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Nedyne Shorts-Nettles

Today is my second Guest Author. I'd like to welcome Nedyne Shorts-Nettles, a name that makes me happy, as when I was growing up in northern Idaho, there was a movement to create a local mythology and the first 'being' of the area that I heard about was a witch named Nettles. Nettles can be easily seen if you look at a map of the state of Idaho and look for a face looking into Idaho from the Montana border (don't forget the brim of the witch's hat). As you might imagine, Nettles is prickly, but she was also delightful.

It looks like the story told here has a touch of that prickly, painful, poison, but of course that makes for fabulous literature. Please join me in welcoming Nedyne!


My name is Nedyne Shorts Nettles and I am a first time author. My book is Poison Reality: a symphony of bittersweet, and I am a nurse. I am married with two children and currently in the Psychology program at Argosy University.

I have found that each of my characters speak to different types of individuals, for instance moms who have two jobs and don’t have enough time to monitor their children. Women who are so beat down by their partners they have lost a sense of self. These women refuse to walk away because they think eventually the situation will change, also women who take in men that they know nothing about only later to find that there is something wrong with the individuals. It portrays the good kid that gets into a situation and can’t get out of it. The theme of the story is life. The reality of life can direct people’s lives in ways they didn’t see coming. An example of this was Vierna and Greg and her empowerment after the divorce. I would one day like to see this book made into a movie. Most people I talk to comment this book was a page turner and could not be put down.

Poison reality: A symphony of Bittersweet an except:

Vierna Bates, a woman scorned, finds herself staying in a hotel the local newspaper labels “A rape den”. She decides to stop moaning her pending divorce and venture to go downstairs to the club. As fate would have it something held the elevator door opened. As she got closer, she saw the limbs of a person.”Help” she yelled. This began a Kaleidoscope of events.

            The woman Vierna helped was an old classmate named Terry Trainer. Terry, a student of Wallerton College, was attending a travel and tourism convention, an event sponsored by the hotel. “..
The woman Vierna helped was an old classmate named Terry Trainer. Terry’s life now presents purpose and she vows to live everyday to the fullest. Terry will not rest until she finds her attacker, had her attacker been a friend or foe.

Captain Bill Meays, a handsome investigator finds himself enthralled in a significant case that involves several woman acquaintances. One woman in particular holds the key to solving the puzzle but time is not on his side. This is a spellbinding heart stopping saga echoing the poison reality of life. Life isn’t always harmonious but is a symphony of bittersweet.

Where did get the inspiration to craft this surprisingly potent tale?

I have always been a people watcher. I love to journal about things and people who interest me. The story came together like a picture on a canvas my inspiration was soaps or novellas. I love the way people are interacting through their lives struggles. Movies like Life as a house, Color purple, Goodwill hunting ect. Are all movies showing human characteristics as they are. My novel also focuses on people.

How much of the book (if any) is based on your own personal experience.

Each character has my voice. I decided they should be as real as I could make them. For instance, Vierna was a typical women scorned. I have met many women going through a divorce because their husband found someone new. I attended a travel and tourism convention so the description of the event was how I remembered it. The Ned character one of the central hubs of my novel moving from woman to woman is someone we see time and time again. He is a man who is nice looking and the woman just wanted him as an arm piece. They don’t take time to find out much about him. They are just tired of being alone. So if I placed a numerical figure I would say the book is 1/3 of my own experience.

Do you think Vierna’s personal story is one to which many readers relate?

Yes, I do because Vierna had been with Greg were together since high school and she still loved him. People are often asking me why Vierna took Greg back. My answer is love makes you do strange things. She was supposed to be over him but she wasn’t. There are a lot of women who get divorced only to return to a former mate, For example, Elizabeth Taylor.

Was it difficult to create each character and give them authenticity?

No, again the slate of the pages started our blank but the characters took on a personality with every stroke of the pen. They became real to me. I have always been a journal writing person and it contained things I would note in people. I guess you can call me a people watcher, some of which I used in the characters base.

What kinds of responses have you gotten to the book thus far?

I have been given favorable response. People love the easy reading format. They love that it engages you at the beginning but they hated for the book to end.

How has your publishing experience been thus far with Publish America?

Publish America has been very supportive and have distributed my books nationwide. I appreciate them for believing in me. They are always accessible and I would publish another novel by them.

What are your future writing/publishing aspirations?

I plan to continue to write, because it is enjoyable. I have started a novel and in the near future plan to finish it. People have asked me if I would write a sequel to this book and I might.

If anyone would like to stay in contact with you where can they go?

My website is Http://Nedyne.webs.com/ or they can look me up on face book and add me as a friend.

Final thoughts:

My final thought is that we only have one life to live and we should use it to leave an indelible print on the world. By writing this novel I have inspired a lot of people to write. I believe everyone has a story the challenge is getting it down on paper..I am an ordinary person who had learning disabilities early on and overcame this through my mom. And now just like in the movie PAY IT FORWARD, I am encouraging others to take a chance with their stories and see where it takes them. Your story needs to be told that is the Poison Reality of the situation.



A good interview. sounds a really good book.
Good luck.


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Nedyne-thank you so much for the insight into your process! Very interesting!

Yvonne, thank you for stopping by!

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Thanks for the introduction to Nedyne and her writing. I love that she's inspiring other writers and promotes carpe diem for writers!

Mystery Writing is Murder

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Thanks for sharing that! It sounds like a great story.

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Elizabeth-it's funny when we get out there, isn't it--how the wiritng bug can spread! I've often wondered whether there weren't just a lot of closet writers, and admitting it brings them out, too.

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