Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fair Warning....

Cruella's asleep
Digressing all that she knows
The Tart is asleep
Without any clothes

It's all well and good
When the Tart runs a-buff
and nothing goes wrong
When Cruella thinks random stuff

But when Tarts start digressing
It all goes amok
and when Cruella's undressing'
Then time gets all stuck

Because everyone knows
It's the Tart who goes nude
and when Cruella's digressing
then everything's good

But when Digressionistas
Start acting like Tarts
and Tarts start random thinking
That fine, subtle art

Then all of the people
should run for the sea
because World Domination
is a fact soon to be!

Tricksey Corgy

Joel has learned a mean, dirty trick. My husband and I sleep at different temperatures, so the comforter is only over my side. Joel has decided to take advantage of this half-on-the-floor soft blanket (no issues yet) but he has now begun crawling UNDER it, then rolling away from me, so I am comforter-less and he is a cozy Joel-in-a-blanket, completely surrounded. rolls eyes

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Not Hannah said...

That is one smart puppy, my friend.