Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mysterious Moderation

When I was a kid I would listen to Goldilocks and the Three Bears and hear the phrase 'too soft' and stare in bafflement. What on earth was ‘too soft’? There was (and remains today) no such thing as 'too soft'. Mama Bear had it MADE, in my opinion (except that cold porridge thing). And I guess that expounds the way I live my life. If I like something, there ISN'T a too much. I eat too much. I drink too much. I exercise a lot (see,
the good stuff too—just like with my FOMS). At the moment I probably write too much and network too much. (My family seems to think so, anyway).

But HING, Bloody HING if I'm not only a week away from trying to do something about at least the parts of too much that effect my size and health. It may be madness, but like everything else, I am capable of working a program 'too much'. (I drive those around me nuts, I think). But it is time for the 'too muches' to make a tectonic shift in that direction… get ready, personal plates, for the CHANGE in obsessions!

Calling all Karas!!! Okay, maybe not all of them, but one of them, who hopefully can HELP me with this moderation thing. Hear that, Chica? ONE WEEK.

[*mutters* I HATE MODERATION!]

I already exercise—walking to and from work (about 2 ½ miles each way) and then I TRY to power walk, jog, or use the elliptical machine four mornings a week at a more intense pace. I SHOULD add some weights in there (that used to be an after work thing; now mysteriously [read: pretty darned understandably], I am typing my manuscript after work *scratches head*. I guess the conclusion is that I only have time for so many obsessions, and I don't want to let the writing one go. My stack of typing already grows at a steady rate because I write more each day than I type.

Self Talk Session

You are a Goddess.
Goddesses can learn new tricks.
Moderation is the tricksiest trick there is, so you ought to be able to master it.

But it other non-Moderate Matters...

I finished chapter 27 of LEGACY last night—six chapters to go, should the final action not detour too badly.
Sent a query and got a rejection this week, but my requested twenty pages are in somebody's hot little hands, so there is HOPE.
ANOTHER round of editing CONFLUENCE is under way and seems to be going smoothly. Might actually get it under 150K words (instead of just the 'eh, almost' that I've been CALLING 150K). Say... since 154K has been parading as 150K, can I call 149K 145? Seems reasonable to me.--that blasted moderation thing again.

So I will leave you today with an unModerate Tartism:  If cleavage is good, Naked is divine.


Aleta said...

Wow. Can I borrow some of your motivation? I so need to get in shape and my motivation is ZERO. I need to find my inner Goddess!

Watery Tart said...

Aleta-I have to plan these things. I set my "Ides of October" start date in early September so I could psych myself up (about the time I ran into my friend from college (Kara) and learned she did acupressure via Skype to deal with food cravings). There are times the OCD can be helpful though...

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I'd say you're doing AWESOME! You're exercising, writing and revising, having sounds perfect. As long as your hubby and kids aren't complaining about not seeing enough of you, I'd say you're in good shape. :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Why should anything be done in moderation? If you eat what you want, and exercise too, then the two cancel out, ne?
I love you as you are, and I am not the only one.