Sunday, April 11, 2010

(blog that must not be named)

You know, I was putting together my first GUEST blog yesterday and came across a realization. My first guest will be Lee Libro, BOTH of which start with the Letter L, right? And I was doing J. Now watch this. J, K, L. Are you spotting what I did? On Tuesday, I feature Lee Libro with L and if I just skipped blogging Sunday (like the game was intended), I get to L on Tuesday... How FREAKY is that that I have a guest with a double L name arrive on the day intended for L?

What it means though, is today is my single day this month where I have no lettered theme.

You know what else is cool? Libro means BOOK in Spanish. I don't know if this is Lee's real last name, but I like the idea of an author with a last name BOOK. I ALSO though, started thinking about LIBRO (book) and LIBRE (free). You don't suppose it's an accident that book and free are almost the same word, do you? I just really like that idea.

The Phone Mimic Decoy Bird

There's a type of bird around here that I never saw out west. It's sort of pigeonish, but stupider and not nearly so devious. It's gray with a bulbous chest but sort of delicate and long of tail with a teeny tiny head. The thing is though, it has sort of a mechanical sound (a little like BoBo in the first clash of the titan, but not so extended).

Well whatever this seasons mating call is for this thing, it sounds EXACTLY like our telephone ringer, and it is making me NUTS. Probably four mornings in the last few weeks I've heard the phone ring god-awful-early, ignored it, heard it, ignored it, then woken up enough to realize it's these damn birds.

International party

I've added three new flags recently (I've now had visitors from 50 countries, which obviously means I am to nearly a quarter of the World with the Naked World Domination plans... The last three though, are Latvia, Turkey and now Moldova—I just LOVE having had visitors from places that seem so exotic to me, as I sit here in MICHIGAN.

So there we have it... not much to say but too much to not say anything... guess it's a good thing today was sort of a freebie...


Amy said...

I'm up to 31 countries, and my newest is Trinidad and Tobago. It's fun to look at the graphs and see when the visitor spikes are. Then I go back and reread that date's blog post, and wonder why it had so many readers.

steelxmagnolia said...

Cheers! To unlettered days ... globe trotting blogs ... and your clever posts.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see you're getting visitors from such a varied locale! Also - perhaps it's time to get a pellet gun and lay in wait for the dastardly little sleep intruder?

Watery Tart said...

Amy, I don't think I've GOT Trinidad and Tobago, which makes me SAD! One of my favorite fan fics takes place there (one of Cas's--her dad is from Tobago) It IS fun! I made a fan site for John Marsden, and Australian author of some of my favorite books, so the post where I said he'd written the best murder in literature STILL gets Australian hits. They don't comment, but it is CLEARLY the post that has drawn the most random people who have no connection to me.

SM (*snicker* did you know you were S&M?) thank you!

Kimberly-the bird's head is WAY to small--I'd have to get ALL of them, because they clearly are incapable of learning! teehee

Caledonia Lass said...

You know what's funny? We have birds here who mimic cell phone ring tones. I don't think they are mocking birds. They may very well be. But I keep hearing them every so often in town. And they're all different too. Very odd. :D


I have a varid number of places that write to me,
Many from the US, India, Malaysia, Australia, NewZealand. and just 2 from the UK.

lOVE THE BIRD PICTURE had a good giggle at that.


Watery Tart said...

CL-you're in Alaska, yes? I didn't think any northern birds mimicked! These aren't any mimicker--I've ALWAYS thought they sounded odd, but this year's mating call is ANNOYING.

Yvonne-teehee--pigeons are tricksey, aren't they? Any YOU'RE in the UK, I thought? I know the source on my high volume countries--I began this venture with friends in the US, UK, Canada, India, and Australia, plus a person apiece in odd places (NOrway being REALLY odd --Mari, that was for you)--I have a strand of family from Norway, plus a member of my writer's group. The oddball ones though, are the countries where I never knew of ANY connection that have taken off--it's SO strange! (and wonderful) I think my humor fits that whole down under thing... the Aussie's and Kiwi's 'get me' (as I get them--you know... rebels who can't behave and all)

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on the wee NZ flag. You know if someone asked me how many stars were on our flag, I wouldn't have known! eek that's pretty bad eh!

Leanne said...

Hmmmm... mourning doves? I dunno. :-P And hey, it is ALL ABOUT L. Really. ;-) Remember that my name pretty much means "beer" in Scots Gaelic... so I guess I should write boozy stories, eh? ;-) Congrats on your 50!

TreeX said...

We once had a bird's nest in the drain next to the alarm-clock while we were gone for the summer... We didn't turn the alarm off though, so it dutifully taught the newly hatched chicks the alarm call for 4 whole weeks... Bugger ;))

Watery Tart said...

Niki-you guys need to promote your flag better! I hadn't even known what it looked like before i got this little flag counter! The US has our flag mythologies (okay, so maybe mostly real) but school children hear the story of Betsy Ross, so the flag is something we know about pretty solidly (though there are many things we know little on)

Leanne... got it. BEER GOOD.

Joris--oh, too funny! Poor little chicks thinking that clock was their mama!

TreeX said...

A few generations on we still have beeperdebeep-birds around the house ;))