Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Wordplay Wednesday Wins Wonkidellica!!!!


Okay, THIS fabulous little time waster is a BLAST.  I was at Raquel's Place yesterday and I got so excited I forgot to leave a comment! *shifty*...  You copy a portion of text, paste it in under create and Wordle will make you a fabulous word cloud that tells you what you are using most. I put my blog link in and got BEER as my biggest word--I think it must have been using the main page, which is seven days worth. My NaNoWriMo though, the biggest word is the 'sidekick's name', which makes total sense, as it is told in first person, so my MCs name only appears when somebody else uses it in dialog.  In fact, across the board, character names were most frequent, followed by such things as 'detention' (which was the primary theme in chapter one--the one I pasted.  So I recommend you give it a shot. It's addictive... though I wish i could remember how to screen capture so I could share one... I had to resort to taking a REAL pic of the screen--not optimum...

Verification Words

I am borrowing this idea from Sarah, who does this each Friday (well, really, Yvie does it, but as Yvie has no thumbs, I'm sure Sarah types them up)--it is one of those things though, that I don't feel too guilty on, as 1) I only plan to do this the once, and 2) verification words are always different, so it's not as if I am stealing her words... these are MY words... (besides, there are only two--usually I get a lot of nonsense)

artomi: my art. With a pretentious French accent.
pholly: what happens to big fat elves who need pharmaceuticals to appear happy.

Save the Words!

Okay--so Jane, at Jane's Ride is on a Blogcation, but yesterday sent us all to a FABULOUS site Save the Words, where people ADOPT little used words to save them from extinction. I thought maybe it would be fun to use some of them in a little story... maybe I should make it a drabble... naw... too hard... how about just a mission statement...

 I'm surely a Historiaster, but before you have me obacerated, understand my goal is not boreism. I know my readers are not interested in plebicolar venacular. They are not foppatees. Vanmost in my mind is creating a lococession for lubency and for practicing hirquitalliency.

And you know the deal... highlight below for definitions.
foppatee --simple minded
myriander-consisting of 10,000 men
plebicolar-appealing to the common man
hirquitalliency-strength of voice
boreism-behavior of a boring person
lococession-place for giving
obacerate-to stop ones mouth
historiaster-contemptible historian
lubency-willingness, pleasure

Okay, so there you have it... and for my Harry Potter thought of the day, any parent of teens is already familiar with the Cruciatus Curse. What do they call infanticide when said infant is 15?  On a brighter note, tomorrow thing 2 turns twelve, taking him closer to his teen years... on second thought, that's not so bright... Oh wait... HERE!  Tomorrow night we get to go see the Harry Potter movie!!!!

Happy Hing Day friends!    


Adina West said...

Loving those rare words. You've cunningly created a mission statement nobody without a dictionary can understand! But is it too cruel to suggest that there's a reason those poor little adoptee words got abandoned in the first place... ;-)

Rachael Harrie said...

For shame Adina :P

Loved your wordgasm Hart, LOL. I think my new favorite word is "pholly"!!! :)


Teresa aka JW said...

Hart,I love your new words AND your adopted words--fantastic. They now have a home which makes all Wordsmiths happy. :)

I can't wait to see the newest Harry Potter. Let us know if you like it.

Hart Johnson said...

Adina-I think the problem is REMEMBERING those rare words takes practice, so you almost have to carry a list!

Rachael- teehee--thought that was a seasonal one *snort* "Tis the season to be pholly!"

Teresa-I plan on doing a review Friday (spoiler-free--or at least spoiler-hidden) so I will definitely let you know!

Old Kitty said...

Why would anyone want to obacerate?!?!? How bizarre!!! LOL! But the words are brilliant! I need my mc's hirquitalliency to go up a notch or ten! LOL!!

Thanks for the fun links!!! Wordgasm and Nakedness in one post! Fab! Take care

Lisa said...

This is loaded with fun!

I love the adopted words piece. I don't know when I last heard the word vanmost.

Anonymous said...

I like foppatee - rather makes me think of a subsea coelacanth with a fan - or a manatee with a mate... and the only word I knew (apart from those I could only half figure - like vanmost - pretty good!) was vernacular - which I thought had an r... ahem - yes nakedness & wordgasm in one post - you're doing well

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

oh yeah, i do a wordle whenever i finish a story. they're so pretty

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...

also, i like to pretend that Yvie just mashes the keyboard with her paws and someone manages to type...

Falen (Sarah Ahiers) said...


(grumble grumble cold fingers grumble)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness. LOVE THIS! Totally will do something like this, too. If nothing else, for fun.

Enjoy Harry Potter, too. Are you going to the midnight showing?

Hart Johnson said...

Jenny-I think ALL of us hope our MCs have hirquitalliency! teehee

Lisa-yeah, I don't think I'd heard ANY of these... I love the site--all the words shouting 'pick me!'

Marian--Nice image!!! I love doing that--giving what it SOUNDS like it ought to be (reminds me of the game Balderdash)

Sarah-sorry about the cold finger thing, because if you're getting winter, I'm next! ACK!

Kimberly--we ARE! (well 12:26--the midnights were sold out) teehee--glad you enjoyed them!

Carol Kilgore said...

I love Wordle. Enjoy Harry Potter.

Arlee Bird said...

I haven't even seen the first Harry Potter yet. And never read any of that guy's books. By the time I get to Harry Potter he'll be some middle-aged has been magician working in a burlesque show. Actually that sounds like the makings of a kind of cool story.

Tossing It Out

Deb and Barbara said...

I always love wordgasms of any type. Wordle and little used words? You've made my day!
The Middle Ages

Anonymous said...

Thing two turns twelve. Run away, far away. LOL. Mine is thirteen and OMW. Challenge! :) Good luck

Hart Johnson said...


Lee-I think you're onto something with the aging Wizard in a Burlesque show--in fact I've written some fan fic that explains that that is why Voldemort is so bitter--that Lucius was more popular than him at the Burlesque... *shifty* But you HAVE TO read the books--seriously--you really do. They are my favorite reading experience EVER.

Barbara! YAY! I like making people's days!

Ciara-I have a 15, so I have already identified all my hiding places... My 15 though, has been harder around every turn, so while I'm not looking forward to it, i think I'm prepared!

M.J. Nicholls said...

I love coining new definitions! Can't think of any now, but hurray for this.

Helena said...

How about nuggatory? And I'm gonna pull out my Shakespeare Glossary (the sign of a true word nerd is that I own one) and look up poor, pitifully underused words to adopt and nurture.

And Happy Birthday to 2!

Clarissa Draper said...

Cool! Saving rare words. What a novel concept.


Cold As Heaven said...

Beer, that's kind of surprising. I would have expected that naked was your most frequently used word >:D

Cold As Heaven

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I actually know some of those words.
And I would think 'shifty' was your most used word.

Holly Ruggiero said...

What a wonderfully wordy post!

Missed Periods said...

You know you've got a great blog when beer is the biggest word.

TreeX said...

Tamster, there's a key on your keyboard labelled "Print Screen". Hit that, and then paste the screenshot it put on your clipboard into Paint or something. Mind you, I prefer the shot of the real screen with the vignetting and everything: it's prettier ;)

Powdered Toast Man said...

I read so much but forgot what I was going to put in a comment. I love word games.