Friday, August 21, 2009

Naked Friday Hodge Podge

Did you hear the cork pop? Funk OVER. I’m so rarely down and morose, depressed, out of sorts, that it really puts me off. In fact I’m typically a glass ¾ full kind of gal (don’t ask me to explain how that sprung from my ‘what glass?’ parentage). I’m oblivious to obstacles, and ‘work, work, work’ is okay by me, because it always pays off (Dread Pirate Roberts just shuddered, did you see?) How did I get here? Who knows. My nature, probably. But maybe because the vacuum between my grandfather’s birthday (Wednesday) and my mother’s (today) gives too great an emphasis on things I can’t control… those damn Leos always need to be the center of everything. But by Sunday we have Virgo, and yours truly, whose emotions (moon) are controlled by control-freak central (again… Virgo) will be on solid ground again. And as a crab (Cancer) I’m pretty happy just to be swimming in that general direction—I don’t actually have to BE there yet. Disclaimer: I’m not bi-polar (Facebook quizzes notwithstanding), just an optimist with mother issues. Life is Good I have twelve queries out at the moment. The plan is to now wait four weeks—since they went out in two rounds, that means 2 and 3 weeks before I get to the next batch. My A-list is currently those who’ve been successful with long first novels (commercial fiction only—Sci-fi and fantasy seem to get exceptions on the long book front, but CONFLUENCE is not that) Brave Writer Update I have an acronym that I’ve fallen in love with that seems tartish, but wanted a little feedback as to whether I’m entirely delusional: LAPDANCE: Literary Agents & Publishers Dance, Acknowledging Notable Courage & Encouragement. I figure a PG hottie with the acronym and an explainer makes it fun, instead of offensive. What do you think? Too over the top? I’m inclined to go for it unless someone finds this offensive. The plan is to do an awards ceremony HERE (maybe monthly) and have a group on Facebook with a place to compile agents and publishers who are different KINDS of brave or encouraging, so that authors can look at it if they need a certain type of agent or publisher (a resource to us in addition to an acknowledgement to the agents). I will need to test the popularity a little to know whether every nominated agent gets an award, or whether there needs to be some standard… I’m shooting for maybe the last day in August or first in September to kick it off—if anyone else wants to be involved, give me a shout. Non-Fiction Among my manic meanderings… I was browsing an agent book my friend Stacy gave me last night and came across an article by a guy who was trying to get a novel published and got the recommendation “it’s easier to publish non-fiction” which I had heard before. Now this baffles me a little, because you can only see so many titles (Zen and the art of Bass Fishing) before you wonder just how delusional these non-fiction writers, publishers, and promoters are. But then I thought… Hey… I’m delusional. I could do that. And I actually HAVE a few areas of expertise (oddly enough). I know how to research the psych and medical literature (though I can never type just psych… I always type psycho and then have to remove the o)…I have a master’s degree in social psychology, so I know some things about human interaction and motivation… behaviors… I might or might not follow through… more likely I will try to develop a blog feature (separate from here?)… but Man can you see the ideas swirling? Mojo is back in full swing!


Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I too hear a lot about non-fiction being easier to break into. Unfortunately, writing it doesn't interest me (too research-papery.) I did take a stab at a children's non-fiction (I suddenly became very interested in farms for some reason.) But I'm done with that phase now.

LAPDANCE is TOO FUNNY! :) Go for it.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Watery Tart said...

I'm thinking more a quirky "Tart's Advice" with sassiness subtley hiding good advice--so while it might take some research for some, I think life has given me the tools. Most of it to me would just be organizing it.

Farms! I love it!

And glad for an okay on the LAPDANCE. I was hoping it was the acceptable side of the tart line for mass consumption.

Joris said...

I seem to remember some authors breaking through by getting short stories published in compilations and stuff, maybe that's an option? :)

I know you're not usually one for short shots, but since you finished one (or two) now... ;)

Galen Kindley--Author said...

I’m thinking non-fiction would be a great way to break in and cross over to fiction. Might even be able to use the same publisher—maybe. But it sure would be nice to include something like, “And, I’m the author of “Paint Your House in 30 Days,” on each of those 12 queries. It all ads creditability.

I thought I’d pulled each of my shirtless photos from the web. Darn, that one still out there, I see.

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Watery Tart said...

*giggling helplessly that I posted a pic of Galen*

I've seen advice that ANYTHING already published is helpful, and there are a lot of magizines and literary journals that include shorts.

The non-fiction thing to me would normally seem like a time black hole, but if I do a series of related essays, then if nobody wants them as a book, I can publish them online, so not wasted, at any rate.

youngbloodblog said...

Two things Hart - well many, but I'm restricting myself today - after Leo, it's a delight to have some order in the house :)

1. I love your Zen and the art of Bass... it could become a blog!! and I empathize with your query consciousness. No wonder you were knocked off-kilter. Glad you're back.

2. I am stunned that you are a double Virgo (I'm only a single, with a trine in fire), so apologies for your mother/and mine and their centre-stage act; but we love them for it. I believe they lighten us up.

well, 3. I just got a comment on my blog
from Mehal Darji, giving a whole slew of Eastern astrology & significance of this moment of NOW with something profound about to rock the planetary boat.

So it is as well you returned to haunt us before this profundity happens, even if you threw in that stuff about non-fiction. ONLY agree to their pleading (when you write it); ONLY give the OK if they agree to publish your Confluence FIRST. I believe the *ability* to write comes through in non-fiction, but the *inspiration* (Muse/Mojo/MG) comes thru in dreams and dreams are what make us do what we do.

We all want to know when the first reply arrives... x Marian