Friday, August 28, 2009

Calling All Fairies!!!

The Tart has a wish list of thing I’d like to be able to do. You might be just the person who can grant it!!! Seriously! You’d be… like MAGIC! The Tart wants to know HOW TO… 1) Have my siggie in blog comments be a link to HERE. A few of you do this. I’ve seen it. Come on… grant my wish!!! 2) Figure out how to post links off to the side of my blog, preferably categorically--I’ve seen then with “writing blogs”, “animal blogs”--you know what I’m talking about… How do I DO that? I want to promote the blogs I love, but I don’t know how!!! 3) Design a website without learning a ton of code. Is there a downloadable software or something that can give me a tool kit to pick and choose? The Tart NEEDS… 4) A literary agent. So if you’re a literary agent, or know one, or have one… call me… strike that… email. 5) A publishing contract so I can quit my day job. So if you are a publisher… you know where I am. 6) Financial security so I can give up my day job and just WRITE! And while I’m at it (and because seven is the most magically powerful number, the Tart requests… 7) World Peace. Friday Hodge Podge Confident you’re going to heaven? Worried about your pets after the Rapture? (am I the only one who can’t think of that word without hearing Blondie sing it?) I’ve got a solution for you. eternal earthbound pets I’m not altogether confident I could enjoy a heaven that had a “No Dogs Allowed” sign, and I’m sure that perfection we attain would get rid of the cat allergies, so I’m not at all in favor of the no pets rule but I’m sure that’s just me. Kreativ Moi! And I am such a scatterbrained goofball sometimes, that I missed this from Tuesday, but I am HONORED, and would like to thank Patricia Patricia Stoltey. I am working on my awards! Speaking of awards… also working on the LAPDANCE Awards… Joris is the BEST -- they are HOT and everybody will want one! *dishes smooches to Joris before he reminds me I’m old enough to be his mother*


Authors Promoting Authors said...

#2-In Blogger from Dashboard click Layout. Click Add a Gadget, from where you would like to place the link lists.
From the menu that will pop-up, choose Blog List or Link List.
Start adding any links you like. You can title it anything you want from "Writer's Blogs" or "Animal Blogs". If you are doing more than one category, I think the easiest way is to make two lists, under two titles, two different lists.
Hope this helps. Sometimes its hard to tell someone how to do something you know how to do. Have a great Friday!

Watery Tart said...

Thank you!!!! I will give it a shot then!

Galen Kindley--Author said...

Sig line is tough to explain. Not hard to do.

If I just write down the code, it becomes…ta da, a sig line. Grrr. So, I tried to break up the code by putting in these guys: -- I hope it worked. If you delete them from the text below my name, then, add your info where mine is, it should work. If it doesn’t meet me on email…button on my blog...and we’ll get it done that way. You can do this!

Okay, I tried it and the comment section won't let it go through...hmmm try this, ad dELTED after the word blog. Again, no space. That should do it.

Nope, the comments section won't let me add a bogus HTML tag. Give me an email buzz and we'll get it worked out.

Best Regards, Galen
Imagineering Fiction Blog

Joris said...

Tami, I sent you that pic under the condition it owuld not spread. Kindly remove. :)

Helen Ginger said...

Looks like you've gotten answers to most of the questions that I could have answered. It's hard to show how to do a clickable sig line since when you hit "Post Comment" it changes to the clickable link. Basically, you write it in code, then it changes when you post. If you don't get the code from Galen, email me. You can find my email on my website,

As to websites, I use Dreamweaver. It allows you to create a website in code if you're a code person or in WYSIWYG, which is what I am. There are other ideas. I think Wordpress allows you to create a webpage.

Straight From Hel

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Looks like I'm coming in late to this discussion! Galen and Helen have the tagline thing explained for you.

This will be odd advice coming from me (and my blank blog), but there are a couple of sites that you can just transfer over a design from them to Blogger--- is one, and is another. Will they be too cute for the Tart? That I don't know.

As for agents, I use Ellen Pepus at Signature. She's a wonderful of luck.

Mystery Writing is Murder

Watery Tart said...

Thank you so much everyone for fabulous help!!! Now I just need to find time to implement... after the school shopping methinks...

Anyway--I appreciate the good fairies coming out of the woodwork to give me some handy advice!