Thursday, August 6, 2009

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This might be a little unorthodox, but I’ve seen (and written) some stuff on goals this week, and so I decided to set myself one, and thought maybe my thought process was just a little interesting… (okay, maybe I am just doing stream-of-thought organizing). I am almost done polishing the 7th version of my novel—oh it’s not the 7th full out major revision—there’ve really only been 2 of those (making this the 5th… no… 3rd), but the first was followed with a clean up and a polish, and both of the next two were followed with a polish… That makes seven. Thus far I’ve sent six query letters—all pushing the 200,000 word (750 page) version, and from that I’ve received five form rejections and one total silence. So this next one will be my seventh. So if I’ve got two sevens going here, I thought maybe it would be a little lucky to throw a third seven in the equation. Do you see where I’m going? Do you? Do you? Only the geekiest among you will. I’m going to mail this seventh query on the 11th. I see you all scratching your heads as if this makes no sense UNLESS you are an uber-Potter nut. Yes, August 11 is the birthday of the seventh Weasley child (she’s turning 28—also a multiple of 7)… Do I really think this matters? Not at all. Well… maybe just a little… but MOSTLY this is because it gave me a deadline that required I push myself, while at the same time being possible. I have ten chapters left to polish—two a day is definitely a push, especially on weekdays. I can be a procrastinator, especially when I have nobody to answer to but myself, and this forces me past that. I’ve adopted my little superstition as a practical matter… (and hopefully made a wiser choice in who to query in the meantime—it IS the first agent I really have a reason besides “oh, she looks nice!” to query…)


Galen Kindley--Author said...

Well, I’m thinking your query letter response ratio is about right on-target with the rest of the world. I also spilled my coffee when I read you can revise/polish/whatever two chapters per day. That is a big chunk, especially given other life-duties as required.

Yeah, targeting the right agent would be helpful, but, I gotta tell ya…well, maybe you’ll have a different experience. It’s tough, but, we gotta keep pushing. Clearly, you are. Good job.

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Anonymous said...

I love your superstition. That and the way the vibration works will get you the agent you're angling for. I truly believe it. Your sevens happen (just) to coincide with a series of numerology gateways happening right now -triple gateway leading to third eclipse on 0808; so not only do you have your own voodoo but that of the Universe on your side. Felicitations & bonne chance. Marian Y

Joris said...

Well, good luck Tamster ;)

We always knew you were the number-cruncher / superstitious-stuff one of the group, didn't we? ;)

Watery Tart said...

Thanks everyone! And Marian, excellent to be working in conjuction with some other great stuff! Perfect!

Of course I plan to send maybe half dozen queiries in the week after, but I wanted this 7 one to be seven, seven being the most powerful magical number and all, eh Joris?

Joris said...

Yes, and the seventh part, however maimed, still remains inside you, ne? ;)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! That's awesome. Keep pushing for it!