Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday I was featured on Coffee with a Canine with my dog Joel, and last night the cat nagged and pouted about it. You see… she’s jealous. So I agreed to allow her to be interviewed here today. Imaginary Interviewer: So yeah like… who are you? Hart: Well as this is my blog… II: *rolls eyes* Hart: This is our cat, Cali. Technically she belongs to my daughter, but she attacks all of us with equal enthusiasm. II: So what species are you, Cali? Cali: Mom says I’m a Calius Insanus. The vet said Calico… no tortoiseshell, no calico, no tortoiseshell… Um… Mom? Hart: She’s got a torty coat, but has too much white on her (her whole belly and all her paws) for her to technically be torty, so she is calico. We adopted her at the Humane Society, and her litter mates were either black and white or greyish tabbies. II: Cali, what are your favorite things? Cali: Hairbands! Definitely hair bands. I can throw them for myself and then chase them. They boing around in unpredictable ways. Hairbands are the best! And paper bags. Diving into them, laying in wait in them… paper bags are the best! And the bathtub. I like to get in and roll around and push off the sides while mom scratches my tummy. I can summersault and flip over again and again. I definitely like the bathtub the best! Hart: You forgot Joel. Cali: Oh yeah! I can stalk him and leap on him and catch his tail. And he cleans my ears. Joel is the best! II: Right then. And where do you like to sleep? Cali: Sleep sleep? Or lay around with an eye barely open? II: Erm… both? Cali: I like to sleep on the armoire in the basement because nobody bugs me up there. Or if people are gone then I sleep on mom and dad’s bed. I like to lay around spying in the bay window. It offers the best variety of indoor and outdoor activity. II: Spying? That’s intriguing. Cali: They recruited me to be a spy, but my people won’t let me outside without them, so I can‘t accomplish any more than just informing on what I see out the windows. Hart: *loco-motions by head* II: And do you have any dietary quirks? Cali: Well water tastes better if it runs off the top of my head first. Like that? Hart: *rolls eyes* That, and she’s the only cat I’ve ever met who doesn’t like milk, salmon, or chicken, though she’s been known to take a few licks of ice cream or cheese. Mostly though, she’s a cat-food cat. She will drink from her water dish, or the dogs, but several times a day harasses one of us into turning on the bathroom faucet at a trickle so she can drink the off-the-head variety. II: Anything else we should know about Cali? Hart: )Wasn’t she a cute kitten?) She’s very social--loves to have a conversation (lots of cooing), loves to be near people, but she doesn’t like to be held, and she regularly lurks in our living room and attacks the ankles of people walking through. Her favorite game with people is peek--if you peek out at her and hide again, she will stalk you and then jump up at tag the top of your head when she gets there. Sidenote: I am meeting a friend from High School at Niagara Falls tomorrow (we grew up across the country but she is visiting her grandma in Rochester, so this was sort of in between) so I will be gone Sunday and Monday. Have something handwritten for Tuesday though, so I’ll be back!


*Kas* said...

*wants a kitty*
*can't wait for own (off campus) apartment!*

I enjoyed the doggie interview yesterday, and very much liked this one too. Too cute, Tami. :)

Scotti Cohn said...

She sounds alot like a calico I once had named C.C. (Calico Cat, get it?) About the water thing -- when I clean cages at the shelter, the minute I let a cat out of its cage, most of them go straight to the "running water" water bowl and start drinking. They have bowls of water in their cages, but even when there's plenty of water in there, they prefer the running water.

Joris said...

Mrow! :)

Say, Tami, I did a lapdance award, check your email ;)

Watery Tart said...

Thanks Kas & Joris!

Scotti-interesting that lots of cats do that. It's so contrary to the myth of cats hating water!

We had one that if we left the toilet lid up, she'd scoop water out all over the bathroom floor--she trained us quickly to put the lid down! (she's the same one who trained us to roll the TP from under or she'd unwind the whole role. teehee--I miss Lucy!

Anonymous said...

you constantly come up with them! eclectic to the last - sounds like you ARE back. Adore Cali, though I think she should have been the interviewer - these felines ust love to be in charge.
Now I'm thinking I should certainly have been even more chicken-brained in my blog yesterday... ah well, we learn anew every day. Hope Niagara gives some inspired insights.

Patricia Stoltey said...

After this, how could I not include you in the list of Kreativ Blogger Awards I'm handing out tomorrow (Tuesday) at my blog: I hope you'll drop by.