Friday, August 7, 2009

Naked World Domination Tour

I’ve been leading a movement for a couple years now to get everybody to just lighten up and take their clothes off. It is about silliness and fun, but there is an underlying theory that it is hard for people to be mean to each other when everybody is naked. That’s what I want… a world of NICE people! Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Oh, don’t worry. It doesn’t mean people can’t be a little naughty too... A pudding fight, making those men held in the dungeon dance like I like, lots of innuendo and fun. My kind of world.

One of the components though, of this naked haven, is an unspoken anti-material vent. You see disrobing is symbolic of letting go of the stuff for the sake of stuff. Why worry about who has more toys (we should all be SHARING the toys, ne?)

Ironically though, in all my super-silliness with the somewhat serious underpinning, I’ve made a friend via Facebook, with another writer doing the social networking thing. She is part of a more serious movement with some of these same underlying goals… a world where people treat each other with respect and kindness… a world that puts humanity, spirituality, experiences, and relationships before STUFF.

She is older than me… an authentic hippy, rather than the variety that stems from going to college in Eugene, Oregon. And the ideas she presents will probably be completely foreign to the subset of you based in the Midwest (the hippies in Ann Arbor drive SUVs). But in summary, there is a movement to make the world better through our combined energies.

It is not inconsistent with ANY religion—can be thought of as prayer, or not, depending on your vent. In the sixties they called it the age of Aquarius, because planetarily, that is what is happening, but what it MEANS is ‘think good things’. Spend some time envisioning the world as it OUGHT to be. Meditate, pray, commune with nature… however it is you touch your spirituality. Think of a world of reduced greed, an earth recovering from how hard we’ve been on it, societies that put people first, especially the future people, for whom we are only the earth’s stewards.

I want to share Marian’s blogs with you, in case you want to read in far more detail than I could accurately give:

So everybody… think happy things! That, and some naked happy dancing, and all will be okay!


Joris said...

Yep, got cut off indeed... I would suggest reposting :)


Joris said...

Huzzah! Fixed!! :D

I very much like the idea, being a peace-loving type myself, but among my friends we have identified what we consider a rather major flaw: if everyone would be nice to each other, there would be no more war, and everyone would be happy. The big problem, however, is that it is impossible to get everyone to be nice to each other. Competition seems to be part of the human nature, and no matter how high your ideals, and how perfect the end results -- or relatively perfect, anyway, true perfection being unattainable -- it has so far proved impossible to get everyone on board, and if you were to force them to, or make them, see things your way, you would have already lost the main ideals already.

This isn't to mean, of course, that you shouldn't try, nor that you shouldn't live by the ideals of love and peace and tolerance yourself, but the dream of a perfect world, were everyone looks out for one another, is nothing more than a dream, that cannot be obtained simply because there will always be the type of bastards that spoil it for everyone else. You might keep them from your perfect society, but that in itself is already a sign that the ideal doesn't work for everyone. Sadly.