Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mysterious Medley

So I've gotten across my hatred of cleaning, ne? I thought perhaps to illustrate this, I'd give you a list of the items I swept off my basement floor.

Remnants of the spilled Sewing Basket

Straight pins (43)
Needles (2)
Buttons (3)
Minuscule beads (8057)
Bigger beads (17)
Satin rose bud (1)
Thimble (1)
Sewing machine thingamabob (to hold needle in place)-for machine I got rid of 2 years ago (1)
Rhinestones (12)
Piece of pattern (1)


Nerf 'bullets' (7)
Small rubber frog (de-limbed) (1)
Markers (3)
Shirts (2)
Bag of fabric scraps for mysterious future need (only large enough pieces for doll clothes or quilt)
Cat whisker, white (1)
Cheap costume ring (1)
Tack (1)
Evidence my mother is insane (24)
Hotwheel (returned to freezer)
Hooey (stick toy... hard to explain)
Bubble wrap
Game pieces (2 checkers, a 'peg' and a backgammon scoring die)
“grow a crystal Christmas tree kit”
Animal hair (equivalent of 6 animal years)
Various instructions and one warrenty
Composition notebook
Mysterious plastic rod of no identifiable use, but as it is 5 feet, I will ask my son
Light saber
Hefelump (a dog toy)

I think only a few of the beads escaped the sweeping... And the string... I gave that to the cat, so it will probably be back by the time Mari arrives.

For the record. Things my husband won't do:

Vacuum the stairs
Scrub the floors (he will mop, but he doesn't grasp the stubborn needs scrubbing thing)
Catch a bug and put it outside (I try, for 6 leggers to do it, and for spiders smaller than my pinkie nail—any larger or more legs and I kill 'em too)
Clean the stove or refrigerator top, or move anything when cleaning the counter top.
Put laundry away (except his own)
Stop nagging.


Joris said...

I keep forgetting to put the toy cars in the freezer -- That and I might get difficult questions since mom moved back in with me...

M.J. Nicholls said...

::applauds wildly::

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Those Nerf guns...have you been in my son's closet?! :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Chary Johnson said...

Wow! I was Cinderella today also. Love the list. Good luck and say hi to Mari for me.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

I've been chuckling throughout, Tami.
Something tells me that when I finally get down to cleaning my house, I will end up with a list not unlike yours.
My favourite thing you found - evidence that your mother is insane - 24. Care you tell us more? Or are you saving that for another day and another post?

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Incidentally, I found a teether ring in the freezer this weekend - Naman cut his last tooth almost two years back!

Watery Tart said...

teehee. Thanks all! Natasha--my mother's insanity is in the form of... you know how you leave home and LEAVE the things you don't want anymore? I mean a call to say "honey, I found this, do you want it?" is reasonable and courteous, but my mother just SHIPS ME CRAP that for some reason she thinks must be sentimental. In this case, a bunch of 45s (only 3 of which were ever mine)--I don't own a turn table, have no use, but she sent them anyway.

Teething ring is NOTHING I bet we have pancakes that old in our freezer. ;-)

Deena said...

Lists lists lists!

Watery Tart said...

Deena, thanks for the suggestion! List has been submitted to McSweeney's!