Saturday, October 3, 2009

Like Lost Lovers?

You've heard me mention the permanent attachments I hold. Facebook has connected me with at least three people I pined deeply over (all before the age of 16) and a handful more for whom there was once a spark, or even brief fireworks.

Each connection, in spite of my (mostly) happily married status, brought a small thrill at the connection. Oh, don't worry. Nothing threatening. I just think the ashes continue to smolder, even when you are fully attending the main fire.

But that's not really what today's Blog is about. Psych!

I fell in love again yesterday. A letter from a man I'd never met, a note really... in email.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I would like to see a 20 page sample of Confluence. Please mail it to the address below:

(note the cross-dressing thing is working for me. Hart is gender ambiguous... more blokey, just like the JK of a certain genius. I HATE that it matters, but suspect it does—women reading from both men and women equally, but men much less frequently crossing sexes for authors they read [/digressional rant for another day])

You got it! Poor CONFLUENCE, relegated to back burner since mid August, replaced in my heart by LEGACY, has won me over anew. Adrenaline rush. Butterflies. I AM SMITTEN!

He didn't ask for much, and process-wise, I think that was helpful. Had he asked for fifty or a hundred pages, I likely would have just printed an already prepared file. But my six weeks or reading blogs, participating in discussions, and writing another work had me feeling like I maybe had some tools to make that the hardest hitting 20 pages possible. I sat down to clean it. I shortened chapter 1 by 250 words, and unlike my LAST shortening, I feel like this made it better.

It compelled me to revisit CONFLUENCE once again. [note: accompanying map was an early iteration—I need to redo it, but my naked dancing has failed to call for my art muse again.]

The bad news is computer time is finite, so while I will continue WRITING LEGACY, probably the typing of LEGACY will take a hiatus. It may not be Mari-ready by the time Mari reaches Michigan. I should still be able to get the first 10-15 chapters done because typing, unlike editing, requires little thought, and sometimes I just prefer to disengage my brain, but my concentration time will be geared at a full clean up of CONFLUENCE.

I completely grasp that a first request for a partial is MILES away from a book contract, but to me it's like completing the swimming portion of a triathalon... it's only one mile out of 37, but it was the mile that might have killed me. And now it's over with.



Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Oh, the process of falling back in love again! You're makes us a little fickle that it happens only when someone else is interested in our former love. I keep going back and forth between my two projects, depending on which editor is prodding me. :) Best of luck with your partial! That's a big deal.


Watery Tart said...

You two-timer you! Going back and forth! Thank you so much, Elizabeth! I think the feel is one of the big reasons to have a new WiP going while going through the process of trying to get the old one published. The rejection phase can make us feel dumpy, so at least somebody is paying attention, yes?