Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Watery Tart Words

Since this will by my last Wordplay Wednesday, I thought maybe we should go through some definitions you need in order to be part of the Naked World Domination Movement... Some of these are Burrow Words.

Burrow Beliefs and Skills

Digressionism, n. A religion in which the ability to make random connections and left-hand turns into obscurity are highly-prized attributes.  If you can finish up a paragraph halfway around the world from where you started, so much the better.
Etymology: Cruella started it, and I'm a devout worshipper. 
Naked World Domination role: This is the official religion of the movement, though we are universally tolerant so long as... you know... there are no clothing-related conflicts...

Misattributing, v. Unfathomably, this is not a real word. It is the act of intentionally misunderstanding the intention of what somebody says for amusement and sport. The beauty of the word is it inevitably does what it means, especially in a sentence: "I've been misattributing again because I am really bored."
Etymology: This is my superpower. I thought it was a real word. I really did. I have been doing it since the beginning of time, as it is my favorite form of humor but apparently only recently gave it its appropriate name.

Nudify, v. To add nudity or make naked. (can be used as a spell)
Etymology:  When I channels Cruella, you get digression-y innuendo.  When she channels me, you get words like nudify (which she Googled and found), but the movement has taken off.

Procrastinakeding, v. Putting off whatever you're supposed to be doing by getting naked instead.
Etymology: BrioNI

Synonyms for NAKED: au naturel, bare, bare-naked, bare-skinned, bared, defenseless, denuded, disrobed, divested, exposed, happy, in birthday suit, in dishabille, in the altogether, in the buff, in the raw, leafless, natural, nude, open, overt, peeled, raw, starkers, stark-naked, stripped, threadbare, unadorned, unadulterated, unclad, unclothed, unconcealed, uncovered, undecorated, undraped, undressed, unprotected, unsheathed, unveiled, vulnerable, without a stitch

Synonyms for UNDRESS: denude, despoil, disarray, dismantle, disrobe, divest oneself, doff, get off, get out of, husk, peel, shed, shock, slip off, slip out of, strip, unattire, uncloak, unclothe, unmask

Activities you really should Try NAKED: abolish, achieve, act, advise, amuse, arrest, bathe, beat (as in drums or game... no violence), bite, blast, block, blog, blow, bump, bungee-jump, catch, chase, choke (but don't forget the safe word), clap, climb, clip, clutch, coach, collapse (but only after you've earned it *wink*), collar, collect, collide, command, commandeer, communicate, compile, complete, compose, compute, conduct, conserve, consolidate, construct, consult, control, coordinate, counsel, count (I LOVE NAKED COUNTING!), cram, crash, crawl, create, creep (as in sneak, not as in be repulsive), cripple (but only temporarily), critique, crouch, dance, dart (and PLAY darts, but watch the points), dash, deal, decide, deck (as in 'the halls), deduct, define, delegate, delineate, deliver, descend *cough*, describe, design, detect, determine, develop,devise, diagnose, dictate, dig, direct, discard, discover, display, dissect (better stick to metaphorically here), distribute, ditch, dive, divert, do, dodge, dominate, douse, draft, drag (you can even dress in drag if you limit yourself to accessories), drain, dramatize, drape, draw, dress, drill, drink, drip, drop, drown (your sorrows anyway), drug, dry, duel, dunk, ease, edge, edit, [seems to me there is an obvious word missing here], eject, elevate, elope, elude, emerge, endure, engage, enjoin, ensnare, enter, equip, erupt, escape, establish, estimate, evacuate, evade, evaluate, evict, examine, exert, exhale, exit, expand, expedite, expel, explode, experiment, explain, expose, extend, extirpate, extract, extricate, fade, fake (though sexually, this is rude), fall, falter, fan, fast, fear, feed, feel, fend, fight, file, fill, finance, find, finger, fix, flag, flap, flash, flatten, flaunt, flay, flee, flick, flinch, fling, flip, flit, float, flog, flounder, flout, flush, fly, fondle, force, formulate, fornicate, found, fumble, furnish, gain, gallop, gather, generate, gesture, get, give, gnaw, gossip, gouge, grab, grapple, grasp, greet, grind, grip, gripe, grope, grow, growl, grunt, guide, gyrate, hack, hail, hammer, handle, hang, hang-glide (but remember a safety helmet!), harass, haul, head, help, hesitate, hide, hijack, hit, hitch, hobble, hoist, hold, hover, hug, hurl, hurtle, identify, ignore, imitate, implement, improve, improvise, inch *cough*, increase, indict, induce, inflict, influence, inform, inject, injure, insert, inspect, inspire, install, instigate, institute, interpret, interview, invade, invent, investigate, isolate, italicize, jab, jam, jar, jeer, jerk, jimmy, jingle, jolt, judge, jump, keel, kick, kidnap, kill, kneel, knife, knit, lash, launch, lead, lean, leap, learn, lecture, left, level, lick, limp, listen, litigate, log, lunge, lurch, maim, maintain, make, manage, mangle, manipulate, march, mark, massage, maul, measure, meddle, mediate, meet, mentor, mimic, mingle, misattribute, mobilize, mock, model, molest (but only the willing), monitor, motivate, mourn, move, mumble, murder (literarily), muster, mutilate (not literally), nab, nag, nail, needle, negotiate, nick, nip, observe, obtain, occupy, offer, officiate, operate, order, organize, outline, oversee, pack, paddle, page, pander, panic, parachute, parade, paralyze, park, parry, party, pass, pat, patrol, pause, paw, peel, peep, penetrate, perceive, perform, persuade, photograph, pick, picket, pile, pilot, pin, pinch, pirate, pitch, placate, plan, play, plod, plot, plunge, pocket, poke,polish, pore, pose, pounce, pout, pray, predict, preen, prepare, prescribe, present, presented, preside, primp, print, process, prod, produce, program, project, promote, prompt, propel, protect, provide, provoke, pry, publicize, pull, pummel, pump, punch, purchase, pursue, push, question, quit, race, raid, raise, rally, ram, ransack, rattle, ravage, rave, read, realize, receive, recline, recommend, reconcile, record, recoup, recruit, redeem, reduce, reel, refer, regain, rejoin, relate, relax, relent, render, repair, repel, report, represent, repulse, research, resign, resist, resolve, respond, restore, retreat, retrieve, reveal, review, ride, rip, rise, risk, rob, rock, sail, salute, sap, save, saw, scale, scamper, scan, scare, scatter, scavenge, schedule, scold,
scoop, score, scout, scrape, scrawl, scream, screw, scrub, sculpt, scuttle, seal, search, seduce, seize, select, sell, sense, serve, set, sever, sew, shake, shape, sharpen, shave, shear, shell, shield, shift, shiver, shock, shoot, shout, shove, shovel, show, shun, shut, sidestep, sigh, signal, sip, sit, size, skid, skim, skip, skirt, slacken, slam, slap, slash, slay, slide, slug, smack, smear, smell, smuggle, snap, snare, snarl, snatch, snicker, sniff, snoop, snub, snuff, snuggle, soak, sock, soil, solve, spear, spell, spike, spin, splice, split, spot, spray, spread, spring, sprint, spurn, spy, squeak, stack, stagger, stamp, stand, start, startle, steal, steer, step, stick, stifle, stomp, stop, strangle, strap, strike, strip, stroke, struck, stub, study, stuff, stumble, stun, subdue, submerge, submit, suck, summon, supply, support, surf, surrender, survey, suspend, swagger, swallow, swap, sway, swear, swerve, swim, swing, swipe, switch, tackle, take, tap, target, taste, taunt, teach, tear, tease, telephone, terrorize (not literally), test, thread, threaten (but nicely), throw, tickle, tie, tilt, tip, toss, touch, tout, track, train, transfer, translate, trap, tread, treat, trip, trot, trounce, try, tuck, tug, tumble, turn, tutor, twist, type, understand, undertake, undo, undress, unfold, unify, unite, untangle, unwind, update, usher, utilize, vacate, vanish, vault, vent, violate, wade, walk, wander, ward, watch, wave, wedge, weed, weigh, whack, whip, whistle, wield, wiggle, withdraw, work, wrench, wrestle, write, yank, yell, yield, zap, zip (as in lock, not clothing)

(okay, so possibly that's everything... or at least almost. So sue me.)


Anonymous said...

Lol! Love your Wordplay Wednesdays, Hart, and I'll miss them. Hope you enjoy your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Sue you? Can one litigate naked? I ask because it's not on the list. *LOL*

Or, does that qualify as a misattribution? *grin*

Hart Johnson said...

Kimberly, I will probably do it from time to time, it is just that the mneme thing is too restrictive to be an 'all the time'--I just did it for NaNoWriMo.

Sanguine-WELCOME! Have I seen you before? Anyway, GOOD ONE--litigate is added! (my friend Gae will be relieved)

Old Kitty said...


So many activities to try. So little time...!

Take care

M.J. Nicholls said...

I will take your bold hints and get naked. Well, maybe not now. Do you know how cold it gets here in winter??? I'm nude in spirit, trust me. (And that list is immense, go thesauri!)

Sarah Ahiers said...

Misattribute isn't a real word? That kind of blows my head

Talli Roland said...

I love the definition for 'misattributing'! :)

Thanks! :)

Dawn Ius said...

That is one of the most impressive lists I have ever seen!

LTM said...

ouch! Nekkid in a tree??? OK, I'm totally into procrastinakeding. Did I spell that right? :p

Happy thanksgiving, hon! :o)

Lola Sharp said...

Wow. You went the distance. :)

The tree, I'm betting their doodads didn't enjoy being naked against that bark. But, then again, some people are into...

I'm off to go forth and nudity.

Happy Tday!

Hart Johnson said...

Jenny- That's the spirit! Time to get started!

Mark-I am pretty sure it's not as cold as Michigan, though you probably have more wind, being on the North Sea and all...

Sarah-I know, right?

Talli *giggles( Thanks!

Dawn- wow! That's high praise! (I think)

Leigh, Procrastinakeding is the BEST! And Happy TG to you too!

Lola-yeah, those parts can be sensitive... yet they seem to not mind a little abuse now and then...

Colene Murphy said...

Bahahaha! Love Wordplay Wed.! Last one ever!?!?! Sad face. Happy Thanksgiving!

CA Heaven said...

My first time naked yesterday!

It was so damn hot in my hotel room last night. So I just took off my clothes, and spent the night reading and writing naked. It was very convenient indeed >:)

Cold As Heaven

Jessica Bell said...

Haha! Great! Are you going away or something?

Hart Johnson said...

No fears! I am just dumping the mnemes at the end of November and going back to being arbitrary me...

CaH--YAY for naked writing!!!!

lisahgolden said...

Word lovers' heaven.

Nearly naked (socks only)

Rachael Harrie said...

Oh, that's too hilarious!!! Love Misattributing (*chortles*).


Stewart Dickson said...

Could you please "NAKED COUNTING"?