Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!

You know what I love? Well, there are lots of things, but I love a literary trick where things have lots of meanings and to me today, Happy Birthday is multiply applicable.

Joris the Great

I should be careful so it doesn't go to his head, but I have a terrific friend who has a birthday today. He's 21 and I must remind him that NEXT YEAR he will be half my age... and he knows what that means... But this year he is still LESS than half my age. I met him 4 ½ years ago in the Wizard War Forums when we were still anticipating Half Blood Prince and noticed right off how bright he is. Since that time, he's served as my remote memory, since my internal one seems to frequently fail.

He also is a graphics genius, and dozens of times I've said, “I could really use a picture of...” and there it is, in my in box, often without directly requesting it... you see... he's thoughtful that way.

My Auntie M

It's an easy day to remember as it is also my aunt's birthday... an aunt who I doubt is reading, but I will give a shout anyway. Happy Birthday Auntie M!


I finished the first, hand-written draft of CONFLUENCE one year ago today. It took another six weeks to type, two months to proof read, a month being read by my writer's group and two more months of editing before it was finally dubbed to long and went BACK into editing... it is STILL not done being edited, but like people, I suppose it just WON'T be DONE until it is stuck on a shelf with a tag on its toe, so I am alright with that.

The Tart as a WRITER

This is a birthday for ME of sorts, and there isn't much I like better than throwing a party for myself. You see, on finishing CONFLUENCE, I also became a writer who had finished a book. A year later I am a writer who has finished two books and the identity is settling in as who I am. I write. I may not yet be published in the fiction world, but I have reached a point where I believe I eventually will be. And I keep writing.

So Happy Birthday All! 
Let's Have CAKE!!!


Tundiel said...

It's my sister's birthday today too!

*munches cake* Not that I should be munching cake, but there we are.

You're going to be a published author pretty soon, I still have that good feeling about you, you know.*glomps*

Joris said...

I'm not a genius... I'm much more important than that ;)

Thanks, Tamster!!! =)

Jeanne said...

Ooh, I love the Platform 9 3/4 photo. I took a photo of that same sign and it hangs over my desk as a reminder of the impact of books...
Happy birthday to your writing self! May you (and all of us writers) have many more- contracts, and sales, and books in print.

Jan Morrison said...

Happy Birthday to your Writing Self! I hope she (uh you...) is (are) wearing a beeeyooootiful birthday crown! I saw a way to knit one out of crepe paper in the knitting book Alterknits by Leah Radford. She also knits a screen door! Love that shit! Have a swell day, toast your bud and your aunt and your dear writing self!

M.J. Nicholls said...

Yes, edits are NEVER done. Gah!

Happy birthday!

Rita B Skeeter said...

Aww, see why I adore you so much Tami!! :) *hugs* and Happy Birthday to All!! :)

Watery Tart said...

Ah! Thanks everyone!

Jan- And the TIARA!!! I knew I'd forgotten something! Can't have a birthday without a tiara!

Yes, Joris--much MORE than a genius! *hugs*

Tara--from your psychic lips, sister...

Jeanne--Joris and I could hardly NOT go to Platform 9 3/4 after how we met, but we managed it that we met in real life for the first time there... it just seemed the logical place, if you've got all of London to try to find each other.

Rita-I adore you back!