Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peer Pressure Persuades Posse o' Participants

Okay, that's overkill, isn't it?

S'not. It's only 3.

That's that Monty Python Math again, isn't it. You're trying too hard.

It's Thursday. I'm nearly always silly on Thursday. And no. That is NEW Monty Python Maths, which is entirely different from old Monty Python Maths (see how when we're British, Maths is plural—in the US we claim to only have one math, but it's a LIE!). 'Nyway... The seventies were about exaggeration (old MP Maths). Now we are cutting back (new MP Maths).

Oh. Right.

IS EVERYBODY NAKED? Don't forget! It's Naked Thursday in the Common Room!

I am not really a follower, and in many respects that is the personality you want in your children. The trouble, is some independent leaderly-minded children just may take my approach and haul their friends full speed ahead into trouble. That was me this week. Yes, we're talking about NaNoWriMo again. Just thought, since it was Naked Thursday I would bare myself and share some of these tactics for peer influence in case YOU TOO want to shame, persuade, tempt, or dare your friends into action.

Social Ostracization.

Used this just yesterday and nearly nabbed Mari! Of course it is one of the tactics that WORKED with Stacy. Repeat after me: “All the cool kids are doing it!”

In case you're slow... (and I'm not saying you are) this implies nearly subliminally, almost invisibly, but ever-so-understandably, that anyone who is NOT doing it must not be cool!

The Carrot (or whatever phallus seems most tempting to your target)

In this case I dangled a Chippendale dancer. I knew my target from years of association, and felt this would be the most effective form of temptation. After all, we've only ever eaten one meal together, so I'm not even sure she LIKES carrots. Nearly Naked, peck laden, washer-boarded, eye candy with dance talent on the other hand... *fans self*


I've often heard puppy dog eyes as the expression for PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE. I've had the picture next door thrown at me. In this case however, I gave llama eyes. Have you ever LOOKED at a llamas eyes? Llamas have deep soulful eyes, with unusually long lashes. They're really quite exceptional. So I took my chances that my subject had been up close and personal with a llama (aside from me that is) and gave her llama eyes...

Gross Exaggeration about how easy and fun it will be

“Only 1667 words a day! That's nothin!” (and in the presence of inspiration, it really ISN'T bad.) Absent inspiration? Huoah boy... But I had FAITH that my subject is properly inspired, after all, I'd just dangled Chip & Dale in front of her, along with the full 64-pack that is their abdomins!

And finally, the big guns. THREATS...

We'll talk about you if you aren't there! This taps into the insecure teen in all of us. NOBODY wants to be TALKED about! (well maybe me, but I'm freaky that way).

So if any of you are wanting to exert undue influence on your friends and loved ones, just follow these simple measures...

Now go out there and have a GREAT Naked Thursday!
(all the cool kids are doing it)



Joris said...

...Y'all are such freaks...

Where do I join up? =)

Watery Tart said...

Yeah? Well you're a freak COLLECTOR! So there!

Cruella Collett said...

*is mad*

It was the llama, I swear. Who can resist those ey... Eugh! Did it just SPIT in MY eye?!?

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I never *was* a cool kid, though! I was always a nerd!

No time for Official NaNo. But I'll lurk around the cool kids a little. :)

Mystery Writing is Murder

Rayna M. Iyer said...

Does persuasion only work on people who want to be persuaded? Latent desires and all that.

I'm going to clock more than 50,000 words in November, but that is only because five grant proposals are due. One graph counts as a thousand words, doesn't it?

Watery Tart said...

Mari--I know... that llama is fighting dirty...

Elizabeth, you ARE cool! You've made it among the cool kids!!!

Natasha, you'd better work out recovery... maybe in the US after than, because you will be certifiable. 5 in a month? I think my record is 3 in 2 months and that is worth not only 20 pounds of weight gained, but neck and back pain, so I hope you survive it!