Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glorious G

I have a LOT of things that start with G that make me REALLY happy, and I'm not even going to TALK about G-spots.... erm... except right there *shifty*... but that was just an honorable mention, right?

Gigs Growing Grand

I got GLORIOUS news yesterday... it isn't the FINAL news, but I QUOTE:

"XYZ (not editor's real name) wrote just now to say she’s reading the chapters and is “really impressed.” She said she’ll be back to me in a week or so . Don’t open the champagne YET, but you could probably go buy a bottle…"

You hear that? Agent is saying to buy the champagne! Don't open it means it isn't a done deal until the contract is signed and the ink dried, but man oh man I can FEEL IT!

Great Grandparental Gratitude

You know, I've blogged about grandparents before, or at least grandmothers, because I had the glorious luck to get the GREATEST regular grandmas in existence, and my grandpas weren't too shabby either (that's me and Grandpa Clay). You see, I was the first born of of first born and three of my grandparents were 2nd born (the 4th was an only child) so I was OLD among the line of descendents. I remember ALL of my great grandmothers to some degree, so here is what I remember:

Grandma Boyd: She lived in my home town, and when I was small was in a nursing home. I spent a lot of time with my grandma (my mom's mom) who would take me out to visit with relative frequency. I liked seeing HER, but I hated going out there—other old people would reach for me—a toddler or preschooler being paraded through people over seventy can have that effect. I've been somewhat skittish around really old people since then, though I've tried pretty darned hard to overcome it, and it seems to only kick in now when there are a lot of very helpless people (the oldest old, wheelchair bound or sickly).

Grandma Carlson: this is the line I remember least, though I remember when my grandpa died and I went home to stay. A cousin on the other side of my family learned, “You're related to the TROY Carlsons?” He acted like that explained quite a lot *snort *. And I remember being about four and going to Walla Walla, Washington for a visit—because if you've ever even SAID Walla Walla, Washington, you remember the experience.

Grandma Hart: Annie. This feisty old woman lived to be in her mid-nineties. She and my great grandpa lived in a teeny, tiny little house behind my grandparents, and I swear at age six, I was taller than her and could touch to ceiling in that little house. Oh, I know, you doubt me. Memories can do strange things, but that is how I remember it. I always adored her, I think because she seemed so friendly and small, though when her son, my grandpa, died, I learned some sort of horrible history... she will feature centrally in the most important book I have planned in my lifetime—my grandpa's very sad story. It will be strange to reconcile this woman who I remember well with the way she treated my grandpa for a while there.

Grandma and Grandpa Oleson: (my cousin, Gerry is with us) The set lived in Iowa, but in addition to my grandma living where I did (northern Idaho), so did two of my great grandfather's brothers, so they came to visit three or four times when I was little, and twice, I participated in the 'two days and two nights' drive to Iowa (how a long drive was described to me back then)--twice. I only remember my great grandma a little, possibly because any room my great grandpa was in, ALWAYS had him at the center. He was FABULOUS. Indulgent—sneaking me candies and reading me books. It probably helped that my other cousins to arrive before he died were all boys, so I got special treatment.

Guest Gala

I think I've mentioned that I am participating in a Virtual Book Tour being organized by Authors Promoting Authors, so I thought it was time to share my near future schedule of GUEST BLOGGERS with you. I will add a sidebar soon, so you have an easy place to check, but for NOW, look out for these authors promoting their books!

April 15-  Lee Libro
April 20- Nedyne Shorts Nettles
April 23 - Melody Dempsey
April 29 - Lillian Brummet
May 6 - Omegia Keeys

I encourage any of you who can to follow groups like APA and get involved with things like this. I figure many of us will someday be in a position to NEED to reach out, and this is a great way to do it. It's also a way to expand your blog readership, as people will see where their friend is visiting, and check out YOUR BLOG to see them. I know I'm hoping to have amassed a stack o' stalkers by the time I have a book release and I'll drag them ALL OVER... right? Teehee. Seriously though... this is my first time doing this kind of thing, and it really has a feel to it like 'this is the point'... authors helping each other get out there are reach potential readerships.

Glorious Glutes

I suppose this gives you some of the options out there... if you're shopping, I mean...

And in case you aren't sure what to do with 'im once you get him home...


gae polisner said...

I was sure this blog was about me. But I'll take the final guy.

Good luck! That goes with G.


Jan Morrison said...

Congrats! You must be outa yo mind with joy or uh...glee!
I like seeing your g-g's too - love those pics.
And as for great glutes - I'll take my own guy. He's shy but I likes him.

Sugar said...

congrats!!!! and as always-love your posts!

The Alliterative Allomorph said...

Congrats tart face :) you're a bit runny, but living up to your name ... ;-O


Good to mention your grand parents, we seem to be a forgotten breed among grandchildren here,
I thought you would have mentioned "G STRING" ah well perhaps another time. loved ALL the photo's.
Looking forward to the next.


Raquel Byrnes said...

Hey, congratulations on your news from XYZ. Sounds like they're gonna make an offer.

Watery Tart said...

AA: runny, huh? 'Zat mean I'm all over the place? Probably true, if so!

Yvonne-grandmas are my VERY favorite people! I think that relationship: grandparent/grandchild is the most special one because it has all the love and attachment without all the neuroses a parent has about wrecking their children or that children have about 'not measuring up'.

Raquel--THANK YOU! If I get it, I will share more, but it was an 'audition' for a cozy mystery contract--3 books if I get it.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get to open it soon! :)

B. Miller said...

Nice! This was a great post, Hart! And CONGRATS on the encouragement from your editor! Keep us posted - I've got my fingers crossed!!

Watery Tart said...

Thank you Alex and B.! I will definitely keep everybody posted!

Marjorie said...

Your awesome, Tam! Have I told you lately? No? Well, I just did.

Great post! I loved my great grandmother. She was the best.

Watery Tart said...

*hugs Marjorie* I love you back! (They can be really great, can't they?)

Ellie said...

Congrats! I love all the past reflection on those who inspired and help shape who you are!

Elizabeth Spann Craig/Riley Adams said...

I've got all my fingers crossed for you (which so far seems to be working!)

And I love your tribute to your grandparents. :) They make such a huge impact on us, don't they? My grandmother was the basis for my Myrtle series.

Anonymous said...

..... What? Sorry, still drooling - I mean looking - ah, hell, those pics at the end distracted me. Oh, right, here it was: GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Lisa K. said...

Such exciting news about your Mystery chapters. The wait must be excruciating.

Patricia Stoltey said...

I wish you the best of luck on that possible book deal. Let us know when to buy the champagne.

Your notes about grandparents was wonderful. I just became one and am loving every minute of it.

Hope you don't still consider 70 old... :)