Friday, October 23, 2009

Odious Ornery Ode

Pants, how I hate them,
Zipped, buttoned, or tied.
They squish and they bind
My free spirit inside.

Legs should be naked,
so should the behind.
A more comfy feeling,
You may never find.

Pants should be outlawed,
And hung up like drapes.
Reserved for the criminals,
Malfoys and Snapes.

And Death Eater pants,
As everyone knows,
Are tied up with satin
ribbons and bows.

Because in all of this
Banning of pants
I still like them cross-dressed
when I make them dance.

NaNoWriMo REBEL!!!!

Wahoo! Oh, my rebel roots run deep. (I think I've told this story). I've never liked to follow rules, but I still like to play. And guess what?! NaNoWriMo lets me!!!

There is an OFFICIAL STATUS within NaNoWriMo of 'Rebel'.

The rules of Unrebellion:
1.Start with nothing. (you can have an idea in your head. They could hardly stop that, but you are NOT supposed to have written ANYTHING yet.)
2.It is fiction.
3.You are to write a novel of at least 50,000 words beginning November 1st and done by November 30th.
[Did you know fan fiction qualifies? It is FICTION.]


I think by now you all know my opinion of 50,000 words. *cough*shortstory*cough*. Not NEARLY enough words for character development. And do you know what I call a plot with no character development? An outline.

Under rebel status however, I can continue my 'in-progress WiP' and there is even a forum to network with others who are doing the same!

So because there is a rebel status, and because you don't have to drop everything, but rather just take a break from editing to WRITE MADLY, I'm encouraging any writers (or timid wondering IF you're writers) to participate.

Even if you're writing non-Fiction.
Even if you're writing from a number of different pieces.

The world NEEDS rebels!!!!

I'm just sayin'...


Aleta said...

I love the rebel in you! Fun poem! 50,000... wowza. Having a difficult time with a blog post a day, writing a short story in a month? Ehhhhh... I'll read though!

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Love the poem!

50,000 is more of a novella, isn't it?

I never made my NaNo participation official, but I follow those folks every year (in a very lurky way) and write alongside them..although they don't know I'm there! It's really inspiring to me to have people writing at full steam. I may try to do my next Memphis book during that time, actually! That would be a good way to knock it out.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Amber T. Smith said...

*loves Tami*

I love that you're a rebel, especialy about pants. :)

NaNoWroMo is definitely not for me though. Typing 'NanNoWriMo' is bad enough, never mind actually doing it for real...

Unknown said...

LOVE the poem! You are quite the character, I'm SO glad we found each other in the blogosphere!

After our FB "conversation" yesterday - (and please forgive me for using YOUR blog as a plug here...) but I'd like to invite you to visit Chris of CC-Chronicles today - (hey, it's how we "met" after all!) as I'm very honored to have been interviewed for her new Friday feature, "Welcome to the Weekend With..." It'll give you a little more insight (not only about yours truly) but editing and STUFF!


Creative Chronicler said...

A fabulous poem, that has me giggling at my desk. Luckily I'm the only one in the room. Otherwise co-workers might be jealous I'm having more fun than they are. I think we share the Rebel gene. I'm heading over to check out Is it just me or does that give you Mork & Mindy flashbacks?

Hart Johnson said...

teehee Thanks everyone, for indulging my insanity. I like to be a little goofy on Fridays.

Elizabeth--I have no clue HOW you have the time to silently lurk when you are VISIBLE doing so many great things too, but it's good to hear you do the NaNo stuff too!

Crystal, will check out the interview, though possibly after work... seems to me I am pursued by deadlines at the mo...

CC-- I am to please. I've fallen off my chair laughing sometimes, so I'm glad to return the favor!

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Okay, color me a dork. I don't get NaNo. It takes me 30 days to dream up a story and write a decent chapter, better make that paragraph one. So, there's no way no how I'd get a story of ANY length done in a month. Plus,I've a bazillion other things to do that include the gazillionth revision of current WIP, so, no Nano for me, not now, probably not ever. Sorry, I just don't get it. Of course, that's the story of my one should be surprised or shocked! HA. Best Regards, Galen.

Unknown said...

Love the rebel in you Tart! I absolutely LOVE the Venn Diagram. It is a wonderful, and hilarious, representation of your utter enjoyment with nudity.

I can't do Nano. I just can't write at that frenzied pace. It gives me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it. To all those who do participate, good luck. I will cheer you on in virtual space.