjorie, you definitely are ALL Aquarius... not just marching to a different drummer, but doing the drumming yourself!

Ellie, that's a lot of hooves to avoid--Yikes!--the Ox and the Bull though are grounded in the same stuff, so it's on a different Zodiac, but I can see compatibility there!--Is he a fire hourse? (1966?)--that is what I am--the next one (1978--I have metal in my head, but that doesn't sound right--is mellower)

Jessica--you are a Pisces (which you probably knew--that is my friend Leanne's birthday, but she is two years older. I'm seeing rooster--only time YOU'LL be called a cock, eh? (confident and able, but the pisces is far less so, so it is probably much more mellow than among others your age.)

Niki said...

Wow what a post!! I'm a pisces monkey who is keeping up with running down our long drive to the letterbox and can manage 25mins on the rowing machine. I don't think I have lost any weight yet but feel a smidge more fitter!! And I read Jessica's sheep comment!!!! hehe Congrats on finishing the A-Z. :o)) XX

Watery Tart said...

Niki-you can row a lot longer than I can! My upper body could use a little development! I've got a LOT of monkey's I'm close to (little sisters over the years)--I love you guys!)

arlee bird said...

I'll stick to reading those generic horoscopes in the paper and then not really taking any account in them. Hey I'm an Aquarius-- kind of fun and a free spirit sometimes, but definitely one you can make plans around--eh?

Good way to polish off this challenge. It's been an absolute pleasure and I commend you for seeing it through to the very end. Get your winner's badge from my site and hope you'll post your reflections about the challenge.

Tossing It Out

Richard Gumsley said...

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