Wednesday, August 12, 2009


There are some in-jokes that are too fabulous not to become OUT-jokes, and this is one of them. Ever feel truly and deeply compelled to swear, but you were someplace inappropriate for such behavior? Obviously you weren’t at the Taff River, as we Burrowers are here, because when the river is swearing so insistently, it would be hard to pin any bad words back on you… but there ARE places… But first… Hing—an Etiology in Drabble Once upon a bloody Wednesday, My Norse friend greeted friends. But then a cranky moderator Put that post to an end. “You see,” she said inanely, “You really cannot write, The ‘H’ word in this forum, ‘ing’ makes it not right.” We all then scratched our heads, Put our thoughts into a pot What horrible ‘ing’ word? See HING is what we got. Since that day we’ve taken, HING to represent, All words afoul of proper Forbidden to the gents. Be warned fine friends of people Overzealous in their way And never offer to them “Have a happy humping day.” Now for the Digressionary Version My glorious Digressionista, Mari is from Norway. Her English is excellent, but as with most school-learned foreign languages, she has picked up the slang as she goes along. Happy Hump day is well understood vernacular, but the mistake of adding an ‘ing’ to it when one is new to it, isn’t so bizarre. What WAS bizarre, was this site moderator going all cryptic in her explanation, so our little group had a BALL trying to sort out what ‘H’ ‘ing’ word could possibly have been so bad as to get the post entirely deleted. Since that time, we have substituted ‘Hing’ every time we’ve needed to swear, but been someplace it was forbidden. And if you’re REALLY mad… Hing, bloody hing is excellent. So next time you feel compelled to swear, but don’t want the smack-down that will follow… HING is your word!


Joris said...

Until you get it in print twice and it becomes a 'real' word, eh? ;)

Watery Tart said...


Cruella Collett said...

*dies laughing*
I needed this today, Tami. Thank you! Hing how you're awesome! And happy hump*** day to you too! ;)

Carnimire said...

*snorts again*

Is today Hing Day? Most precious word it is, and most useful to - use it pretty often when I am with my kids, and want to really swear without actually doing so.