Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bad Boys in Women’s Clothing

PG-13 content warning. One of my Facebook friends, Carola Dunn, shared a link yesterday that caused me to giggle. This man was caught sneaking into a woman’s garage and stealing her panties out of her dryer (which apparently is hooked up in said garage), but he didn’t stop there. He removed all his OTHER clothing and put the panties ON before leaving. There are so many fetishes involved here I can’t even begin to count. First, he HAD to know she was at home—she was doing LAUNDRY! So there is the cross dressing thing, the getting naked thing, the impulsiveness of not being able to wait, and the risk of getting caught. Surely there are more, but it is just a truly bizarre crime (that happened in Oregon, no less). Now I had a friend who had her studio broken into when we were in our early 20s, and that guy got in her underwear drawer too, so I understand how disturbing this is for the victim… but I still can’t help but chuckle at the confluence of the cross-dressing and the Darwinian Award nature of this crime (Darwin Awards being those awarded to people who remove themselves from the gene pool through sheer stupidity). But it reminds me… Cross-dressed Death Eaters Photobucket My infatuation of the idea of cross dressed Death Eaters was born when I first spotted the following song on a HPANA thread dedicated to Monty Python (my two favorite things in one place! *fangirlsqueal*): I'm a Death Eater, and I'm okay. I plot all night and I teach all day. He's a Death Eater, and he's okay. He plots all night and he teaches all day. I take house points. I yell at kids. I go to my dungeon. On Wednesdays I'm at Hogsmeade. Have butterbeer alone. For those of you not familiar with the original, here is Monty Python’s ‘I’m a Lumberjack” Now Dumbledore is obviously a guy who is naked under his robes… but Lucius Malfoy? No way! Corset, garter belt, fishnets… the man is all about the trimmings! (heck, he keeps albino peacocks in his garden!) I’m not sure why it makes me chuckle so much, but it does, and clearly I’m not alone, as my friend Stacy found the above avatar for me. Maybe it is just the juxtaposition of soft, pretty, sexy things with irredeemable villains that is so delicious. But what about Real Life? I confess that I lose some people here. I have friends who love the idea of cross-dressed death eaters who cannot abide by my insistence that men in touch with their feminine side are actually more appealing, so I should clarify. If anyone were allowed to wear pants at my house, it would probably be me—don’t get me wrong, I’m not masculine, and my husband isn’t feminine, but I’m the wage earner, and I drive our big decisions (buying a house, moving across the country). My husband has been largely an at home parent, and he is the only one competent to keep track of appointments, schedules, and where our children are. We have reversed roles. So maybe there is SOMETHING in me, a little more inclined to switch things up. But the reality of it is, I find men willing to gender bend a little, are generally more open minded and playful and THAT is the actual turn on of it—no rules, no hang ups. A performer like Steven Tyler is infinitely more sexy to me because he can put on a boa. That’s not to dis Chad Kroeger, because he is clearly the hottest person on the planet, but he balances his lack of feminine with an obviously dirty mind and that voice that sends shivers down my thighs.


Galen Kindley--Author said...

Soooo, the curious are asking…how, exactly, did you learn about the reverse side of Dumbledore’s robes? I mean we know you’re a fan, but…just wondering.(Grin)

As to the laundry thief…If you haven’t clicked on the link, do so. His picture pretty much says it all. Ewwwww.

Shivering thighs….Hmmmm. I’ll skip that one.

Best Regards, Galen
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Watery Tart said...

It's because on every 'which Harry Potter character are you?' quiz I've ever take, it always turns out I'm Dumbledore. Like Archie, in Goblet of Fire, I just feel sure he likes 'a little air around his privates'.

Joris said...

I think you're projecting, Tamster ;)
As for the boa, I think you have the "prelimanry sketches", to quote Blackadder, so I'll keep my mouth shut...

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

I'll never watch "Harry Potter" the same again! :)

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Interesting Post!